lemnos interoperable security project cybersec interop tf l.
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Lemnos Interoperable Security Project & Cybersec-Interop TF PowerPoint Presentation
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Lemnos Interoperable Security Project & Cybersec-Interop TF

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Lemnos Interoperable Security Project & Cybersec-Interop TF - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lemnos Interoperable Security Project & Cybersec-Interop TF. Status & Update 7/20/2011. Brian Smith & Slade Griffin EnerNex. Lemnos Project Background. Funded by DOE under the Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) Research and Development Program

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lemnos interoperable security project cybersec interop tf

Lemnos Interoperable Security Project &Cybersec-Interop TF

Status & Update


Brian Smith & Slade Griffin


lemnos project background
Lemnos Project Background
  • Funded by DOE under the Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) Research and Development Program
  • Ultimate goal is to make interoperability of devices supporting cyber security functions less difficult to the end users
    • Often labor intensive and requiring extensive security expertise by the end user
    • Installed configurations often different for various vendor pairs
  • Lemnos emphasizes the development and use of a common set of configuration parameters
lemnos process
Lemnos Process
  • Identifies various security functions needed within a Utility’s control system
  • Matches security functions to specific Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFCs
    • Identifies specific requirements for RFC
  • Tests to validate the ICPs
lemnos project partners
Lemnos Project Partners
  • EnerNex (Prime Contractor to DOE)
  • Sandia National Laboratories (FFRDC)
    • Directly funded by DOE
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (Utility/End User)
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
    • Sub contractor to EnerNex
participating vendors
Participating Vendors
  • Participating Vendors To Date
    • Cisco
    • Encore Networks
    • GarrettCom
    • Industrial Defender
    • N-Dimension
    • Phoenix Contact
    • Ruggedcom
    • Siemens
current lemnos project status
Current Lemnos Project Status
  • Security functions and protocols identified to date
    • Messaging (Syslog)
    • Centralized Authentication (LDAP)
    • Secure channel (IPsec)
    • Secure remote access (SSH)
  • Lab testing and field testing continues
  • DOE funding ending this year
    • Looking for potential industry sponsorship for future work
    • Looking for utility input to identify priorities
upcoming lemnos milestones
Upcoming Lemnos Milestones
  • Testing at TVA
    • Ongoing (continuing on into Q3/Q4 2011)
    • Lab and field testing of commercial product by SEL
  • Lab Testing with Participating Vendors at EPRI Smart Grid Substation Lab in Knoxville, TN
    • June 2011 (COMPLETE)
      • IPsec and Syslog
    • August 2011
      • IPsec, Syslog, SSH, LDAP
lemnos and cybersec interop tf
Lemnos and CyberSec-Interop TF
  • Goal is to establish relationship between the Lemnos Project and SG Security/Cybersec-Interop TF similar to what has been done with ASAP-SG
    • Cybersec-Interop TF provides long term stewardship of the ICPs
  • Preserves the Lemnos work after project completion
  • ICPs will be provided to OpenSG as they are completed by the Lemnos Project Team
  • OpenSG will vet, adopt, and maintain the ICPs and make them available to industry
    • Develop new ICPs in the future
moving forward
Moving Forward
  • Challenges for Cybersec-Interop TF after handoff from Lemnos
    • Versioning of the ICPs
      • Moving forward, options in the IETF RFC’s will become deprecated to maintain alignment with NISTIR 7628 and other industry guidance
      • Difficult to maintain backwards compatibility
      • Interoperability may be at the ICP version level
    • Certification and Conformance
      • Additional details needed in ICPs?
for more information
For more Information
  • Brian Smith, EnerNex (Lemnos Project Manager)
    • bsmith@enernex.com
  • Slade Griffin, EnerNex
    • slade@enernex.com
  • Dave Teumim, Teumim Technical (Cybersec-Interop TF Chair)
    • dave431@enter.net