the kent accountancy trainee kat scheme n.
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The Kent Accountancy Trainee (KAT) Scheme PowerPoint Presentation
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The Kent Accountancy Trainee (KAT) Scheme

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The Kent Accountancy Trainee (KAT) Scheme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Kent Accountancy Trainee (KAT) Scheme. Contents. Overview of the KAT Scheme Key Points Placements in Schools: Background Our Aim for next year What will having a trainee mean for a school? Questions. KAT Scheme in a Nutshell.

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The Kent Accountancy Trainee (KAT) Scheme

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    1. The Kent Accountancy Trainee (KAT) Scheme

    2. Contents Overview of the KAT Scheme Key Points Placements in Schools: Background Our Aim for next year What will having a trainee mean for a school? Questions

    3. KAT Scheme in a Nutshell Offers an opportunity to A Level or equivalent school and college leavers to build a career in KCC’s finance function, and achieve professional accounting qualifications through a programme of paid work and study.

    4. Key Points about the Scheme Trainees placed in a series of 6 to 12 month placementsthroughout their training Achieve the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification within 2-3 years Progress to studying ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) for a further 2 ½ years Option to complete a Research Project and gain a degree in Applied Accounting from the University of Oxford Brookes

    5. Key Points Continued... Salary Progression is built into the scheme, and is based on a mix of exam passes and good placement review Throughout their training, Kent Accounting Trainees will be supported by the scheme manager, their placement manager and personal mentor

    6. Placements in Schools: Background The scheme offers trainees the opportunity to experience placements external to KCC to broaden their experience of finance in other public sector environments. Since the scheme started in 2009 we have placed trainees and graduates with several of our external partners including:

    7. Background Continued.... Between 2011 & 2013 we have placed several trainees with Kent Schools (including Simon Langton Boys School, Chaucer Technology & Hayesbrook) Trainees traditionally took the role of Finance Assistant in the Finance Department Positive feedback from both the trainees and the schools involved.

    8. Our Aim • We are looking to place second year trainees in school finance teams for a period of up to one year, starting from September 2014 • By this time, trainees will have completed their first twelve month placement on the scheme and will be nearing the end of Level 3, and about to move onto the final Level 4 (Technician) stage of the AAT qualification • The trainees we are looking to place in schools have become valued members of the teams they are currently in over the period of their first placement • They live in various areas across Kent, and placements will be allocated to trainees based on distance from where they live

    9. What will having a Trainee mean for a School? Planned work of an appropriate level to be worked up in consultation with the KATS scheme manager Appropriate training and line management support to be provided by the school Initially monthly placement monitoring meetings to be held between trainee, line manager and scheme manager, moving to bi-monthly as placement progresses

    10. What will having a Trainee mean for a School Continued... 50% of the trainee's salary to be met by the school Starting salary in September 2014 will be £16k (approx £21.5k including on-costs), progressing to £17.5k (approx £22k including on-costs) in April 2015 based on a good placement report Day release college approximately one day per week In addition to these college days, trainees are allowed paid leave for the day of the exam and three additional paid "study days" per year. Annual Leave entitlement is 24 days, taken subject to manager’s discretion. We would make it clear to the individuals that the manager’s discretion is likely to mean that leave would be largely restricted to school holiday periods. College and exam fees paid for corporately by KCC

    11. To Conclude... Previous placements with schools have proven to be a great experience for all involved Schools receive motivated, partially funded trainees as members of their finance teams Trainee benefit from the opportunity to experience a different finance function, offering a more complete picture of an accounts department than the KCC function could manage in any single placement We understand the budgetary pressures facing our Kent Schools in the 2014/15 year If you feel you are not in a position to offer a trainee placement next September, please take this opportunity to consider the scheme when resource planning for future years.

    12. Contact Details If you are interested in placing a trainee or would like any further information, please get in touch... Jayne Urwin (KAT Scheme Manager) Email: Telephone: 0300 333 6337

    13. Thank you for your time.