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Aviation Valley Companies cooperation offers

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Aviation Valley Companies cooperation offers. Projekt współfinansowany z Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego w ramach Zintegrowanego Programu Operacyjnego Rozwoju Regionalnego i budżet państwa. www.aviationvalley.pl. ULTRATECH Ltd. ULTRATECH Ltd. founded i n 2000

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aviation valley companies cooperation offers

Aviation ValleyCompanies cooperation offers

Projekt współfinansowany z Europejskiego

Funduszu Społecznego w ramach Zintegrowanego

Programu Operacyjnego Rozwoju Regionalnego i budżet państwa.


ultratech ltd

ULTRATECH Ltd. founded in 2000

* Main equipment - Japanese machines: 3 CNC centers and 3 CNC lathes and brand - new big 5-axis high speed machine will install in March 2007

German CMM machine Zeiss

CAD/CAM software system Unigraphics NX4

* Serial production to customer orders, low volume production - mainly milling and turning operations on aviation parts

* Production of special designated parts for Boeing 737 landing gears (40 different items) as a sole supplier.

* Machining of aviation parts for:

- WSK „PZL-Rzeszów” (UTC)

- Nicholsons Sealing Technologies Ltd.

- RCL Industries Ltd.

* Quality system: AS9100 rev.B

* Employment: 42 people ( 12 engineers, 30 technicians )

Contact: Marek Bujny – Vice -President mobile: +48 608536285



ultratech plus ltd


ULTRATECH plus Ltd. founded in 2005

* Main equipment - Japanese machines: 4 CNC milling machines , 2 CNC lathes, 6 conventional machines

* 2 908 square meter production building at Sędziszów City 25 km far from Rzeszów

* Start of production (machining): December 2006

* Machining of automotiv parts for:

- WSK „PZL-Rzeszów” (UTC)

* Machining of steam turbine blades for energy industry

* Employment: 14 people

Contact: Marek Bujny - CEO mobile : +48 608536285

e-mail: m.bujny@ultratech.pl

PZL-ŚWIDNIK S.A.founded in 1951
  • PZL SW-4
  • PZL W-3A Sokol
  • PZL Mi-2plus
  • PZL Kania
  • EADS SOGERMA -Center Wing Box for ATR-72
  • AGUSTAWESTLAND –Fusulage for A109Power

/A119Koala/AW139 helicopters

  • CESSNA – Fabrication&Assembly of different

components for CESSNA Aircraft

  • BELL HELICOPTER–Tailbooms for Bell M412
  • GKN AEROSPACE –Nacelle System for

BOMBARDIER Challenger 300


Cowlings for EC-145 helicopter&AIRBUS components



Contact:(tel: 0048 81 751 35 05,

fax: 0048 81 468 09 18,

E-mail: hem@pzl.swidnik.pl,

www: www.pzl.swidnik.pl)



Location: Stalowa Wola, Poland

Founded: 1978

Acquired byLadish Co.,Inc: 2005

Expertise: Forgings

Employment: 695


▪ Railway

▪ Mining

▪ Transportation

▪ Construction Equipment

▪ Aerospace


ISO 9001:2000; ISO/TS 16949:2002; AS-9100

CONTACT: www.zkmforging.com

Tel: (+48) 813 77 36

Fax: (+48) 813 56 17

remog polska sp z o o
Remog Polska Sp. z o.o.

Key Figures – Present:

  • Technologies include Turning, Milling, Gun drilling, Induction hardening, Grinding
  • Further Special Processes: Wire EDM, Stress Relieve
  • So far no Aerospace manufacturing => this will be our next target!


Remog Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Wojska Polskiego 3

39-300 Mielec


Tel. (0048)17 77 38 222

Fax:(0048)17 77 38 223


Member of the board:

Wilfried Müller, President (0049)973361-169 wilfried.mueller@remog.de

Markus Müller, Vice President (0049)973361-135markus.mueller@remog.de

Aneta Leś, Proxy (0048)17 77 38 224 aneta.les@remog.net


On a global scale, the pulsating PXP 1.00 press is an original Polish structural design, protected by many patents.

The essence of its structural design lies in the dynamic influence it exerts on the moulded material. This influence makes it possible to obtain products with homogenous structure and high density.

If a strong magnetic field is used, the obtained products are permanent magnets with high energy, whereas the use of increased temperature field permits obtaining complex tool moulders.





We are the largest supplier of aircraft parts for Goodrich Krosno.

Metal workingrepresents 65%of our production.

We specialize in CNC and conventional machining.

