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Academic Integrity and Management of Examinations

Academic Integrity and Management of Examinations. GA/TA Orientation Fall 2008. Danielle C. Istl , LL.M. Academic Integrity Officer www.uwindsor.ca/aio. Overview. Why academic integrity? Your unique position Challenges you may face: 7 dilemmas What to do and what not to do

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Academic Integrity and Management of Examinations

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  1. Academic Integrity andManagement of Examinations GA/TA Orientation Fall 2008 Danielle C. Istl, LL.M. Academic Integrity Officer www.uwindsor.ca/aio

  2. Overview • Why academic integrity? • Your unique position • Challenges you may face: 7 dilemmas • What to do and what not to do • Risks, obligations, expectations • Examinations – before, during, and after • FAQs / Conclusion

  3. Why AI? *Center for Academic Integrity

  4. As a T.A./G.A., you are . . . in a position of trust privy to confidential information in a position of responsibility a role model upon whom professors and students rely

  5. Your Various Roles • Marking • Assisting students with assignments • Being available during office hours • Serving as a research assistant • Proctoring examinations • For the AIO: possibly serving as a witness

  6. Challenges You May Face in Working with Students

  7. Meet Ted, the new G.A. on the block.

  8. Ted’s First Dilemma THE ASSISTANCE SEEKERS The Scene: Ted’s G.A. Office The Time: Early in the semester

  9. Oh, I think you’ll want to be giving our group project an “A” Ted. You wouldn’t want us to tell everyone – including the prof – about that little “mishap” you had last year, now would you? Our friends are still anxious to make you pay for that one, Ted. Trust me, Ted. It wouldn’t be pretty. Yeah. So think about it Ted.

  10. What should Ted do? • A. Give them an A – but only if they really deserve it. • B. Give them a little boost – maybe half a grade - but that’s all. What if they carry out the threat? • C. Report the threat to his supervisor. • D. Walk away and hope for the best. He doesn’t want trouble.

  11. Your Obligation Under the Collective Agreement If someone threatens you: “The obligation of each employee to report safety hazards to supervisory personnel of the Employer and, where reasonable, to take positive measures to correct the same is acknowledged.” Excerpt from Article 18.01 of the 2004 Agreement.

  12. What Not to Do • Think “It’s no big deal.” • Remain silent. • Assist the students in cheating. • Take chances.

  13. Ted’s Second Dilemma THE TENSE TEST TAKER The Scene: Erie Hall The Time: Midterms Oct. 2008

  14. Ce teste est difficile! I’ll ask that G.A. who knows a bunch of languages to give me this answer. Il est vraiment intelligent . . . et il aime aider les etudiants.

  15. What has Ted done wrong? • A. He failed to help the struggling student. • B. He approached the student during the exam. • C. He spoke to the student in French. • D. He ate french fries. • E. Nothing. (Ted is a good guy!!)

  16. Management of Exams- before and during the exam* - • Read training materials: review duties. • Arrive 15 minutes early. • Observe the 30-minute rule. • Check ID cards AND pictures. • Obtain signatures. • Verify legitimacy of materials being used. • Communicate in the language of instruction. • Focus on the task at hand: quiet invigilation. * Excerpts from Senate Policy E3: Rules for Conduct of Examinations

  17. Fine!! Je vais trouver quelqu’un d’autre pour m’aider, you loser!

  18. What should Ted do? • A. Call the Dean or Assoc. Dean of Grad Studies immediately. • B. Nothing, because it’s between the student and the other proctor. • C. Check the student’s test for signs of assistance. • D. Talk to the professor.

  19. Ted’s Third Dilemma THE ONLOOKERS The Scene: St. Denis Centre The Time: Final Exams Dec. ‘08

  20. Ted sees this girl consulting a book she pulled out of her bag. Ted sees this guy looking at his neighbour’s paper. Neither student is writing the exam Ted is proctoring.

  21. What should Ted do? • A. Stare the students down. • B. Find another proctor to assist. • C. Take the students’ exams and send them out. • D. Announce that two people have been caught cheating. • E. Take the book from the girl and move the guy. • F. Write down the students’ names and numbers. • G. Nothing. They’re not Ted’s students.

