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Our Mission

Our Mission . The MidwayUSA Foundation exists solely to provide long-term, sustainment funding for shooting sports education in high schools, colleges and universities.

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Our Mission

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  1. Our Mission The MidwayUSA Foundation exists solely to provide long-term, sustainment funding for shooting sports education in high schools, colleges and universities. The Scholastic Shooting Trust (SST) is the Foundation’s vehicle for parents, alumni and the community to raise money in support of their chosen high school, college or university team. The SST is an endowment. As such, money deposited into team accounts is invested and subsequent earnings are returned to teams as “grants”. Participating teams are able to draw 5% of their account balance once per year, every year, as long as the team exists. Teams are eligible to request a grant once every 365 days.

  2. Our Mission - Update **As of 2012, in addition to high school and collegiate teams, the SST is now able to offer non-school affiliated youth shooting programs an opportunity to participate in the endowmentprogram. In other words, we may now include teams affiliated with sportsmen’s clubs, BSA Venture Crews, 4-H, etc. REQUIREMENTS FOR NON-SCHOOL AFFILIATED TEAMS: 1. Have team W-9 (Employer Identification Number) *It’s best to have the name on the W-9 and the name on the team account be virtually identical. Example: Palmyra Sportsmen's Association/Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association Youth Program 2. Maintain a separate bank account/line of accounting 3. Team members = predominantly high school or college-aged youth

  3. New Account Information

  4. How Does It All Work? FIRST - Grow your account balance! 1. Solicit donations (2:1) 2. Conduct fundraisers (1:1) MidwayUSA Foundation promotional items 3. Earnings Subject to stock market fluctuations 4. Key Conservation Group partners Adopt-A-Team program 5. Industry partners CMP, SCTP, SPP, SSC, ACUI, etc. Potterfield matching money! Potterfield matching money

  5. How Does It All Work? SECOND – Submit grant request for up to 5% of account balance 1. Choose when to submit January grant cycle = December 15th deadline OR July grant cycle = June 15th deadline 2. Download grant packet from the website www.scholasticshootingtrust.org 3. Return completed paperwork: US Mail, fax, or email A complete grant request includes: -signed copy of W-9* -signed Consideration Agreement * *(an “X” does not constitute a signature)

  6. Over 20,000 high schools and colleges listed in the Scholastic Shooting Trust database ~2400 youth shooting programs have active endowment accounts as of January 2013 • 96 teams received grants in 2012 = ~$172,000 total endowment funding disbursed • January 2013 grant total = • $258,077.97 / 88 teams

  7. Successful Programs! Over $100,000 Over $50,000 Bethel University – TN Humboldt HS - IA Mason City HS - IA Newburyport HS - MA Univ. of Tenn. – Martin IKM Manning HS - IA Worthington Senior HS – MN Walpole Sportsman’s Assoc. Scholastic Shooting Team - MA Williams County Sportsman’s Educational Assoc. - OH Fin, Fur and Feather Club – MA Quincy Senior HS – IL Hickman HS - MO Purdue University Rifle & Pistol Club Colony HS – AK Jacksonville University – FL Fort Hays State University – KS The Citadel (Rifle Team) – SC Southeastern Illinois College - IL The Citadel (Pistol Team)– SC Murray State University - KY University of Missouri Burlington HS - WI M. I. T. Pistol Club - MA Gaston Young Guns – NC Rose-Hulman I.T. - IN The King’s Academy - SC Albia HS - IA Bishop Dwenger HS – IN Culver Academies – IN Oklahoma State University Coon Rapids-Bayard HS – IA Lindenwood University – MO Marquette University HS – WI

  8. MidwayUSA Foundation Promotion Model MidwayUSA Foundation “gives” promotional item to fundraising organization (teams, 501c3s, etc.) Organization conducts fundraiser (raffle, auction, etc.) Organization retains 50% of proceeds to support their youth shooting program Organization sends 50% of proceeds back to endowment account (matched) 100%

  9. iPad/Laptop Promotion What is required to participate? • Be a 501(c)(3) entity or have an EIN & separate checking acct. • Complete and return Letter of Intent to MidwayUSA Foundation • Make a concerted effort to raise $2k from fundraising activity • Retain ½ of proceeds to promote youth shooting in your organization • Send ½ of proceeds to MidwayUSA Foundation in the name of high school/college shooting team of your choice and get 6:1 matching money until Feb 28, 2013!

