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Revolution Begins

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Revolution Begins
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Revolution Begins

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  1. Revolution Begins Ch. 9 Texas History

  2. Colonel Ugartechea • Mexican commander at San Antonio in 1835.

  3. GONZALES Ugartechea ordered the citizens to surrender their small brass cannon.

  4. Come and Take It! • Gonzales citizens buried cannon in a peach orchard • Texan forces dug up the cannon and decorated it with a white flag that declared, “Come and Take It.”

  5. “Lexington of Texas” • Battle of Gonzales, Oct. 2, 1835 • Mexican soldiers retreated to San Antonio

  6. Mexican Army in Texas • General Cos brings more Mexican soldiers to San Antonio • Cos planned to arrest all Texan leaders

  7. Colonel Cos: actions of Gonzales was “outbreak of war.” “Outbreak of War”

  8. Settlers Respond After Cos arrived in San Antonio, the Texan settlers formed Committees of Correspondence

  9. GOLIAD • 1 week later, Texans took Mexican garrison at Goliad • Only large remaining Mexican force was at San Antonio, commanded by Cos. • “On to San Antonio!”

  10. Gonzales and Goliad After winning the two battles, Texans thought Mexican army could be defeated

  11. Army of the People • Stephen F. Austin took control of Texan volunteer forces • Troops marched toward San Antonio

  12. Siege of San Antonio • Texans set up a blockade • They did not attack: had no heavy artillery • Hoped Cos would surrender

  13. Siege becomes Battle • Battle became known as Siege of Bexar • Led by Ben Milam

  14. Ben Milam • Ben Milam wanted victory to encourage independence • Killed in battle

  15. Victory at Bexar Mexicans driven to abandoned mission, the Alamo • Cos surrenders and was allowed to return to Mexico

  16. Victory at Bexar Texans thought the war was now over and returned to their homes

  17. The Grass Fight • Mexican cavalry and mule train coming to San Antonio • “Silver” train?

  18. 1835 Consultation Met at San Felipe in Nov. 1835 because it had a printing press

  19. War VS Peace Party • War party: Texas to declare independence from Mexico • Peace party: still wanted to follow the Mexican Constitution of 1824

  20. Peace Party Wins • “Declaration of the People of Texas in General Convention Assembled” • Loyal citizens of Mexico

  21. Peace Party Plans Texas would fight: to defend themselves to oppose Santa Anna and his military dictatorship

  22. Peace Party Plans • Objected to a Texas Declaration of Independence

  23. Texas Army • Planned by Consultation • Commanded by Sam Houston • Volunteer army was still at San Antonio

  24. Help from U.S. Thomas McKinney sent to obtain troops, supplies and money to finance the expected war

  25. Provisional Government • Temporary government • Municipalities: locally governed areas; each had one representative

  26. Conflict Among Leaders • Governor Smith vetoed, or rejected, proposed convention • General Council overrode veto; March 1836 convention planned

  27. Conflict Among Leaders • Governor Smith opposed plan to capture Matamoros • General Council disagreed

  28. Convention of 1836 • Met again at Washington-on-the-Brazos • Richard Ellis, chairman of convention

  29. Convention of 1836 • Wrote Declaration of Independence • Wrote Constitution • Set up government; interim officials

  30. Texas Declares Independence Declaration of Independence, similar to the U.S. Declaration of Independence

  31. March 2, 1836 • Texas Independence Day

  32. Constitution • Convention wrote constitution for new government • Similar to U.S. Constitution

  33. Constitution George C. Childress wrote the constitution

  34. Constitution • Made slavery legal • Free African Americans needed permission of the Congress to live in Texas

  35. Ad Interim Government • Temporary • David Burnet chosen ad interim president

  36. Ad Interim Government Sam Houstonchosen commander of both volunteer and regular army

  37. Santa Anna Threatens • New republic president and cabinet fled convention • Set up government at Harrisburg

  38. Where is Houston?

  39. Review question Who was the Mexican commander at San Antonio in 1835?

  40. Review answer Domingo de Ugartechea commanded San Antonio in 1835.

  41. Review Question What town hid their small cannon? Where?

  42. Review Answer Citizens of Gonzales hid their cannon in a peach orchard.

  43. Review Question What did the flag decorating the cannon say? Who won?

  44. Review Answer “Come and Take It” Texans won, convincing many that Mexican troops could be defeated.

  45. Review Question • What is the Battle of Gonzales called? • To what abandoned mission did the Mexican troops retreat?

  46. Review Answer Battle of Gonzales was called the Lexington of Texas. Mexican troops retreated to the Alamo.

  47. Review Question • Who brought more Mexican troops to San Antonio? • What did he say the actions of Gonzales was?

  48. Review Answer General Cos brought more Mexican troops to San Antonio? He said that actions at Gonzales were outbreak of war.

  49. Review Question • What did the Texans think after winning the two battles?

  50. Review Answer They thought that the Mexican troops could be defeated.