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COST TU0902 Management Committee Meeting Trondheim June 2012 Action overview, meeting objectives & expected outputs FIRST AND FARMOST-THANK YOU.

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Tu09 action deliverables minimum

COST TU0902 Management Committee Meeting Trondheim June 2012Action overview, meeting objectives & expected outputsFIRST AND FARMOST-THANK YOU

1. Minimum deliverables of the COST TU09022. Moving towards the city cookbook3. Context and MoU (example from WG 2)4. Context of individual- Case studies and expertise5. Summary

Tu09 action deliverables minimum
TU09 Action deliverables (minimum):

Action started in 2009 and ends October 2013

  • A network of European researchers equipped to address the challenge of integrated assessment in urban areas (Year 4).

  • Review and comparison of case studies of cities (Year 1-2)

  • WG led topic reviews(Year 2-3)- see MoU: submit in next 6 months some outputs

  • Journal papers arising from Short Term Scientific Missions and reviews (Years 2-4+)- submit in the 6-12 months

    We suggested to develop the City Cookbook

Moving towards a city cookbook
Moving towards a “City Cookbook”

  • Identify key contents of the cookbook

  • Identify key case studies

  • Plan necessary collaborations

  • Map out timeframe and assign responsibilities

  • Synthesise expert knowledge in the network

Context of wgs
Context of WGs

Climate adaptation


Cross scale tensions






Tu0902 working groups
TU0902- Working Groups

  • WG1: Integrated assessment methods and technologies

  • WG2: Adaptation, mitigation and climate change feedbacks in cities

  • WG3: Resource flows and urban ecosystem services in cities

  • WG4: Strategic urban planning and governance

Mou wg 2 adaptation mitigation and climate change feedbacks in cities
MoU- WG 2- Adaptation, mitigation and climate change feedbacks in cities

Sub-task 1- Build upon existing reviews to develop a comprehensive list of adaptation and mitigation options available to urban policy makers;

Sub-task 2- ...qualitative descriptions of relevant processes and interactions in the urban environment, infrastructure, economy and inhabitants;

Sub-task 3- …. Sub-task 6

NOTE: Sub-tasks can change, but we need to agree who is doing what- when

Individual WG 2 sub-tasks-

Status and linkages of WG 2- sub-tasks-

Context of individuals all
Context of individuals-ALL

Climate adaptation


Cross scale tensions






Case study city matrix and your expertise
Case study city matrix and your expertise

  • Your name; Location (template)

  • Sectors and expertise you have

  • Do we have your data?

Next steps for case studies and expertise matrix
Next steps for case studies and expertise matrix

  • All provide (i) individual expertise (ii) case study for a city of your choice

  • WG Vice Chairs chase WG members (email; meetings etc.)

  • Database needs organising and put on website-volunteers?

  • Maybe we have another case study/expertise meeting (in addition to MC)?


  • WG Chair link work (sub-tasks) with MoU-maybe follow example from WG2 for reporting

  • WG Chair responsible to populate website

  • WG Chair set individual or combined WG meeting WG Vice chair- gather case study/expertise (volunteers)

  • All- Suggest STSM, support Action and your WG

  • All- Think about next MC meeting (who can host it)

  • ALL-OUTPUT – Cookbook- Case studies, expertise, WG Sub-tasks