Moments That Matter
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Moments That Matter. Chuy Ramirez. What are the Moments That Matter?. They happen every time we interact with Every Person Every Time ALWAYS. Today.

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Moments That Matter

Chuy Ramirez

What are the

Moments That Matter?

They happen every time we interact with

Every Person

Every Time



  • Today in our facility, there will be many people coming for many different reasons. They will interact with at least one of us, at some point or another.

  • They will visit our OR, ED, Lab, Radiology, doctor’s office, patient access, business office, you name it, and they will come here for service.

    In every instance, they will encounter Moments of Truth!


  • When is it important?

  • When I interact with the first person I encounter

  • When my feet hit the floor


  • When is it important?

  • With the team

  • With my patients

  • With the people who need it


  • When is it important?

  • Only when I’m in front of a patient.

  • Only when the higher ups are watching


  • When is it important?

  • When I feel it’s necessary?

  • When my teammates need me?

  • When I need my team?


  • When is it important?

  • How do I hold my team accountable?

  • How do I hold myself accountable?

The make up
The make up:

  • Character

  • What you do when no one is looking

The make up1
The Make Up

  • Integrity

  • The truth is the truth, no matter how you slice it

The make up2
The Make Up

  • Humility

  • I am here to serve you, and one day I will need someone’s help


  • Someone is visiting our facility today, and they are simply coming to receive their results from a lab test.

  • Today will mark the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

    What will be our part in that chapter?

    How will they remember us?