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Our Mission

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Our Mission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Mission
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  1. Our Mission Community Outreach for Youth & Family Services, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life for both the youth and adult population.                Our outreach service is built on the foundation that all people should be granted access to community based programs that offer a nurturing and caring environment.

  2. OurPhilosophy Community Outreach for Youth & Family Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing highly structured community based services for adolescence and adults with multiple treatment issues. Our belief is that a therapeutic environment is a key element in comprehensive treatment programming, emphasizing respectful and supportive relationships, while reinforcing responsible and pro-social behavior. This model is fostered in an environment where all consumers have a chance to take part in various treatment programs regardless of past interventions.

  3. Our History Community Outreach for Youth & Family Services, Inc. was developed in 2007 with the vision of providing Mental Health Services to children and adults throughout North Carolina. Community Outreach for Youth & Family Services, Inc. provides services to individuals with mental health diagnosis and developmental disabilities. Despite our brief history in providing services, we have several client success stories. Community Outreach for Youth & Family Services, Inc. is currently asking the Salvation Army and other organizations to aide in the areas of mental health, and basic needs for everyday living.

  4. Our Services We strive to consistently exceed client expectations with regards to treatment and consumer service while providing exceptional results. The blending of client expectations and our Mental Health expertise is of primary importance. We listen first, then individualize a treatment plan that suites each individual. Our service currently include : • Community Support Services • Outpatient Services • Leadership Camps • Tutorial Services

  5. Community Support Services • Community Support services are psycho-educational and supportive in nature and intended to meet the mental health or substance abuse needs of children and adolescents with significant functional deficits or who, because of negative environmental, medical or biological factors, are at risk of developing or increasing the magnitude of such functional deficits. • The service activities of Community Support consist of a variety of interventions: education and training of caregivers and others who have a legitimate role in addressing the needs identified in the Person Centered Plan; preventive, and therapeutic interventions designed for direct individual activities; assist with skill enhancement or acquisition and support ongoing treatment and functional gains; development of the consumer's Person Center Plan, and one-on-one interventions with the consumer to develop interpersonal and community relational skills, including adaptation to home, school, work and other natural environments; therapeutic mentoring; and symptom monitoring and self-management or symptoms.

  6. Outpatient Services This is a professional level of service, which provides periodic, direct fact-to-face contact with the individual, family or group in any location, through scheduled therapeutic treatment sessions. The service includes: counseling, psychotherapy, medication therapy, and other special therapy* and collateral work with family (or substitute family) members of a consumer.

  7. System of Care System of Care is a philosophy and foundation which defines how to provide services to children and families with the best possible outcomes. It creates the standard for best practice in children’s mental health. It is based on some of the following beliefs for providing services: • Family and child centered • Plans and services are family driven • Services are provided in the least restrictive settings • Provide services in child’s home and local community setting • Clinically appropriate and adhere to best practice standards • Work collaboratively with multiple human service agencies involved with the family • Builds on family and community supports for resources to accomplish goals • Builds on natural support systems for the children and families

  8. Evidenced-based Practices and Emerging Best Practices Evidence-based or best practices are those that have consistently resulted in positive outcomes based on studies. In the mental health field, these are specific services or interventions that have been proven to produce benefits to consumers and their quality of life. Community Outreach for Youth & Family Services, Inc. is committed to implementing evidence based best practices and components of emerging best practices. We also are committed to providing pertinent information about these practices to our consumers and to helping them find resources, training opportunities and further information as it develops.

  9. Program Evaluation System • NC-TOPPS (North Carolina Outcomes and Program Performance System) – provides an analysis of statewide issues and specialty programs, measures program performance and outcomes, and meets federal reporting requirements.

  10. Committed to Excellence! A successful mental health agency just doesn’t happen. We believe it is the result of a strong commitment to excellence and a special level of confidence we establish with consumers, stakeholders and other mental health agencies. It is very gratifying for us to witness a dynamic “transformation” that occurs with self-esteem and confidence in our consumers as their lives greatly improve through Mental Health treatment.