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Transmeta Crusoe

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Transmeta Crusoe. A revolutionary CPU for mobile computing Ashraful Alam. Outline . What is Crusoe? Why Crusoe? Crusoe architechture 128 bit VLIW Code morphing technology Integrated northbridge LongRun technology Conclusion. What is Crusoe?. A low power consuming x86 processor

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transmeta crusoe

Transmeta Crusoe

A revolutionary CPU for mobile computing

Ashraful Alam

  • What is Crusoe?
  • Why Crusoe?
  • Crusoe architechture
    • 128 bit VLIW
    • Code morphing technology
    • Integrated northbridge
    • LongRun technology
  • Conclusion
what is crusoe
What is Crusoe?
  • A low power consuming x86 processor
  • Developed by Transmeta Corporation
  • Devoted to fill gap in mobile CPU market
  • Developed from scratch
  • Hybrid hardware-software design
  • Efficient computing
why crusoe
Why Crusoe
  • Lighter is better
  • Low power consumption
  • Fan less systems
  • High mobility without compromise
targeted market
Targeted Market
  • Wireless computing
  • Silent PC
  • Home theatre PC
  • Portable pc
  • Dense Server Cluster
crusoe product line
Crusoe Product Line

All power requirement includes Northbridge power.

The SE versions of Crusoe are designed for Embedded systems

Table: Family of Crusoe processors


crusoe architechture
Crusoe Architechture
  • 128 Bit Very Large Instruction Word Issue
  • Hybrid computing aka Code morphing™
  • Integrated Northbridge on die
  • LongRun™ Technology
128 bit vliw engine
128 Bit VLIW Engine
  • 4 instruction issue
  • Fewer transistors = less power consumption
  • Introducing code morphing™
  • Large 512kb cache
128bit vliw cont
128bit VLIW (cont.)
  • Crusoe executes like a superscalar processor


code morphing
Code Morphing
  • Software layer around the hardware
  • x86 compatibility without complexity
  • Reduced transistors
  • Statistical optimization
  • Downloadable hardware upgrade!
code morphing cont
Code Morphing (cont.)
  • Code morphing software creates a bridge between x86 software and Crusoe


code morphing cont12
Code Morphing (cont.)
  • Blue represents hardware in silicon
  • Yellow represents software layer


code morphing cont13
Code Morphing (cont.)
  • 2 parts of the code morphing software:
    • Interpreter
      • Interprets x86 code
      • Filters infrequent code for interpretation only
      • Gathers statistical data
    • Translator
      • Recompiles frequently used code for optimization
      • Stores translated code into translation cache
integrated northbridge
Integrated Northbridge
  • On die memory controller
  • On die PCI bus controller
  • Serial ROM controller
  • Benefits
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Compact system design
longrun technology
LongRun™ Technology
  • LongRun technology is tightly coupled with code morphing software
  • Performs two task:
    • Power management
    • Thermal management
longrun power management
LongRun Power Management
  • Dynamically adjust both core voltage and clock speed
  • Cubic power requirement reduction
    • Power = (Capacitance * freq * voltage^2)/2
    • Most conventional CPU can only adjust frequency

* AMD’s “cool N quiet” technology adjusts both voltage and clock frequency

power management cont
Power Management (cont.)
  • If Idle time is detected, processor may reduce voltage/frequency to reduce power usage
power management cont18
Power Management (cont.)

Figure: Dynamic frequency scaling

Power management heuristic – goal is to eliminate CPU sleep time as much possible

[source: LongRun Power management white paper]

power management cont19
Power Management (cont.)

Figure: Voltage scaling

Voltage and frequency scale can be done upto 200 time/sec

[source: LongRun Power management white paper]

thermal management
Thermal Management
  • Coupled with code morphing software to throttle CPU
  • Efficient computing in low temperature
    • Dynamically reduces voltage/frequency
    • Does not force CPU to sleep phase to reduce heat
    • Provides more performance in higher temperature or same performance in lower temperature.
thermal management cont
Thermal Management (cont.)
  • P3 and Crusoe running DVD movie
    • Crusoe TM5400 requires no active cooling
  • Revolutionary hybrid design
  • Efficient use of instruction optimization
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Leads the path in efficient computing
  • Great choice for mobile computing
  • Great choice for systems where low power processing is required
  • The Technology Behind Crusoe™ Processors White Paper by Transmeta Corporation
  • Crusoe™ LongRun™ Power Management White Paper by Transmeta Corporation
  • Crusoe Explored by John Stokes