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Introducing Crusoe Into the Family PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing Crusoe Into the Family

Introducing Crusoe Into the Family

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Introducing Crusoe Into the Family

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  1. My children are no longer infants. They have spent plenty of time with Uncle Simon’s Labrador Retriever, Kruger. They have also learned about animal companions and how to take care of them. While my kids have been begging for a long time for a dog, I wanted to make certain that whether me and my husband were really ready to assume responsibility for the life of another living being that will reside in our home. After lengthy discussions regarding the pros and cons of owning a Labrador Retriever, I have owned a Labrador retriever named Crusoe. Introducing Crusoe Into the Family

  2. Crusoe is a sturdy, handsome, medium-sized dog. He has wallowing, dark eyes and an intelligent expression. His tail is thick at its base gradually tapering towards its tip. The skull is well developed and wide. The breed’s ears are well proportioned, set far back and to some extent low on the skull. They hang relatively close to his head. Labrador’s coat is straight, short and very dense. He has soft, protective, weather resistant undercoat. Coat colors for Labradors include yellow, black and chocolate. Crusoe’s coat color is yellow. He is 26 inches and weighs 77 pounds. “If Looks Could Kill”

  3. Crusoe is an excellent family companion. He is affectionate, sweet and patient. He is good-natured, friendly, reliable, and highly intelligent and loves to play. The best part about Crusoe is that he gets along quite well with my children. Crusoe is not natural guard dog but he barks if he detects a threat. Labradors are claimed to be the best sniffers in world and so Crusoe is also not an exception. He loves water! Few Things About Crusoe That Fascinates Me

  4. Labrador Retrievers are generally low maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming. I brush Crusoe’s coat weekly to keep it smooth and in a good condition. He is a medium shedder and sheds heavily on seasonal basis. At times like this, I usually groom him thrice a week. My Well Groomed Lab - The Disciplined Darling In The Family

  5. If you have a Labrador Retriever, you must be aware of their expected health problems. There are many health issues and disorders linked to this breed. They generally include: Elbow Dysplasia Eye problems Thyroid Problems Diabetes Seizures Allergies Heart problems Expected Health Problems Of A Labrador Retriever

  6. The Labradors are an exceptionally popular breed. For example as of 2006 Most popular breed by ownership in USA Widely regarded as the most popular dog in the world The most popular breed of assistance dog in Australia, US and several other countries. They are widely used by police and several other official bodies for detection. 70% guide dogs in US are Labradors. Trivia