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Kick Start Knowledge Management

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Kick Start Knowledge Management. Delhi K-Community Learning Session.

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kick start knowledge management

Kick Start Knowledge Management

Delhi K-Community Learning Session


Knowledge management can be defined as "the harnessing of a company's collective expertise wherever it resides and the distribution of that expertise to the right people at the right time. It's not a product but a process-the process of gathering, managing, and sharing your employees' knowledge capital.“

- GartnerGroup

can knowledge be managed
Can Knowledge be Managed?

Ask yourself!

  • Can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Where does knowledge exist?
  • Can technology create/manage knowledge?

You can't manage knowledge. Knowledge is between two ears and only between two ears.

Peter F. Drucker,

knowledge facts
Knowledge facts!
  • Knowledge is about context
  • Knowledge cannot be transferred
  • Knowledge sharing is voluntary
  • We share knowledge with right audience
  • We trade knowledge
  • Knowledge travels faster in informal networks
  • Formal : Informal network ratio = 1 : 1000
  • Knowledge is leaky
some km myths
Some KM myths!
  • KM is about ‘implementation’
  • KM is a set of procedures
  • KM can be outsourced
  • KM is about storing knowledge
  • KM is about enhancing knowledge supply
  • KM always helps innovation
  • KM is about building a knowledge-based organization
typical situations we face
Typical situations we face
  • Information is there, but can’t find it.
  • Delivered in the past, but out of touch, therefore redo the work.
  • Can’t find any experts due to "brain drain“
  • Resource is away and nobody knows how to finish ‘that’ crucial contract
  • Search returned 187 items. Which one is relevant?
  • Development team used old specifications
  • Can’t find all project documents at one secure place
some km mistakes
Some KM mistakes
  • Weak guiding strategy
  • Let’s go shopping
  • Build it and they will come
  • Document-centric approach
  • Big-Bang implementation approach
  • Supply-side solution approach
  • Starting with a low-profile project
some km mistakes1
Some KM mistakes
  • KM initiatives are supplementary
  • Quantity v/s Quality
  • Heavy taxonomy, weak search
  • Lengthy KM assessments
  • Where’s the ROI?
  • Too many portals
  • Too many protocols
what do you want to do
What do you want to do?
  • Share solutions to customer problems in a BPO?
  • Help groups or teams collaborate and share work?
  • Locate people with specific skills or create CoPs?
  • Manage unstructured content repositories?
  • Provide customized access to existing information?
  • Document, model and execute business processes?
challenges in km
Challenges in KM
  • People
    • Resistance to change
    • Culture
    • Awareness
    • Accountability
    • Collaboration (WIIIFM)
    • Priorities
    • 90-9-1 rule
    • Know – Tell – Write
    • Leadership support
  • Process
    • Business direction
    • Strategies
    • Decision making
    • Documenting
  • Technology
    • Virtualization
    • Scalability
    • ROI
    • Information overload
simple rule
Simple Rule 
  • Promote values
  • Learn, Collaborate, Build Relationships, Encourage Dialog, Induce Critical Thinking
  • Make it easy for ‘them’!
open house discussion

Open-house Discussion

Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions, Queries, Critical analysis, Next steps!

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thank you

Thank you!

Vikash & Sandeep (for the commute and venue)

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