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Asset Protection Overview

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Asset Protection Overview

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  1. PRESENTED BY Asset Protection Overview Understanding domestic & international asset protection strategies

  2. Summary of Key Concepts • Asset Protection Strategies are Beneficial for Almost Anyone • Today’s Litigious World Demands Asset Protection • Nevada Corps have Distinct Advantages Over Delaware • Using Nevada Corporations is Simple but Effective • Liens or Equity Stripping Strategies Help Protect Your Assets • The International Business Corporation (IBC) is a Great Tool to Protect your Wealth • The Private Interest Foundation (PIF) has a Long List of Unique Benefits • Bulletproof Asset Protection Involves Using the Nevada Corp, PIF & IBC All Together • There are Additional Benefits to Using Offshore Asset Protection • Asset Protection is Far More Important than Any Insurance • Affiliate Program Referrals can Provide Substantial Income with No Sales and Very Little Effort

  3. Asset Protection Use is Growing Fast • Asset Protection Strategies have Been Used for Over 80 Years • Asset Protection has become a Necessity in Today’s Harsh Litigious World • USA has 5% of the World Population, but 94% of its Lawsuits • 31% of Individual Wealth and 35% of Corporate Wealth is Held in Tax Friendly Jurisdictions • Most Major Companies have a Domestic & International Strategy to Protect their Assets

  4. Who Can Benefit from Asset Protection? • Medical Professionals • Internet Businesses • Sole-Proprietors • Money Managers • Financial Companies • High Risk Occupations • Business Consultants • Wealthy Individuals • Small Business Owners • Independent Contractors • Commodities Investors • Those Planning Retirement • And Almost Anyone Else…

  5. Why is Asset Protection So Important? • We Live in an Increasingly Litigious Society • Wealth can Take Years to Earn, and Seconds to Lose • You can Even Lose your Assets from the Mistake of Another • To be Safe, You Must Make Yourself Unattractive for Lawsuits • Asset Protection is Cheaper than Insurance but Far More Effective • Companies can Protect Assets, Retain Earnings, and More…

  6. Scenarios that Jeopardize Your Assets • Employee Lawsuits • Wrongful Terminations • Malpractice Accusations • Personal Injury Cases • Actions by Close Family • Accidents by Guests • Partnership Disputes • Future Divorces • Business Liability Lawsuits and More…

  7. Nevada & Delaware Corporations to the Rescue • Nevada & Delaware have Much More Favorable Business Laws • No State Income Taxes for Either • Owners Can do Business Anywhere in USA • Owners are Protected from Company Liabilities • Companies Can be Set Up by Only One Person • Administrative Paperwork is Dramatically Decreased • Business Owners can Invest with Far More Benefits than Individuals

  8. Benefits of Nevada vs. Delaware Corporations • 80% of New Nevada Corporations are Formed by Non-Residents • Nevada is Known as a Very Pro-Business State • Nevada Shares No Information with the IRS • Delaware has Higher Annual Fees for Businesses • Nevada has Privacy Laws which Exceed Delaware in Protection • Federal Income Taxes are Low for Nevada Corporations (15% below 50K, 25% below 75K)

  9. Understanding Liens for Asset Protection • Liens are Commonly Used as Tools for Asset Protection • By Placing a Lien on Your Own Assets You Reduce the Risk of Loss • Lien Holders are Paid Before Others in Forced Liquidations • Equity Stripping can Protect All Equity in the Assets You Own • Always have the Lien Amount Equal to the Equity Invested • Use 2-3 Liens Max for Each New Corporation you Create

  10. Opening New Corporate Bank Accounts • We do Not Create Bank Accounts for New Clients • The Process of Opening a New Account is Very Simple • The Client Receives their Corporate Documents • The Client Creates their Tax ID Online Via the IRS Website • The Client Presents Corporate Paperwork, Tax ID, and Proper Identification to Bank • The New Bank Account is Opened

  11. Summary of Domestic Asset Protection • Nevada & Delaware have Far More Favorable Business Laws • There are No State Income Taxes for Nevada or Delaware • These States Allow Companies to be Set Up by Only One Person • The Owners Can do Business Anywhere in USA with this Structure • Business Owners are Protected from the Company’s Liabilities • Administrative Paperwork is Very Minimal for these Companies • Nevada Corporations have Distinct Advantages Over Delaware • Nevada is Known to be Pro-Business and Favorable in the Courts • Nevada Corporations do Not Openly Share Information with the IRS • Nevada & Delaware Businesses can Put a Lien on their Own Assets • Opening a Bank Account is Easy for New Domestic Corporations • Business Owners can Invest and Retain their Earnings, Unlike Individuals • Asset Protection Gives you Freedom, Privacy, and Piece of Mind for a Very Minimal Cost

