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The Governance Project. Introductions. Who we are?

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  • Who we are?

    • The American Society of Cybernetics is a coalition of leading organizational scientists with major connections in government, business, science and academia. We bring a proven paradigm, language, and principles to address issues of governance.

American society of cybernetics
American Society of Cybernetics


  • Javier Livas, Esq.- Statesmanship, legal systems

  • Arek Fressadi- Organizational design, banking and development

  • Ely Dorsey, PhD.- Values and Social Justice

  • Joe Truss- Syntegration facilitation & process consulting

  • Jana Schilder- Communications

  • Not present today:

    • Penelope Colville- Human Performance Improvement Systems

    • Allenna Leonard, PhD, President, ASC

    • Chris Cullen- Syntegration facilitation & process consulting

Why are we here
Why are we here?


  • Propose a project for realizing a new vision for governance in Latin America


  • Present a general proposal; some core ideas in cybernetics

  • Discuss current and past applications of cybernetics in a variety of fields

  • Discuss opportunities for application in Latin America

  • Explore how you may be involved

Alleviating challenges like
Alleviating challenges like…

  • Insecurity, lawlessness, anarchy

  • Economic and social injustice

  • Wasted resources

  • Unrealized potential

  • Corruption

  • Frustration of bureaucracy

What is our proposal
What is our Proposal?

  • To create a vision of the new possibilities of governance that will provide a model for our countries.

Innovation opportunity
Innovation Opportunity

  • Why Latin America - not USA or Canada?

  • Example: China v. USA in re: Telecommunications - copper wire versus cellular and fiber optic.

    Governance systems obsolete.

What is cybernetics
What is Cybernetics?

  • The art and science of effectively managing complex and dynamic systems.

  • Helps organizations understand their current state, evaluate where they want to go, and bring that into being.

  • Helps governments and their agencies manage change and changes how they manage.

Origins of cybernetics
Origins of Cybernetics

  • The word “cybernetics” was born of the Greek word for “steersman.”

  • Like the steersman, who controls the boat but doesn’t control the wind nor the tide, cybernetics prevents the steersman from being overwhelmed by uncontrollable forces.

Cybernetics has changed the world and can continue to change the world
Cybernetics has changed the world and can continue to change the world

Cybernetic modeling has been applied to create leaps in many disciplines, including:

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence

  • Weather forecasting

  • Information technology

  • Resource management and utility planning

Management cybernetics the science of effective organizations

Management applications using Cybernetics: the world



Scenario planning

Concurrent engineering

Data mining

Risk management

Operations research

Total Quality Management

Socio / technical systems

Productivity indices

Knowledge management

Management CyberneticsThe Science of Effective Organizations

Typical questions asked by management cybernetics
Typical questions asked by Management Cybernetics the world

  • “Do you have an adequate model of your own organization?”

  • “Are your connections with the environment monitoring all the trends relative to the future of your organization?”

  • “Are you taking into account all stakeholder interests?”

  • “ Are you aware of the implications of your actions on organizational culture?”

  • “Do you have adequate means of examining and improving your own functions?”

The viable system model vsm syntegration
The Viable System Model (VSM) & Syntegration: the world

VSM & Syntegration are two models usedin management cybernetics:

  • The VSM is a dynamic, systemic model and an alternative to the static, traditional organization chart.

  • Syntegration is the most effective way to amplify and accelerate collective intelligence.

Successful examples of vsm and or syntegrations
Successful Examples of VSM and/or Syntegrations the world

  • Health Canada HIV/AIDS 5 yr. strategy

  • Canadian Blood Services

    • Stem cell research

    • Blood products integrity

  • Uruguay (Project Urucib)

  • Colombia – Contraloria

  • Chile real time management

  • MZSG – Switzerland

  • Mondragon Co-op

  • IPCRI: Israeli Palestinian Centre for Research & Information.

Information available on other sample projects
Information available on other sample projects the world

  • Swiss, ASSI, - paper products

  • Swiss Nuclear Power Industry

  • Project Urucrib, Uruguay

  • Mining operation in Brazil

  • Disability Federation of Ireland

  • Tourism in Africa

  • Government industry online, Chile

Unique benefits of management cybernetics
Unique Benefits of the worldManagement Cybernetics

  • Efficiency (time, manpower, money).

  • A way to solve problems using neutral, non-threatening language.

  • Ability to deal with complexity in an effective manner.

Potential applications to current challenges
Potential applications to the worldcurrent challenges

  • Telephone system

  • Education system

  • Utilities and new electricity generation capability

  • Stabilizing the oil supply

  • Stabilizing the Civil Service

  • Establish a regional central bank

  • Create secondary mortgage markets to effectively utilize natural resources (real estate).

What we are asking
What we are asking? the world

  • Help us organize a meeting of Ambassadors of all Latin American countries under the auspices of the Mexican Embassy so we can make a presentation

Next steps
Next steps the world

  • Presentation to Ambassadors for feedback

  • Syntegration of government representatives on vision, scope, direction

  • Assemble project team

  • Build a project plan


Synergy & integrity the world

No predetermined agenda

Creative difference

Information networking (90% distribution)

Promote self-organizing

Time compression machine

Shared models

Social bonding without associated “group think”

Collective intelligence

Cross-linking, knitting together

Accelerate and amplify

Transcend cultures

Surface deep issues

Shared learning - roles, rotation

Leverage each participant’s strength while integrating group power

End product - actionable & comprehensive solutions