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Berlin Sites to see!. Where’s Berlin?. Berlin Facts. Capital of the Federal Republic of Germany Since October 3, 1990 Population about 3.5 million One of the top tourist destinations in Europe A long, rich history Focal point of the Cold War. Brandenburg Gate.

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berlin facts
Berlin Facts
  • Capital of the Federal Republic of Germany
    • Since October 3, 1990
  • Population about 3.5 million
  • One of the top tourist destinations in Europe
  • A long, rich history
  • Focal point of the Cold War
brandenburg gate
Brandenburg Gate

International symbol of Berlin and Germany (much like our statue of Liberty)

The Berlin Wall used to run in front of it, making it a great backdrop for political speeches.

berlin wall
Berlin Wall

Symbol of the Cold War

Surrounded West Berlin

Built by East Germany – Aug. 13, 1961

Fell – Nov. 9, 1989

berlin memorial wall
Berlin Memorial Wall

Memorial to remember those who were killed trying to escape East Germany over, through or under the Berlin Wall.

east side gallery
East Side Gallery

One of the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall

Used by artists, mostly from the former East Germany, as a canvas

checkpoint charlie
Checkpoint Charlie

Best known crossing point between East and West Germany

Was the crossing point between the US and Soviet sectors of Berlin

Site of several “stand offs” between US & USSR

House at Checkpoint Charlie – excellent museum

potsdamer platz
Potsdamer Platz

Former hub of Berlin

Site of first traffic light in Europe

Part of the “Death Strip” during Cold War

Now a hub again, new buildings, shops, amusements

fernsehturm tv tower
Fernsehturm(TV Tower)

Largest free standing structure in Germany (4th in Europe)

Built by the East Germans in East Berlin

Trying to show off

kurf rstendamm ku damm
Kurfürstendamm (Ku-damm)

Main avenue through West Berlin (like 5th Ave. in NYC)

Many shopping and historic sights

kaiser wilhelm ged chtniskirche
Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Cathedral destroyed during World War II

Front tower all that remains

Now a memorial.

kauhaus des westens ka de we
Kauhaus des Westens(KA–DE-WE)

Huge shopping center

You can buy pretty much anything there (like a Macy’s in NYC)


Former hunting grounds of the Prussian nobility

Now a huge park

World class zoo

victory column
Victory Column

70 meters (210’) tall

Celebrates successive victories over Austria, France and Denmark

Has the goddess of victory on top

Running up the sides are cannons captured during victorious military campaigns

olympic stadium
Olympic Stadium

Host of the 1936 Summer Games

Famous for nazis and Jesse Owens

Hosted 2006 World Cup Final

Home of Hertha – Berlin’s top professional soccer club

berlin cathedral
Berlin Cathedral

One of the largest Cathedrals in Germany

House the crypt of the Hohenzollern


Current seat of the German parliament

Site of many important German and world events

pergamon museum
Pergamon Museum

Museum of antiquities

Lots of really cool Egyptian relics