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Flexibility, Adaptability, Managing Multiple Priorities

Flexibility, Adaptability, Managing Multiple Priorities. By Chris Jahn. Go with the flow. Bend a little. Get the job done. Whatever!. Do it for the team!. Just do it!. Think outside the box. Top Skills Employers Really Want. Communications Analytical/Research

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Flexibility, Adaptability, Managing Multiple Priorities

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  1. Flexibility, Adaptability, Managing Multiple Priorities By Chris Jahn

  2. Go with the flow Bend a little Get the job done Whatever! Do it for the team! Just do it! Think outside the box

  3. Top SkillsEmployers Really Want • Communications • Analytical/Research • Computer/Technical Literacy • Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple Priorities • Interpersonal Abilities • Leadership/Management Skills • Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness • Planning/Organizing • Problem-Solving/Reasoning/Creativity • Teamwork

  4. Top Personal Values Employers Seek • Honesty/Integrity/Morality • Adaptability/Flexibility • Dedication/Hard-Working/Work Ethic/Tenacity • Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility • Loyalty • Positive Attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion • Professionalism • Self-Confidence • Self-Motivated/Ability to Work With Little or No Supervision • Willingness to Learn

  5. Skills and Values Overlap Proficiency in many add to your worth Parts of each make you more Flexible & Adaptable

  6. Communications Analytical/Research Computer Literacy Interpersonal Abilities Multicultural Sensitivity Planning/Organizing Problem-Solving Teamwork Listening Seek multiple perspectives Continuous Learner Relate to co-workers Awareness of other cultures Tasks within timeframe Creativity Work with others Adaptable-Flexible Skills

  7. Dedication Reliability Positive Attitude Professionalism Self-Confidence Self-Motivated Willingness to Learn Get job done Ready to work Enthusiasm Fair Unique mix of skills Work independently Openness to grow Adaptable-Flexible Values

  8. Adaptability/Flexibility • Openness to new ideas and concepts • Working independently or as part of a team • Multiple tasks or projects • Mobile • Positive • Patient risk-taker

  9. Adaptability • Habit of curiosity • Think creatively • Solve problems effectively and quickly • Work well with those who are different from you • Positive adjustments to changing social situations and events • Innovation

  10. Flexibility • Expand and change as companies does • Rapidly changing economy • Receptive to new ideas and concepts

  11. Resiliency • Bounce back from setbacks • Career change is imperative • Sudden changes • Twists and turns • Transitions • Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable • Tenacity

  12. Teamwork • Ability to work with others • Achieve a common goal • Resourceful • Building trusting relationships • Customers and colleagues • Negotiating • Responding to Feedback

  13. Team Player • Share successes with team • Avoid pointing finger when fail • Build your reputation • Increase your value • Able to adjust your priorities to those of the group when necessary • Multicultural Understanding

  14. Lifelong Learning • To keep earning, keep learning • Do not wait until you lose your job • Attend classes related to your area • Keep skills sharp and marketable

  15. How to Show It • Variety of clubs and interests • Variety of sports/challenges • Variety of courses: arts/sciences • Variety of jobs • Language skills • Travel • Lots of accomplishments

  16. Benefits • Lower stress • Lower conflict • Larger task variety/less boring • More motivation • More satisfaction • Increase performance in complicated situations • Job Interchangeability

  17. Job Positions for High Flexibility • Complex jobs • Many interfaces • Multi-Tasking • Working with Lot of people • Working with emotionally charged • Working with creative people

  18. Get ready to change!

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