We machine aluminum alloys,high-strength steels, stainless steels, cast iron, titanium alloys.

Deburring of civil and military aircraft parts is an important part of our production.

We also make tooling and electroplating.

Our offer includes measurement services on a high accuracy bridge measuring machine.


Our main customers in the aircraft industry are Goodrich Krosno

(a subsidiary of Goodrich Landing Gear) and WSK „PZL- Rzeszow” S.A.(a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.).

We have been cooperating with Goodrich Krosno since 1998.  

BOEING 767 landing gear components roughing, high-strength steel, CNC milling center.

BOEING 737 landing gear components roughing, titanium, CNC milling center.

LOCKHEED MARTIN F16 landing gear components roughing, high-strength steel, CNC milling center.

CRJ-700 landing gear component complete machining, high-strength steel, CNC milling center.

GULFSTREAM G-IV/G-V landing gear component comprehensive machining, high-strength steel, CNC millingcenter.

We have been cooperating with WSK „PZL- Rzeszow” S.A. since 2004.

Combustion chamber rings roughing for the PT-6 Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engine, stainless steel, 500 mm in diameter

Titanium blades rough machining for turbine engine compressors.


phone (+48-13) 43 760 30

fax (+48-13) 43 760 31

e-mail: wietpol@wietpol.com.pl


VAC AERO Kalisz Sp. z o.o.

Heat treatment & brazing in vacuum

Plasma spray coatings

Inorganic paint coatings

Metallographic lab tests

Established in 2003 VAC AERO Kalisz Sp. z.o.o provides coatingand heat treating services for diverse applications and holds approvals from Pratt & Whitney Canada and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Employment 42

Contact: phone: +48 62 753 88 70; E-mail: tkrazynski@vacaero.com

vac aero manufacturing polska sp z o o
VAC AERO Manufacturing Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Controlled atmosphere furnaces
  • Melting furnaces
  • Part washers
  • REPAIR & RETROFIT services for all types of heat treatment equipment:
  • Hot zone re-builds
  • Tooling & fixtures;
  • Control systems
  • Start-up assistance
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Training programs


Phone: + 48 68 382 12 00

E-mail: gmatula@vacaero.com

contact tel 0048 17 788 77 05 fax 0048 17 788 79 77 e mail waldrex@waldrex pl www www waldrex pl

WALDREX s.c. D.Knap, W.Babula

WALDREX s.c. founded in 1998         Designer and manufacturer of injection moulds, casting dies, punching dies, press-forming dies, woks dies, measuring instruments, instruments and components for aircraft industry, production of plastic materialEmployment: 31


Tel: 0048 (17) 788 77 05 Fax: 0048 (17) 788 79 77 E-mail: waldrex@waldrex.pl www: www.waldrex.pl


„WSK - Tomaszów Lubelski” Co. Ltd

  • „WSK – Tomaszow Lubelski” Co. Ltd founded in 1969
  • Producer normalized and

differentparts for:

- aviation industry (helicopters,

engines, gears)

- machine industry

- automotive industry

  • Employment: 125
  • Contact: Tel. +48 84 664 2053

Fax +48 84 664 3625

E-mail wsk@wsk-tomlub.home.pl

www. wsk-tomlub.home.pl

zm wsk rzesz w sp z o o
ZM „WSK RZESZÓW” Sp. z o.o.

ZM „WSK RZESZÓW: Sp. z o.o. founded in 2005 (as a part of WSK PZL Rzeszów S.A.)

  • Producer of aluminum and magnesium sand castings for aviation in small series (carters, cylinders, oil sumps); forgings of blades, discs, gears ; machining and broaching capabilities of engine turbine discs and compressors discs
  • Employment 790
  • Contact:

tel. +48 17 854 6554,

fax. +48 17 854 6223,

E-mail: jasiczek.wladyslaw@zmwskrz.com

  • www.wskrz.com

TOOLING COMPANY PRODREM LTD. ul.Wojska Polskiego 3 39-300 Mielec POLAND

The many years of operations included manufacturing of tools and instruments for factories existing within Communication Equipment Factory “PZL-Mielec” including manufacturing of tools and instruments used in the production of aircrafts, injection equipment, Diesel engines, golf carts and many other products.

The company has begun its activity on the day of 01.12.1994 year. The Factory was separated from the Polish Aviation Factory exisiting since 1938.

Since 1st of June 2006 Tooling Company PRODREM Ltd. exists as a part of the WAW Mielec holding with total turnover of 50 000 000,00 EUR.

The Company is located on the area of the Special Economic Zone „Euro-Park” Mielec.



