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Must Haves in a Laptop Bag PowerPoint Presentation
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Must Haves in a Laptop Bag

Must Haves in a Laptop Bag

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Must Haves in a Laptop Bag

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  1. Must Haves in a Laptop Bag

  2. There is a very good reason why your laptop bags have extra zippers and spaces. For ordinary people, laptop bags are mere storage space for bulky laptops but for many travelers, students and workers, essential materials like Swiss army knife, pepper sprays, notebooks etcetera can still be squeezed inside that bag. The Peterson Group, Taiwan-based Company distributing mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals across Asia has prepared the list of things people most commonly put inside these bags:

  3. Of course. Who would bring their laptop and leave the power cord behind? Without it, you can’t stop being agitated while using your laptop, wondering when it would shut down. Your hours of productivity will be greatly affected. 1. Power Cord

  4. Many people are using their laptop bags for all their gadgets and devices including tablets and smartphones. Chargers for these devices as well and all the cords that goes with it. Just like the power cord, you shouldn’t forget about the chargers. You may end up buying fraud ones instead. 2. Chargers

  5. Travelers always anticipate an inconsistent internet connection in every place they go. My biggest mistake when I was traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia is not bringing my 4G hotspot along. It took hours for my email to open and I actually slept while loading Google. If you don’t want that to happen to you, make sure you put your 4G Hotspot inside that bag. 3. Hotspot

  6. Flash drives are too tiny that it can get lost or misplaced. Many people find it convenient that their laptop bags have small pockets for small technology items. 4. USB Flash Drive

  7. When talking of smartphones and gadgets, you can’t just overlook your headphone. This item just have a place in every person’s laptop bags since it is very essential whether you are watching a movie on a flight or listening to music while walking to school, you need your headphones for convenience. 5. Headphones

  8. Now we have covered the basic gadgets and devices, we come to the essentials and pain medication is one of them. You can be surprised what you find in a laptop bag. Among them, medicines are perhaps the most useful since a headache can attack anytime and sometimes when it is the most inconvenient time. Tylenol and Advil are the most common. 6. Pain medication

  9. Yes, it may be unusual. In many reviews though, it shows a lot of people has little packets of coffee hidden in their laptop bags. If not coffee, there are also tea packs to consider. Little packets are sold by many coffee stores (there’s also from Starbucks) in case your favorite coffee is not available to where you would be going. 7. Pack of Coffee