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Welcome To Solo Ad Kick Start!. By Ted Begnoche. Introduction. Here’s one you’ve never heard before… The money is in the list! Why does everyone repeat this overused phrase all the time? Simply because it’s true! I understand how intimidating it is to get started…. Introduction.

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Welcome to solo ad kick start

Welcome To Solo Ad Kick Start!

By Ted Begnoche


Here’s one you’ve never heard before…

The money is in the list!

Why does everyone repeat this overused phrase all the time?

Simply because it’s true!

I understand how intimidating

it is to get started…


Why is your list so important?

Email marketing is not dead!

You should be building your list at every opportunity

Don’t get discouraged – Just Get Started!!

Let’s Go!!

What are solo ads
What Are Solo Ads?

All traffic costs something – time or money – or sometimes both

Solo Ads are an efficient way to build a list quickly

Let’s look at the basic concept

What are solo ads1
What Are Solo Ads?

An email that you pay someone to send to THEIR list for you

Elements of a solo ad include:

  • Your Squeeze Page

  • An Autoresponder Box

  • A Compelling Offer

  • An Upsell Page

Why buy traffic
Why Buy Traffic?

It’s a great question – as we said before, all traffic costs you – whether it’s time or money.

Solo Ads speed up your list building


There’s also one more very

important point…

Why buy traffic1
Why Buy Traffic?

Solo Ads allow you to test your process quickly.

Let me say that another way – if you’re not testing and tweaking – you’re not improving…

Let s take at a squeeze page
Let’s Take At A Squeeze Page!

Here’s a squeeze page I’ve used in the past, in the gardening niche.

My squeeze page
My Squeeze Page

Let’s Take A Look At The Squeeze Page I’ll Be Using For This Course

Solo ad buying process 10
Solo Ad Buying Process 10

Solo Ads are sold by the number of clicks you want to buy.

When first starting out it’s tempting to go fast, but I recommend just the opposite.

Typical solos cost $15-45 for 50-100 clicks – this is where I recommend you start while testing your process.

Solo ad buying process 11
Solo Ad Buying Process 11

I know you have questions…

How much should you be paying “per subscriber?”

What is a typical subscriber worth?

What is a typical optin rate for

a solo ad campaign?

The all important swipe
The All-Important Swipe

Yours or theirs? The age-old question

Most solo ad sellers reserve the right to modify your swipe or even use theirs

You should ask to see the swipe if they have to modify it…

The all important swipe1
The All-Important Swipe

Let’s look at a couple of examples

Your oto page 17
Your OTO page 17

An OTO can significantly reduce the cost of your solo ad – or even eliminate it completely.

Choose the OTO very carefully – must be closely related.

Does not have to be your own product.

Where to find solo ad sellers
Where To Find Solo Ad Sellers

Page 18 – Just like in all aspects of business – there can be some shady sellers.

So where do you look so you can buy with confidence?

Warrior Forum


Let s buy a solo ad
Let’s Buy A Solo Ad

Look over my shoulder as we buy a few solo ads from some of my favorite providers

Conversions page 19
Conversions page 19

Conversions can vary widely, and for a number of reasons

You can reasonably expect between 30-50% of visitors to sign up

If you’re getting < 30% - time to evaluate your squeeze page layout and ad copy

A word about optin style
A Word About Optin Style

Much Debate over Single Optin VS Double Optin

What’s the difference?

It’s really your choice – I’ve been using single optin a lot lately – it really increases your conversion rate

In conclusion
In Conclusion…

Don’t be intimidated.

Remember to include an OTO to try to reduce the cost of your solo ad by making some back end sales.

If you’re confused at all I am here to help.

In conclusion1
In Conclusion…

Thank you so much for your confidence in me.

Remember – list building is vitally important to your online success, but what you do with your list after they subscribe is equally important

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