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American Dad. American Dad.

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American dad1
American Dad

American dad is an American cartoon show for 15+. The show is about an American family of 4 an alien and a German talking fish. The characters are Stan Smith, CIA worker. Francine Smith, a house wife. Hailey Smith, a college hippy. Steve Smith, a wimp that goes to high school. Roger, the cross dressing alien. And finally Klaus, a German scientist stuck in a fish body. The show is based on their everyday life. The show was created by Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman, and Seth MacFarlane. The show first aired February 6th 2005

Primary research
Primary Research

I carried out a primary research for my chosen show. I asked 14 people questions about the show and they gave me quantitative and qualitative answer. I asked 5 questions, gender, age, if they liked the show, rating the show, which character was their favourite. I asked males and females the questions, 57% where males and 42% where females. I asked people from the age range of 16 to 20+. From the range of ages, 50% where 16, 42% where 17, 7% where 18 and 0% for 19 and 20+. I asked the 14 people if they liked my show, it was a yes or no answer. 78% said yes and 14% said no. I then asked them to give me a rating for my show. 7% rated it 1, 3 and 6. 28% rated it 7,9. And 21% rated it 10. I then asked the 14 people what their favourite characters where. The choices I had was; Stan, Francine, Hailey, Steve, Roger, Klaus. I also added the option of other. 28% liked Stan. 14% liked Steve. 42% liked Roger and 14% liked other. For Francine, Hailey and Klaus I got 0%.

Secondary research
Secondary Research

In the UK (2013) the Website BARB was the source for my information. For the past 4 weeks the viewing figures for American dad . In the first week (5th-11th august 2013) The viewing figures for American Dad, broadcasted on BBC 3 was 0.67 million views, The second (12th-18th august) was 0.74 million, the third was 0.67 million again and 4th (19th-25th) was again 0.67 million

In the UK.

In general, The BBC 3 gets around 0.60-0.80

Million views.

Typical audience
Typical audience

  • The typical audience member for American dad is in his/ she's early adolescence, who's 16- 35 years old. The typical member. But most viewers are male and a lot less females watch it