ZPR PRODREM LTD. ul.Wojska Polskiego 3 39-300 Mielec POLAND

  • The company offers:
  • production of parts and subassemblies and services in the range of mechanical machining (turning, boring, milling, grinding, guillotine cutting, and chiseling)
  • tooling manufacturing such as: devices for drilling, milling and grinding, press and blanking tools of vulcanization forms
  • electronics and precision mechanics services
  • manufacturing of toothed wheels, toothed gears, and power transmission elements
  • production of non – standard steel structures
  • current repairs and overhauling of conventional, specialist, and customized machine tools of domestic and foreign production
forum ltd

FORUM Ltd was founded in 1990 and at present our company is a member of the Polish International Freight Forwarders Association and The Aviation Valley Association , which associate companies of the aerospace industry.

Our Services:

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Road transport
  • Customs agencies
  • Logistics
  • Door to door deliveries
  • Air ticket selling
  • Exchange office

As an established freight forwarder we provide and attentive logistic infrastructure for both importers and exporters servicing all of the Polish Market.



ul. Robotnicza 22


tel/fax: (022) 868 38 58, 868 03 98, 868 03 99


Web Site:www.forumltd.com.pl



We, B&M Optik GmbH are a medium-sized company (founded 1991) and have established ourselves as a reliable and fair supplier of optical components. We have productions sites in Dresden and Zaczernie/Poland. At the moment we have 75 members of staff in production and administration.Our product range includes, amongst others, spherical and aspherical lenses, planed optics and filters of all kinds, framed and unframed. We also manufacture according to customer specifications; flexibly, fast and cost efficiently.

Telephone:+49 6431-9860-0





Company profile:

Specialist distributor of aerospace metals

Contact:tel. (+48017) 866 73 38fax. (+480 866 73 39www.twmetals.comartur.hockuba@twmetals.pl



PZL-MIELEC Sp. z o.o.founded in 1938

  • designer and producer of transport aircraft M28 Skytruck, agricultural aircraft M18 Dromader and trainer M26 Iskierka; producer of aircraft components.
  • Employment: 1500

Contact:www.pzlmielec.plpzl@pzlmielec.com.pltel. +48 17 788 79 21



WSK „PZL-RZESZÓW” S.A. founded in 1937

  • Producer of jet, turboprop and turboshaft engines, transmissions for helicopters, aviation components (blades and vanes, castings and gears, discs and shafts, sheet metal).
  • Employment 3600

Contact:tel. +48 17 854 61 00





PRATT&WHITNEY KALISZ founded in 1992

  • Manufacturingof parts for aircraft engines: carriers for planetary reduction gears, stators for axial-flow compressors, stubshafts for turbine sealing, oil pump gears, gearshafts for accessory gear boxes, planet gearshafts, couplings, gears, planet gears, planet ring gears, spiral bevel gears.
  • Employment: 1500

Contact:www.pwk.com.pltel. +48 62 766 93 02fax. +48 62 766 93 10


Avio Polska Bielsko - Biała

FiatAvio Sp. z o.o.founded in 2002

  • Engineering center for aeronautical engine components and systems design and analysis; production of commercial engine components (2003).
  • Employment: 160


Tel. +48 33 813 40 12Fax. +48 33 813 21 28secretariat@aviogroup.com.pl


Hispano Suiza Polska Sędziszów

Hispano Suiza POLSKAfounded in 2001

  • Producer of gear wheels for military and civil aviation engines and gear boxes.
  • Employment: 100

Contact:tel. +48 17 222 00 01fax. +48 17 222 00 11www.snecma-polska.plinfo@sbecma-polska.pl


Goodrich KROSNO

Goodrich KROSNO founded in 1945

  • Producer of components for landing gears
  • Employment: 375


Tel. +48 13 437 66 27fax. +48 13 437 66 00www.goodrich.com.pl


E & K Sp. z o.o.

  • E & K Sp. z o.o. founded in 1993
  • Organisation of unscheduled air transport,
  • Production of powered hang-gliders,
  • Development of SVLA KOS and Bielik aircraft,
  • Production of components and tooling for aviation industry,
  • Pilot training.
  • Employment: 31

Contact:tel. +48 81 222 00 15

fax. +48 81 743 66 12 www.eik.pl


Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Kompozytowychfounded in 1990

  • Certified aviation company specialized in design and production of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics) parts for gliders and aircrafts,
  • Production of composite propellers
  • Employment: 44

Contact:tel. +48 33 815 33 31fax. +48 33 815 33 31www.papiorek.com.pl