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Idle Management

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Idle Management. US Xpress. Turning the K ey – “Making a Difference”. When the engine is running but the truck is sitting - the truck is losing profitability and the environment is being unnecessarily damaged.

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turning the k ey making a difference
Turning the Key – “Making a Difference”
  • When the engine is running but the truck is sitting - the truck is losing profitability and the environment is being unnecessarily damaged.
    • Cost Control… Fuel consumption equals $1 to $2 million every month by US Xpress idling trucks. By “Turning the Key” look at the money you can save our company!
    • It’s the LAW… Over 25 states now have idling laws and these fines can range from 200.00 for the first offense to 25,000.00 and a year in prison! In New Jersey for example you will be fined 200.00 for the first offense, 400.00 for the second offense, 1,000.00 for the third offense and 3,000.00 for the forth offense. As you can see many states are getting serious about the environment and the effect engine idling can have. AVOID THE FINE! Stay in compliance!
    • Because at US Xpress “We Care” about the environment and the effect that engine idling can have! Did you know that up to a gallon fuel is burned per hour while idling and that over a billion gallons of fuel is consumed by the Trucking Industry annually through idling, which equates to about 1% of all petroleum consumption in the U.S. Idling produces 140,000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 7.6 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.



what s the big deal how much could it really cost
What’s the big deal – How much could it really cost?
  • As we will show in the following slide, the cost of unnecessary idling of the truck can have devastating effects to our company.
  • To show the cost associated with the idling we took a sampling of 3852 trucks. Based on a Dept. of Energy fuel cost in June of 2009, we are able to show that the price of idling those 3852 trucks for a year is a staggering $16,553,447.
  • This cost comes directly from the profitability of the company – which negatively impacts ALL of us as you can see in this next slide.

**Cost based on 6/16/09

DOE Fuel price of $2.57


**Cost based on 6/16/09

DOE Fuel price of $2.57

what s the big deal what is the environmental cost
What’s the big deal – What is the environmental cost?
  • Damage to the environment from pollutants can often have irreversible consequences. As a result of this many companies, such as US Xpress, have taken steps to reduce engine idle.
  • Many states have also taken action by imposing legislative idle restriction regulations.
    • 25 States have passed Idle Restriction Regulations.
    • Fines Levied.
    • New Jersey Driver fined $200 for first offense.
        • $400 for second offense
        • $1,000 for third offense
        • $3,000 for fourth offense
    • Some fines are up to $25k and a year in prison.
turn the k ey utilize the bunk heater
Turn the Key – “Utilize the bunk heater”
  • Many US Xpress trucks are now equipped with a bunk heater that helps to maintain compartment comfort, while reducing idling during the cold weather months.
  • Bunk heaters are designed to provide warmth and comfort, reduce idle time and provide Fuel Savings. Do your part! Keep in mind when your in the sleeper berth; if you Idle the truck, you are using 1 gallon of fuel an hour as opposed to 1/10 of a gallon per hour when the tractor is off. That’s a savings of 9 gallons of fuel per stop!
  • USX Trucks are equipped with two different manufacturing styles of bunk heaters, Espar and Webasto. The following slides will demonstrate the operation of both systems.



webasto control element 2011 frght volvo
  • To Switch On:
    • Set the rotary knob on the control element to the required temperature.
    • To prevent the hot and combustion air fan from blocking or scraping, ensure that there are no objects on or against the heater before you switch it on.
usage procedure
Usage Procedure

Shut off engine

Turn on heater

Vehicles Equipped With a Mini-Controller: Press heater button

Vehicles Equipped With a Rotary Knob: Turn to on position

Note: There will be 5 second delay before heater starts to run. The heater is performing a systems check. The blower motor starts gradually as the glow pin pre-heats the combustion chamber. Once pre-heat takes place, the fuel metering pump starts and ignition takes place. Heat will gradually increase after ignition.

usage procedure cont
Usage Procedure (cont.)

