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  2. Rainforest day On the 13th January Dave Shaw came in to give year 6 a taste of the rainforest. Dave brought with him many exotic animals such as a reticulated python, tarantula, scorpion and several more amazing creatures. He also brought real artefacts from tribes living in rainforests around the world.

  3. Creatures of the rainforest. Dave brought with him a reticulated python and a tarantula. These are just two of the fantastic animals that he brought in. The reticulated python got its name because when it’s being attacked it coils up in small places so it cannot be grabbed.

  4. Artefacts Dave brought with him lots of tribal tools that are useful to the tribes people that he visited. He brought in a 4m blow pipe used to shoot animals for food. He demonstrated this by placing a balloon in a certain place and shooting the poison tipped dart (not poison tipped in this case) at the balloon. He then shot at a banana. Dave also brought in several different backpacks woven very carefully out of reeds by the tribes people. These are used on long hikes to carry food and tools.

  5. Food Dave brought with him several different foods such as cinnamon bark and crisps made out of a rainforest vegetables. These are only a few of the rainforest based foods Dave brought in. These tasted sweet and exotic, lots of the pupils loved the crisps, not so many loved the cinnamon bark however.

  6. Overall it was a fantastic day and we would recommend it to other schools and hope Dave will come back over and over again to educate other Year 6 children.

  7. The end