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The Subspace Emmisary

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The Subspace Emmisary. Prelogue. This story is based off Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Subspace Emmisary . In the world of Smash Bros, A bunch of your favorite Nintendo characters get mixed into one in this amazing story. Chapter 1: Smash Stadium.

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  • This story is based off Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Subspace Emmisary.
  • In the world of Smash Bros, A bunch of your favorite Nintendo characters get mixed into one in this amazing story.
chapter 1 smash stadium
Chapter 1: Smash Stadium
  • In the world of Smash Bros. At the Smash Stadium, It was a battle between Mario and Kirby.
chapter 2 skyworld
Chapter 2 : Skyworld
  • In Skyworld, Pit was watching the battle and then he heard that the Stadium exploded. Pit then received his bow from Palutena. Pit went off to Skyworld. When he got there he saw Mario trophized. Pit decided to revive him. So, Pit and Mario went off into Skyworld.
chapter 4 the forest
Chapter 4 : The Forest
  • Meanwhile, in the forest Link found his sword. and also found Yoshi sleeping on a tree stump. Link and Yoshi went togheter and explore the Forest.
chapter 5 battlefield forreteres
Chapter 5 : Battlefield Forreteres
  • Meanwhile, In the Battlefield Foretress. Marth saw an army of Primids. And he killed 70% of them. Marth met up with Meta Knight. And they fought a new army of Primids.
chapter 6 the chamber
Chapter 6 : The Chamber
  • Meanwhile, In the Chamber, Samus found out that her suit was gone and there was an army of R.O.Bs after her. Samus found Pikachu in an electricity charger. Pikachu was trapped. Samus blasted Pikachu out of there. Samus and Pikachu fought off the rogue R.O.Bs.
chapter 7 the jungle
Chapter 7 : The Jungle
  • Meanwhile, In the Jungle, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong saw some Koopas stealing their bananas. Bowser then comes and captures Donkey Kong. Later, Fox comes and saves Diddy Kong from Rayquaza.
chapter 8 subspace bomb factory
Chapter 8 : Subspace Bomb Factory
  • Meanwhile, In the Subspace Bomb Factory, Samus, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, and Pikmin & Olimar meet up. Meanwhile, Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, and Zelda meet up to save Peach.
chapter 9 king dedede s theft
Chapter 9 : King Dedede’s Theft
  • Meanwhile, near the Ruins Luigi sees a Waddle Dee and is frightened a little bit. Then King Dedede comes and blasts off Luigi into air! King Dedede takes Luigi’s trophy. King Dedede sees Wario with Peach’s trophy. King Dedede steals Peach and Ness’ trophies.
chapter 10 halberd
Chapter 10 : Halberd
  • Meanwhile, Lucario and Mr.Game & Watch are on the Halberd. Lucario notices Snake in a hidden box. Snake is immediately alerted.
chapter 11 castle
Chapter 11 : Castle
  • Meanwhile, In King Dedede’s castle Luigi, Peach, and Ness are trophized.
chapter 12 trophization
Chapter 12 : Trophization
  • Everybody meets up in Subspace and they face Tabuu which then trophizes everybody except King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness. Kirby was soon revived and revived some trophies as well. Later, A path to Tabuu was made.
chapter 13 the final battle
Chapter 13 : The Final Battle
  • Tabuu opened up his wings but out of surprise Sonic the Hedgehog slashed his wings and it was the final battle. Now who will win the battle?



sonic wins
Sonic Wins!!!
  • You saved all of the characters and they are now revived because of Sonic!!
tabuu wins
Tabuu Wins
  • Sorry, But Sonic got trophized no one was saved.


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