Adjust compartment temperature (This controls how the heater cycles)

Mini-Controller: Use Temperature Pre-selection Control Knob

Rotary Knob: Turn clockwise to increase/counter clockwise to decrease

Note: The heater will cycle between levels to maintain setting. The heater will continue to run in this manner until it is switched off.

usage procedure cont1
Usage Procedure (cont.)

Turn heater off

Mini-Controller: Press the Switch Off button

Rotary Knob:Turn to off position

Note: Once the heater is turned off the blower will continue to run for several minutes. The heater is simply running a cool down cycle. Once the cycle is complete the heater will switch off completely.

ventilator mode
Ventilator Mode
  • Only functional on heaters equipped with AirTronicMini-Controller.
  • Circulates non-heated air through compartment.

Power on by pressing Ventilator Button

  • Power off by pressing the Switch Off Button
  • Note: When in ventilator mode the Blue LED Operation indicator will be lit.
important notes
Important Notes
  • Heaters installed in Peterbilt tractors are wired through LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) which will prevent heater from draining battery.
    • Switch must be in accessory or on position to use.
  • Heaters installed in tractors other thanPeterbiltshave been hardwired and can be used in any key position.
    • Be aware of Voltage as the heater will shut down when the system reaches 10.5 volts.
    • NOTE: 10.5 volts will not be enough to restart your truck.
  • Be aware of fuel level before using your heater as the fuel pickup tube does not fully extend into tank, it is 2” from the bottom of the tank.
    • Reduces likelihood of picking up debris in fuel tank.
    • Prevents the heater from running truck completely out of fuel.
important notes cont
Important Notes, cont…
  • Heater MUST be switched off while any fuel tank on vehicle is being filled.
  • Heated air for cabin does not pass through the combustion chamber.
  • Make sure intake vent is not obstructed, obstruction will cause the heater to overheat.
  • Make sure air outlet is not obstructed, obstruction will cause the heater to overheat.
  • If heater fails to perform, turn the heater off, wait several seconds then turn heater back on. This resets the unit after a fault cut off.
  • Provides compartment comfort while reducing idling hours.
  • Two types of controllers:
    • Mini-Controller
    • Rotary
  • Remain alert to fuel level and voltage.
idling policy

Fuel Dept:

Idling Policy

  • Due to the high cost of fuel, the following policy will be in effect at all USX Service Centers and Terminals. Any driver who is on a USX yard for longer than five minutes will be required to shut off their vehicle unless the outside temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit or greater than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even if there is a pet on board. Kennels are available at the Service Centers if you feel the temperature in your vehicle would be uncomfortable for your pet.
  • If your truck is equipped with a Bunk Heater, then you are not allowed to idle the truck unless the temperature is less than 28 degrees.
  • The following Disciplinary actions will be taken in the event of a policy violation:
    • First Offense: Request driver to shut off truck.
    • Second Offence: Verbal warning if driver refuses to shut truck off.
    • Third Offense: Written warning.
    • Fourth Offense: Suspension.
    • Fifth Offense: Discharge.
in cab idle monitoring
In cab Idle Monitoring
  • The new In-Cab Idle Monitoring system will alert the driver after 15 minutes of idle time, when the truck is parked at or near a customer location on the driver’s current order, also at any USX center or drop yard, and at the driver’s home location. Once the monitoring system registers 45 minutes of idle time, the driver and fleet manager will receive a message stating that “idle maximum threshold has been reached”.

First Warning Window

Idle maximum

threshold message

turn the key make a difference
Turn the Key – Make a Difference!
  • US Xpress cares about our drivers – that is why we have established the temperature ranges, at which you must turn the truck off, at ranges that DO NOT expose you to unsafe conditions.
  • Lets face it, to help our company remain competitive in a very competitive market we must all do our part, and minimizing truck idling time is a tremendous part of that.
  • Truck idling is becoming a legislative agenda in many states, wherein large fines are being imposed for violations.
  • Help us minimize the cost and environmental impact of excessive idling by “Turning the Key” and following the idling restriction policy.