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Introducing. Introduction. It’s really nice to introduce Davinci TurboRIP to you. DavinciTurboRIP is very good solution for Digital Printing area.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Introducing

    2. Introduction It’s really nice to introduce Davinci TurboRIP to you. DavinciTurboRIP is very good solution for Digital Printing area. Actually DavinciTurboRIP is not just RIP. It enables printing speed faster twice or 2.5 with original printing speed. It depends on double CM technology. So customers feels very good it’s productivity. Also DavinciTurboRIP have very good halftoning method and image processing engine, so 16bit engine enables very good gradation effects. It has many basic aspecs, and supoorts many printers you want. And also supports density devices( Spectroscan, DTP41, EyeOne). You will be very comfortable with DavinciTurboRIP. We are very happy to supports our customers with the best RIP in the world.

    3. Main Features • Fast Printing Speed (High Productivity) • 16bit Gradation Halftoning Engine • Direct printing in your own Windows Application ( MS Word, Powerpoint Excel, etc.) • Batch Printing Job and Queue • Many comfortable features included( Various Tile printing Options, Vector Raster User Curve.. ) • Nesting Features include • Supports Density reading device (SpectroScan, DTP41, EyeOne) • Supports White Ink features for UV flatbed printer and Small size flatbed printer.

    4. Fast Printing Solution 4C-DoubleCM Turbo / 6C Turbo • Fast printing solution the original idea become when developer meets customer and find because of printing speed, many printing workers works hard, waiting print output. • The idea is like this, draft printing mode is very fast but it lakes ink density so if overcome ink density then, draft printing is very fast and enough printing quality in many area. • So, enlarge ink density, we use Double CM technology, changing CMYKLcLm 6color printer as CMYKCM 4color Double CM mode, and RIP SW also changed supports Double CM mode. • Now we have final good solution. • FJ-740 : 6color –20 m2/h, 4color DoubleCM –30 m2/h, 40 m2/h • RJ8000 : 4color DoubleCM – 34 m2/h • JV4 : 4color DoubleCM – 30 m2/h • Solvent Machine : 6color – Spectra128 head – 4pass OK. • 4color CMYKCM – 4pass OK. • New fast printing solution, named 6Color Turbo mode enables no need changing inks, just choose Davinci TurboRIP, then you met new fast printing solution 6Color Turbo mode. • It enables, 1 or 2 grades of printing speed, • for example, Some solvent machine, “spectra 128”12 head, 6color (CMYKLcLm), that must use 8pass before DavinciTurboRIP, because fast speed cause lack of inks so some banding and missing dot and finally can not make good print output , so it’s impossible to use more faster mode ( 6pass, 4pass). • But, After applying DavinciTurboRIP, it enables 6pass, 4pass as same quality as 8pass. So, DavinciTurboRIP let printers works very well. • And so, if customers wants more faster mode or no need 6color, then you can select 4Color DoubleCM mode, do not change printer, just change RIP SW option and Inks . • So, You’d better to select DavinciTurboRIP, no just a RIP SW, It helps printer quality, and increase printer capacity.

    5. Applied Area • It’s very important how to apply this incredible fast RIP SW, because some machine and some inks does not fit this features, sometimes missing dot appear, It’s not RIP SW’s fault, it depends on inks, paper character. • So, we suggest the nexe area will be good to apply. • Direct printing Dye sublimation (Making Banner flag, fabrics.. Etc.) • Fabric banner flag printing (In Korea named Hyunsumak) • Some solvent based printer that need much ink density and need fast speed. • Etc.

    6. Davinci RIP SW Family & Feature sheet • Supported printer lists. • HP 2000,3000, 5500, 500, 130 .. • Epson 7000/9000, 7600/9600, 10600, 7800,9800, 4800, 11880, R1800, 2400, 1900(for Flatbed printer) • Roland FJ740, SJ740 / Mutoh RJ8000, RJ8100, RJ301, Valuejet / Mimaki JV4 • Infiniti series, Tekwin series, Novajet 500,750,850 • DGI Rex, Omegajet..

    7. Company Introduction About Fullbitsoft Company : Fullbitsoft Co., Ltd. Founded : 2007. 1. 17 CEO : Hojin Kim Addr : Room# 322 48-84 NKIC HongeunDong SeodaemunGu Seoul Korea Tel. +82-2-2658-3090, Email : Fullbitsoft develope and research professional graphic world. Awards History 1997 . New SW awards – Ministry of Information and Communication 1998. IR – 52 JangyongSil Awards. 2000. Prime Minister Awards for multimedia Technology. • Koyang City Good SW Awards • . • New Technology Mark from Korea government certification. 2002 . Greensoft founded. 2003. Koyang City Good SW Awards • Published RIP SW AnyRIP. 2005. New Technology Mark from Korea government certification. 2007. Make stock company and change name “Fullbitsoft Co., Ltd.” 2007. Get Venture License ( from Korea government ) 2006. Roland FJ-740 special version, make exclusive contract with korean best seller about FJ-740 ( Daehan Digital ).

    8. Other Products (Graphics Package – Davinci Power Collection)

    9. Contact Information • International sales: Eugene Kim • • msn ID : • Technical Support: Fullbit Soft • • Tel. +82-505-505-5009 • Fax. +82-303-0505-5009 Thank you for your interesting