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Low cost deductible supplement insurance plan that can reimburse your health insurance deductible up to $10,000 each year!. Introducing: . Deductible Gap Program. For: Group Members. Gap Plan: B enefit that pays back your deductible after your choice of deductible protection.

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Presentation Transcript
Low cost deductible supplement insurance plan that can reimburse your health insurance deductible

up to $10,000 each year!


Deductible Gap Program

deductible gap program

For: Group Members

  • Gap Plan: Benefit that pays back your deductible after your choice of deductible protection.
  • Consult –A-Doc: Access to board certified doctors 24/7. Toll free help for sickness and minor injury and prescription needs at

no cost.

  • Discounts up to 50% off: (Insured and all family members)
    • Dental (Aetna Dental Access)
    • Vision (Coast to Coast)
    • Lab & Imaging
    • Rx (RX Battle) up to 75% off

Plan Benefits Include:

Deductible Gap Program
program highlights

Insurance and Discounts Services

When you get approved with a new medical plan our Gap program is guaranteed!

No Pre Existing conditions!

No Waiting periods!

One easy enroll form!

Program Highlights
insurance portion
Insurance PortionHow Does The Plan Work?
  • Take your exciting health insurance plan and increase your deductible up to $2000 more.
  • When you add our Gap program the addition higher deductible can be paid by the Gap
  • program.
  • Let’s say your company pays $5000 per month for your current plan, by increasing your
  • plan deductible $2000 more your monthly rate is $4000.
  • Lets say the monthly cost after your agent gets the rates for the Gap program is $500 each month.
  • Now your company is saving $500 each monthly (10% off ) and not losing any coverage!
  • No medical application to fill out during our open enrollment times!
  • Simple, just enroll and start saving!
how do i access my discount benefits
How Do I Access My Discount Benefits:
  • Once you are enrolled in the Gap program, you are now enrolled with our discounts program (Customers Rewards)
  • You now have access for all your covered employees to receive discounts on their dental, vision, RX, lab, diagnostic, imaging and a 24/7 toll-free number to doctors that can save you a co-pay on your small medical problems.
  • You will receive a member card with website information and toll-free help numbers.

Insurance Part


Covers only your deductible up to the amount you choose under the Gap Plan. This is at any medical facility in network and/or out of network.

Pays off the charges on your E.O.B of actual claims submitted from insurance carrier to you.

This plan can be used with only High deductible PPO’s or EPO’s plans. Can’t be used with qualified plan!

Not Covered:

Doctor co-pays, plan co-pays, co-insurance, prescription drugs and claims that do not apply to your primary insurance plan deductible will not be reimbursed under the Gap Program.

how do you get started

Very Easy!!

Call your agent!

Fill out the enrollment paperwork!

Request a program meeting for your agent to come to your business and explain the Gap program to the employees!

Then start saving!

How do you get started?