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Voltaire . Sarina Reyes Brianna C avello Natalie Alvarez . Famous Pictures. Early Life . Born on November 21 st, 1694 Born in upper-middle class Mother died when he was seven Youngest of five Died in 1777 he was 83. Middle Aged.

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Sarina Reyes

Brianna Cavello

Natalie Alvarez

early life
Early Life
  • Born on November 21st, 1694
  • Born in upper-middle class
  • Mother died when he was seven
  • Youngest of five
  • Died in 1777 he was 83
middle aged
Middle Aged
  • Time period when he did his greatest accomplishments
  • When confronted he often used satire (sarcasm)
  • Arrested several times
  • Arrested twice by the French
  • Went to college against his fathers wishes
  • Left Paris for twenty years then came back for his play “Irene”
  • Candide: The main character runs into many misfortunes with his best friend, They questioned whether men slaughtered each other
  • White Bull: Greek tale of Europa
  • Other books are Letters to England, Zadid, Miracles and Idolatry
greatest accomplishments
Greatest Accomplishments
  • Got France to turn to the enlightment style of living
  • Published 70 different books
  • Many of his books were about Philosophy
  • He believed in freedom of speech and freedom of religion
  • Poems about freedom
other facts
Other facts
  • Real name was Francois-Marie Arouet
  • Believed that humans were evil
  • Did not believe in democracy
  • Believed the French perceived the middle class too small and ineffective
  • Fought against the limitations of censorship
  • His works influenced others
  • Father wanted him to be a notary and not go to college, Voltaire pretended to be a notary for his father to be happy and his father found out.
  • “Common sense is not so common”
  • “Love is a canvas, furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination”
  • “Tears are the silent language of grief”
  • “God gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well”
life obstacles
Life Obstacles
  • Sent to prison seven times.
  • In 1717 he was charged for libelous writing.
  • French disagreed with his beliefs because the French didn’t believe in freedom.