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Cause-Effect. English 1301 Karen French. “Why We Crave Horror Movies”. Stephen King. The author starts with examples of how everyone is “mentally ill.” Implied Thesis (not stated, reader figures it out) Watching horror movies helps us control the anti-social instincts we all have.

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    1. Cause-Effect English 1301 Karen French

    2. “Why We Crave Horror Movies” Stephen King

    3. The author starts with examples of how everyone is “mentally ill.” • Implied Thesis (not stated, reader figures it out) • Watching horror movies helps us control the anti-social instincts we all have. Intro Paragraphs (1-2) From the first two paragraphs, the reader understands that the writer is stating the effect (result), and he will continue to explain the causes (why).

    4. Why watch horror movies? • To prove we are not afraid • To feel essentially “normal” • To have fun Paragraphs 3-5 Obvious Causes

    5. Why is watching horror movies fun? • (Analogy: Horror movies are the modern-day equivalent of public lynchings.) • First cause=Society rewards positive emotions but punishes us for negative ones. • (Example of harming a little sister) Paragraphs6-11 The writer now explores, in depth, three causes

    6. Second cause = But negative emotions don’t simply go away. • (Example of “sick jokes”) The writer now explores, in depth, three causes

    7. Third cause = Watching horror movies, we get to experience “anticivilization” feelings without harming anyone or enduring negative consequences. The writer now explores, in depth, three causes

    8. Analogy = Base instincts are like alligators needing to be fed. Concluding Paragraphs(12-14) Needs to close the essay with a “punch” and echo the thesis

    9. Effect • Cause • Cause • Cause • Cause • That’s why! Basic structure

    10. 1. Write your final draft of the essay. • 2. Bring any prewriting, peer editing, or rough drafts WITH the final draft. • 3. Staple all copies together WITH the FINAL DRAFT on TOP. • We will continue with Unit 6: Cause-Effect; don’t forget your online exercises. Next week: For night class only

    11. Unit 6: Cause-Effect (continued) • Cause-Effect as a mode of discourse: • To analyze the causes, effects, or both • Causes tell WHY • Effects tell RESULTS

    12. What is the purpose here? • In contrast to the socially involved youth of the 1960s, many young people today tend to remove themselves from political issues. What do you think are the sources of the political apathy found among 18-25-year-olds? • This is a cause essay. • You must tell WHY there is apathy! • What causes it?

    13. What is the purpose here? • A number of experts forecast that drug abuse will be the most significant factor affecting American productivity in the coming decade. Evaluate the validity of this observation by discussing the impact of drugs on the workplace. • This is an effect essay. • You must tell the RESULTS of drugs in the workplace. • What are the effects of it?

    14. Prewriting Once you decide your topic, organize your thoughts with the graphic organizer!

    15. Strategies for an A • 1. Stay focused on the purpose of your analysis! • If the causes are already given, then you focus on the effects. • If the effects are already given, then you focus on the causes.

    16. 2. Adapt content and tone to your purpose and readers. • This means to stay ACADEMIC!

    17. 3. Think rigorously about causes and effects. • Remember that someone else may have chosen the same topic that you did, so you want to strive to think beyond the obvious. You want your perspective to be unique and interesting while it is fulfilling the purpose of the assignment. • The causal chain must be logical!

    18. 4. Write a thesis that has the proper focus! Cause: Our school system has been weakened by an overemphasis on trendy electives. Effect: An ineffectual school system has led to crippling teachers’ strikes and wide-spread disrespect for the teaching profession.

    19. 5. Choose a logical organizational pattern. • I would suggest two that are most effective: • Chronological order – this is a first, second, last, order that follows the occurrence through time as developing the essay • Order of importance – this is a order that is important, more important, most important as developing the essay

    20. 6. Use language to show transitions and language to show the complexity of the cause-effect relationship. • Most likely… • There is no doubt… • It is probable… • Most significantly…

    21. Assignment for next time! • Write your rough draft for your cause-effect essay. • Choose one of the topics: • Effects of the judicial malpractice on society (insider stock traders get jail time; murderers and rapists are acquitted) • Causes of teen ______(name the excess, like promiscuity, texting, spending) • Lack of communication in a relationship (cause or effect topic) • A particular celebrity’s popularity (cause or effect topic) • Changing attitudes toward the environment (cause or effect topic) • The use of computers in the classroom (cause or effect topic)