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Welcome to Alpha Training. Welcome to Alpha Training. Leading Small Groups. Welcome to Alpha Training. First, some preliminaries. Welcome to Alpha Training. Always!!. Follow the Recipe !!. Welcome to Alpha Training. Remember !!. No Cynicism!!. Always Good Humor !!.

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Welcome to alpha training

Welcome to AlphaTraining

Welcome to alpha training1

Welcome to AlphaTraining

Leading Small Groups

Welcome to alpha training2

Welcome to AlphaTraining

First, some preliminaries

Welcome to alpha training3

Welcome to AlphaTraining


Follow the Recipe !!

Welcome to alpha training4

Welcome to AlphaTraining

Remember !!

No Cynicism!!

Always Good Humor !!

Study preparation what to read study
Study & PreparationWhat to read/study

  • Directors, Leaders And Helpers Should Prayerfully Read And Study In Advance Of Presenting The Course:

The Director’s Guide

Searching Issues

Questions of Life

KEY: ALPHA requires study to do well!

A quick review the mechanics of alpha
A Quick ReviewThe Mechanics of Alpha

  • The Importance Of The Director’s Manual

  • Let’s Review An Alpha Brochure Together

  • What About Technology??

  • What About Music?? How much? When?

  • What About Food?? -Methods Of Managing Food Issues

  • What About Use Of The Bible?

KEY: ALPHA requires planning just like your daughter’s wedding!

Small groups 1
Small Groups #1

The Five Objectives Of The Small Groups

To Learn How:

  • To Discuss

  • To Model Bible study

  • To Pray Together

  • To Develop Lasting Friendships Within The Body Of Christ

  • To Minister To One Another

KEY: ALPHA is all about

creating community.

Small groups 2
Small Groups #2

  • Alpha Is A Forum In Which Questions Can Be Freely Asked.

    • No Spirit Of Judgment

    • Any Question Or Comment Can Be Made (within bounds of propriety)

    • A ‘Safe Harbor’ For All Guests

    • An Environment Free Of Confrontation

KEY: ALPHA is all about making friends.

Small groups 3
Small Groups #3

  • A Place Where:

    • Relationships Are Formed/Made

    • The Holy Spirit Is Entrusted With: -Convicting -Teaching -Correcting

KEY: Friends bring friends and their family.

Small groups 4
Small Groups #4

  • A Place Where:

  • Leadership Is Neither Too Strong Nor Too Weak

  • The Role IS NOT ‘Teacher-Pupil’

  • The Role IS One Of ‘Host-Guest’

  • There Is Mutual Respect For Each Other

KEY: People come to church for many reasons, but stay only if they make friends.

Small groups 5
Small Groups #5

  • Table Staffing:

  • The Ideal Is 2 Leaders/2 Helpers Per Table

  • The Ideal Is 8-12 Guests Per table

  • In The Beginning Not Often Realizable

  • Most Often, 1 Leader, 1 Helper Is Start-Up Model

KEY: Alpha is sustainable, only if you have replaceable parts.

Small groups 6
Small Groups #6

  • Table Staffing:

  • The Leader(s) Takes Responsibility (Active Host)

  • The Helper(s) Provide Support (Inactive Host)

  • The Leader Asks Questions, Keeps Talks Focused

  • The Helper Is The Guest-Servant Of All

KEY: Relax, and be yourself!

Small groups 7
Small Groups #7

  • Objectives/Strategies:

    • Get The Guests To Talk, To Express Their Views

    • Utilize Questions Like: -What Do You Think?, or -What Do You Feel?, or -During The Talk, Nicky Said This, ‘What Do You Think?’

    • Avoid Discussions About Church Doctrine;

    • Avoid Technical Questions

KEY: Most people will not listen until they are first heard!

Small groups 8
Small Groups #8

  • Objectives/Strategies:

  • Move At The Rate Of The Slowest Person

  • At The End, Summarize What You Have Heard

  • Try To Model Bible Study When Possible

  • Expect Some Amazing Responses

  • Expect Some Amazing Results

KEY: Alpha is process. Time becomes an ally. Always be encouraging.

Small groups 9
Small Groups #9

  • Objectives/Strategies:

    • Do Not Ask Direct Questions

    • There Are No Wrong Answers

    • Guests Don’t Want To Be Back In School

    • Obvious Heretical Concepts Should Be Gently Corrected.

    • The Truth Is Not To Be Compromised

KEY: People can say the darnest things.

Small groups 10
Small Groups #10

  • Results Of Small Group Discussions:

    • The Discussion Groups Will Form Powerful Bonds

    • They Will Want To Stay Together

    • Facilitating This In A Fractured Church Can Be Very Difficult; - What Is Our Response?

KEY: Alpha requires your perseverance to succeed.

Small groups 11
Small Groups #11

  • PRAYER: In The Beginning:

  • We Do Not Pray Before Meals: Why?

  • We Do Not Pray Before Discussions: Why?

  • When, Then, Do We Pray?

  • When We Do Pray, Our Prayers Are Not Long And Learned: Why?

KEY: Prayer: Everything points to the HSW and the healing prayer night.

Small groups 12
Small Groups #12


    • Teaching Guests To Minister To Each Other Is An Important Objective Of The Course.

    • This Is The Most Difficult Task In The Course: Why?

KEY: God will be present to encourage you. Trust in Him!

Small groups 13
Small Groups #13

  • Leadership Training

    • Important To Identify Leaders/Helpers Of The Next Course Early On

    • This Should Be Done No Later Than Week 6

    • Credentials Are Not Important; A Willingness To Learn, Humility, And A Love Of People Is Enough

KEY: We do not need Alphaholics, we need Leaders and Helpers!

Small groups 14
Small Groups #14

  • The Retreat

    • An Extremely Important Part Of Course

    • Different Models; Saturday; Fri-Sat; Overnight F-S-Sun

    • Prepare Guests Early On For The Importance Of The Retreat;

    • Without A Retreat, A Great Deal Is Lost

KEY: Learning about the Holy Spirit; a WOW for most!

When to present alpha the two three four model
When to Present AlphaThe Two-Three-Four Model

Alpha Can Be Presented:

  • Two times a year – Fall & Winter (September and January Starts)

  • Three Times A Year – Fall, Winter, & Spring (September, January and March Starts)

  • Four Times A Year –F/W/S/S

  • Advantages/Disadvantages Of Each Model -Throughput; Team Training; Burnout

KEY: ALPHA requires commitment and a team. However, do not over commit.