  22. Other exam-related procedurescovered in Policy E3 • Students wearing facial scarves • Emergency medical procedures • Pre-approved prayer time during an exam • Washroom use during an exam

  23. What to do if you’re uncertain • Consult the appropriate policy. • Speak to the professor for whom you are working. • Contact the Dept. Head, Associate Dean, or Dean of the Faculty. • Seek advice from the AIO.

  24. Ted’s Fourth Dilemma THE TAKE HOME EXAM The Scene: Leddy Library The Time: Second last day of finals, Dec. ‘08

  25. I don’t think that’s right. I know a better place we can look. Here’s the answer to Question #2 right here. Why go to all that trouble? This looks terrific. Let’s use it.

  26. What should Ted have done? • A. Gone to the GA/TA Orientation in Sept. • B. Approached the students. • C. Followed the students surreptitiously throughout the library. • D. Given them a few ideas. It’s not a formal exam (and Ted’s a nice guy)! • E. He was right to do nothing. Ever heard of collaborative learning?

  27. Gee, this stuff is hard. Where’s our GA when you need him?

  28. Hey, Ted. I could really use some help on this paper. Hi Janie!

  29. What is with that guy? He’s always hanging out with Janie, helping her with her papers, and having coffee with her. Geez, I wish he’d help the rest of us!!

  30. There he goes again!!! I bet he’s gonna end up writing that paper for her. That is SOOO unfair!

  31. I’m stuck here having to figure this stuff out all by myself because he’s always with Janie during office hours! I wonder if the prof knows.

  32. What should Ted be doing? • A. Realizing that this is his fifth dilemma! • B. Helping Janie. • C. Treating all students equally. • D. Avoiding the perception of giving an unfair advantage to anyone. • E. Having coffee with all three girls.

  33. Ted’s Sixth Dilemma THE MULTIPLE-CHOICE MISFIT The Scene: Outside Dillon Hall The Time: April ’09 after an exam

  34. Ted!! Over here!! It’s Maria! Do you have a second? I’ve got a favour to ask you. Hi Maria!

  35. It’s just a few answers on the multiple choice final. It’s the only way I can keep my scholarship. If I lose it, my parents will kill me and I’ll have to drop out of school! C’mon. No one will know. I’ll even pay you if you want. Okay, okay. But just this once.

  36. What could happen to Ted? • A. Nothing. No one will ever know. • B. Maria might go out with him. • C. Ted could be suspended. • D. Ted could be expelled. • E. Ted could lose his G.A. job.

  37. Your Obligation Under Bylaw 31 To refrain from engaging in improper conduct that “exhibits a lack of integrity touching upon the educational objectives and requirements of the University.”

  38. Your Obligations Under theStudent Code of Conduct • Practise personal and academic integrity. • Take responsibility for personal and academic commitments. • Contribute to the University community to gain fair, cooperative, and honest inquiry and learning.

  39. Your Dual Role STUDENT GA or TA EMPLOYEE

  40. Ted’s Final Dilemma Exam Security or “Where are the exams?” The Scene: Everywhere (unfortunately) The Time: Day of the exam April ‘09

  41. 1. Picks up exams 2. Stops for lunch. 3. Writes his own exam. 6. Has to leave for work. 5. Falls asleep. 4. Goes home to mark for awhile. 7. Gives exams to Joe to finish marking … 8. …who delivers them to the head GA ... 9. ...who delivers them to the professor.

  42. Management of Exams- after the exam - • Preserve the integrity of the exam. • Do not leave exams unattended. • Remain on campus in a secure place. • Maintain continuity of possession. • Do not provide access to the exams to anyone.

  43. Grading Papers/Quizzes/Exams • Put yourself in the students’ shoes. • Set aside adequate time. • Do not delegate the task without the professor’s permission. • Speak to the professor if you encounter problems/have questions. • Do not share the papers with anyone.

  44. Don’t be like Ted. Do the right thing!

  45. When an offence has occurred 1. The student may meet with the professor and/or The Associate Dean. 2. The matter is referred to the Vice-Provost, Students and Registrar. 3. The student meets with the AIO who conducts an investigation. 4. Where warranted, the Vice-Provost will impose a disciplinary sanction or refer the case to a Judicial Panel for a formal hearing.

  46. What may be required of you • Write a detailed statement of everything you know/witnessed. • Meet with the AIO upon request. • Prepare to give evidence at a hearing, if necessary.

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