  10. Our Family Legacy Rifle Set Medallion: adjustable trigger, detachable box magazine, 42 1/2” length; 13 5/8” length of pull, 22” barrel length Micro - Medallion: adjustable trigger, detachable box magazine, 39 3/8” length; 12 1/2” length of pull, 20” barrel length Introducing the MidwayUSA Foundation’s latest fundraising promotion in support of high school and college shooting teams: the “Our Family Legacy” Rifle Set. Each raffle participant receives a set of “Our Family Legacy” Browning pocket knives handsomely displayed in a commemorative tin depicting Potterfield family hunting scenes across the years. One lucky raffle participant will win a matched set of Browning A-Bolt rifles chambered in .257 Roberts and featuring gold inlaid engraved bolts with engraved floorplates, rosewood fore-ends and grip caps.

  11. Key Conservation Group Partners • Delta Waterfowl • Ducks Unlimited • Mule Deer Foundation • National Wild Turkey Federation • Pheasants Forever • Quality Deer Management Association • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation • Whitetails Unlimited

  12. State Association Partners • Arizona Fish & Game/Wildlife for Tomorrow Foundation • Bluegrass Sportsman’s Association • Central Illinois Precision Shooters • Georgia Independent School Association • Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation • Kansas State Rifle Foundation • Kentucky Trapshooters League • Missouri Youth Sports Shooting Association • Ohio State Trapshooting Association Foundation • Texas State Rifle Association Foundation

  13. 501(c)3 Youth Shooting Partners • Association of College Unions International (ACUI) • Civilian Marksmanship Program • Gaston Young Guns • New England International Junior Shooting Sports, Inc. • Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association • Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation/SCTP & SPP • South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation • Tucson Trap & Skeet Club • US Practical Shooting Association/SSC • Alaska State SCTP • California State SCTP • Idaho State SCTP • Iowa State SCTP • Montana State SCTP • Nevada SCTP • Oregon State SCTP • Utah State SCTP • Washington State SCTP • Wisconsin State SCTP • Wyoming State SCTP

  14. FAQs • Can teams draw as much money as they want from their account? No. Teams may only draw up to 5% of their account balance once annually, either in January OR July (deadlines and forms are on the SST website). • How much of each donation actually goes into the school’s account? 100% of all donations are credited to the school teams you designate. All Foundation operating expenses are paid for by the Potterfield family. No expenses are taken from the investment account.

  15. FAQs • What happens to the account balance if the youth shooting team dissolves for some reason? The money stays in that team’s account in the hopes that a new team will form. • Where does the annual grant money go if it is not requested by the team each year? Each team account is separate. If a team doesn’t draw a grant, the money remains in the account and continues to earn interest based on the performance of the overall investment.

  16. FAQs • I’m interested in my team participating in the Adopt-a-Team program. How do I get started? Contact Jeff or Terri at the Foundation and they will link you up with a Foundation key conservation partner in your area. • No local schools have shooting teams in my area so a group of students from different schools formed a team. Can we start an endowment account? Absolutely! If a school doesn’t allow you to use their name then simply acquire an EIN in the name of your team and a separate checking account and contact the Foundation.

  17. Our contact information: Terri DeWitt : tdewitt@midwayusafoundation.org 573-447-5969 Jeff McClure: jhmcclure@midwayusafoundation.org 573-447-5959

  18. In summary, Larry and Brenda Potterfield share a passion for youth shooting and believe in giving back to the industry: • MidwayUSA Customer NRA Round-Up = $ 7,824,200 (since 1992) • 2012 Annual Youth Shooting Programs = $ 23,000,000

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