All about golden retrievers
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All About Golden Retrievers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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All about golden retrievers l.jpg

All About Golden Retrievers

A Perfect Family Dog

Do you want to have a dog who is l.jpg
Do you want to have a dog who is…

  • Big Built

  • Has a Cheerful Temperament

  • Is Dependable and Peaceful

  • Has a Furry Feathered Coat

  • Is always responsive and keen to please you

    A Golden Retriever is the perfect choice!

An introduction to golden retriever l.jpg
An Introduction to Golden Retriever

Initially Golden Retrievers were developed as gundogs. They were trained to rescue game birds during shooting and hunting. As such, they are a friendly breed and have a distinct love for water unlike other dogs.

Characteristics of a golden retriever l.jpg
Characteristics of a Golden Retriever

As a family dog, the Golden Retrievers are ideal. They are:

  • Cheerful

  • Reliable

  • Forbearing

  • Demonstrative

  • Sociable

  • Patient

Importance of training a golden retriever l.jpg

Importance of Training a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers remain puppy-like for several years and hence training them from an initial stage is essential to introduce good manners. It is necessary to control their chewing tendency from an early stage. Hence, you can provide them with chewable toys, which they can also carry around in their mouth.

Need for exercise l.jpg
Need For Exercise

This breed of dog needs some amount of exercise daily. Two brisk walks and running around a yard or park at least once a week would be perfect for Golden Retrievers. You can play fetch games with them so that he gets enough exercise.

Health issues with golden retrievers l.jpg
Health Issues with Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are prone to quite a few diseases.

  • Cancer

  • Congenital Eye Defects

  • Heart problems

  • Skin Allergies

Story of margaret and sandy l.jpg
Story of Margaret and Sandy….

“As a dog owner I have never faced much trouble with Sandy. He has been a bundle of joy for me since he was born. Sometimes, it gets difficult to be calm, when he has chewed on your favorite pair of shoes, but otherwise he has been a wonderful companion. He is a great friend and is tremendously funny when he is up to his antics. He is always a joy to be around. I can vouch that there no other dog who is better than my Sandy”

Slide9 l.jpg

Continued….“For me Sandy is a hero. When one day a fire had broke out in my house, he had saved my baby of 3 months old. I still cannot forget that terrifying day. Now my kid is 1 year old and all thanks to my Sandy that he is still alive.”

Slide10 l.jpg

Therefore, care for your pet as a friendly angel is hidden within each of them. The way they care for you, you must always return the favor by keeping them under careful vigilance of a kind-hearted pet-sitter.