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Dear Dad,

Dear Dad,

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Dear Dad,

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  1. Dear Dad, I’m taking a tour of Athens, Greece right now and I’ve learned a lot of things about their commerce and trade business. On the eastern side of the agora merchants sold goods, and citizens could find household items. But, the worst part was they also sold slaves at the marketplace. It was amazing how many types of coins they used. They used gold coins, silver coins, bronze coins, and even electrum a mix of gold and silver coins. The reason Athens needs to trade with other city-states so much is because of the soil. The soil isn’t fertile enough so they need crops to trade. But, the biggest trading partner of Athens isn’t a Greek city-state it’s Egypt, which I thought was kind of surprising. It’s amazing how much I've learned about Greek trade, you would be amazed too. Can’t wait to see you! Your Son, Justin

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