  12. Offshore Asset Protection

  13. What is Offshore Asset Protection? • Certain Offshore Jurisdictions have Very Favorable Business Laws • They have these Laws to Attract Money for their Tourism Dependent Economies • These Strict Secrecy Laws Protect All of the Information for Corporations • International Corporations Can be Used to Protect Assets through Liens, and Other Legal Strategies • Offshore Courts are Typically Favorable to Corporations and Move Very Slow • Offshore Asset Protection Makes You Very Unattractive for a Lawsuit • Legal Fees of the Accuser Can be Far More than they Could Get from You

  14. List of Offshore Countries for Incorporation • Bahamas • Belize • British Virgin Islands • Bermuda • Cayman Islands • Costa Rica • Dominica • Dubai • Hong Kong • Isle of Man • Nevis • Panama • Seychelles Islands • Though We do Choose the Jurisdiction that Best Fits Our Client, It’s Always Good to Understand Your Options

  15. The International Business Corporation (IBC) • International Company • which does Business Outside of the Country • IBC’s First Started in 1984 • Now Offered by Several Different Jurisdictions • Popular for their Privacy & Asset Protection Benefits • Can Act as an Extra Layer of Protection for Nevada Corps • Bulletproof when Paired with the Private Interest Foundation

  16. The Private Interest Foundation (PIF) • Based on Lichtenstein Family Foundation Model • PIF can Own Any Assets and Several Corporations • No Owners of Foundationare Allowed by Panama Law • No Legal Attachment to Any Specific Individual • Three Nominees Keep You Completely Anonymous • Can Serve as a Living Will, etc. • Only Available in Panama • No Local Taxation Requirements

  17. Components of Private Interest Foundation • Foundation Council are the Nominees that Appear on the Public Registry • Foundation Protector is the Controller of All Activities within the Foundation (You) • Beneficiaries of the PIF are Elected in the Customized Letter of Instructions • Letter of Instructions is a Living Will but Better

  18. Using the Foundation and IBC Together • IBC can Place Liens on Any Nevada Corporation • Private Interest Foundation can Own an Offshore IBC • Foundation has Protector but No Owner by Law • No Attachment of Ownership • The Foundation Can Own Property, Corporations, Investments, etc. • Using IBC & PIF is Ultimate Asset Protection Strategy

  19. Benefits of Offshore Asset Protection • Add IBC/PIF to Nevada Corp for Ultimate Asset Protection* • PIF has No Owner by Law • Letter of Instructions Acts as Customized Living Will • Money Safe Forever After Placed 3 Years with the PIF • PIF Assets Never Frozen Until Full Trial is Complete • Three Nominees Keep Protector of PIF Anonymous • No Local Tax Requirements for Both the IBC and PIF

  20. Summary of Offshore Asset Protection • “IBC” is a Company doing Business Outside of the Country it is Domiciled In • “PIF” is a Non-Profit Foundation which Acts as a Corporate Shelter and Asset Protection Tool for Protectors • Nevada Corporations Can have a Lien them by an IBC • The IBC Can then be Owned by the Panama Foundation • Since the PIF has No Owner, there is No Attachment of Liability in the Chain of Corporations • IBC’s are Used for Daily Business, and Foundations can be Used to Own Companies, Property, Investments, etc. • The ASSET PROTECTION Plan is the Strongest Structure and Strategy in the World

  21. The Asset Protection Affiliate Program • If You Someone Asset Protection Would Help, you Could Make Some Great Money! • By Referring 1 Friend You Can Earn Up to $1000 when they Buy Our Asset Protection Product • Our Reseller Program is a Great Way to Earn Extra Income • You Never have to Sell, Just Refer the Person and Get Paid! • Successful Resellers Can Earn $100,000 or More Per Year • Become a NewReseller of this Great Product!

  22. Protect Your Assets Now! • Life is Full of Unforeseen Events which Can Jeopardize your Wealth • Think of Yourself as One of the Smart Few who Prepares Ahead • Don’t Let this Opportunity Pass, Protect Your Hard-Earned Money from Future Threats Now! • Get Started Today with a Nevada Corporation, or an International Package for Even More Protection! • Contact your Sales Associate or Click on the Link Below to Start Experiencing the Benefits Today!

  23. Legal Disclaimer • shall not be considered a tax professional, legal advisor, or accountant in any manner. All information supplied on this presentation is for informational purposes only, and shall not be relied upon when making future decisions. Due to the ever changing nature of information, we do not guarantee or endorse any of the information provided. Every reader must assess the facts, and make their own decision based upon their findings. Tax regulations vary between jurisdictions, and each reader is subject to tax and reporting laws in their country of residence. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!! • To View the Entire Legal Disclaimer, Please Visit Our Site