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Capitalization. Unit 12. Parts of Proper Nouns. Capitalize words such as bridge, building, church, ocean, park, river, or school only when they are part of the actual name. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge. My favorite zoo is the San Diego Zoo.

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parts of proper nouns
Parts of Proper Nouns
  • Capitalize words such as bridge, building, church, ocean, park, river, or school only when they are part of the actual name.
    • The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge.
    • My favorite zoo is the San Diego Zoo.
    • The Chrysler Building is the oldest building in the city.
parts of proper nouns part 2
Parts of Proper Nouns—part 2
  • Capitalize the words city and state only when they follow the city or state name.
    • Last summer we vacationed in New York State.
    • I was born in the state of Wisconsin.
    • Our plane will land shortly in the city of Seattle.
    • My best friend lives in New York City.
organizational terms
Organizational Terms
  • Capitalize the specific names of associations, chapters, clubs, companies, and corporations.
    • We make an annual donation to the American Lung Association.
    • I am a vice president at the Carnegie Corporation.
    • Do you belong to the Photography Club?
organizational terms part 2
Organizational Terms—part 2
  • Ordinarily the names of departments or committees within an organization are not capitalized.
    • However, cap a department or committee that is part of the organization for which you work;
    • And cap a department within an organization to which you are writing.
      • I used to shop in the shoe department of Macy’s.
      • Our Tax Department can settle the problem.
      • I would like to apply for a position in your Advertising Department.
organizational terms part 3
Organizational Terms—part 3
  • Do not capitalize organizational institutional terms such as association, board, club, committee, company, corporation, or department when they stand alone.
    • The board voted for the amendment.
    • My company just gave bonuses to all employees.
    • The committee meets twice a week.
persons titles preceding names
Persons’ Titles Preceding Names
  • Capitalize a person’s title when it precedes his or her name. Do not cap occupational titles such as attorney, accountant, and sales representative.
    • Our attorney helped Uncle Sam make a will.
    • We asked Mayor Tierney to address our members.
    • The audience applauded President Kreckman at the meeting.
persons titles preceding names part 2
Persons’ Titles Preceding Names—Part 2
  • Do not capitalize a preceding title when the person’s name following the title is an appositive (or can be taken out)
    • I hope my uncle, Bill Carlson, made a will.
    • We asked the mayor, Connie Murphy, to speak to our members.
    • The audience applauded the new president, Hillary Carter.
persons titles preceding names part 3
Persons’ Titles Preceding Names—Part 3
  • In the case of the President of the United States, the title of President is always capitalized.
    • The President, Woodrow Wilson, was in office when war was declared in 1917.
    • Barack Obama is the President of the United States.
persons titles following names
Persons’ Titles Following Names
  • Do not capitalize a title when it follows a person’s name.
    • Several books are available on the life of Charles DeGaulle, president of France.
    • Deanna interviewed Joe Porter, governor of our state.
persons titles following names1
Persons’ Titles Following Names
    • Capitalize a title that follows the name in a letter address or closing line of a business letter
      • Ms. Melinda Larson, President
      • Melinda Larson, President
persons titles stand alone
Persons’ Titles Stand Alone
  • Do not capitalize a title that stands alone or is used in place of a person’s name.
      • The professor has written a book.
      • My doctor is on vacation.
persons titles stand alone part 2
Persons’ Titles Stand Alone—Part 2
  • Capitalize a title used in direct address that takes the place of the person’s name.
    • You don’t look well, Lieutenant.
    • Please understand, Doctor, that I respect your opinion.