what s new in hipe 10 0 spire fts
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What ’ s New in HIPE 10.0 (SPIRE FTS)

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What ’ s New in HIPE 10.0 (SPIRE FTS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What ’ s New in HIPE 10.0 (SPIRE FTS). Nanyao Lu NHSC/IPAC (on behalf of the SPIRE ICC). Calibration Improvements in HIPE 10.0.

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what s new in hipe 10 0 spire fts

What’s New in HIPE 10.0(SPIRE FTS)

Nanyao Lu


(on behalf of the SPIRE ICC)

calibration improvements in hipe 10 0
Calibration Improvements in HIPE 10.0
    • The beamParam, teleRsrf and instRsrf products have been updated to provide a separate calibration for ODs after 1011, when the BSM position was corrected to have a 0” offset.
  • Telescope model coefficients updated, and separate coefficients added for off-axis detectors.
    • Better map continuum and noises.
  • Better calibration products for the low-resolution (LR) mode.
    • Better continuum flux accuracy.
  • The beam profile product has been updated with the fitted 2D frequency-dependent beam shape, plus a new spatial correction coefficient calibration product.
    • To be used with a new user tool to do flux correction for semi-extended sources (in HIPE 11).
software improvements in hipe 10 0
Software Improvements in HIPE 10.0
  • Apodization is now carried out at the end of the pipeline after calibration of the final spectra.
  • Making it eventually possible to use any apodization function.
  • SPIRE SpectrometerDetectorSpectrum (SDS) explorer now marks N-E orientation on a display detector foot print.
  • SDS product can now be read directly into Herschel Spectrum Explorer.
  • Some new user scripts for data processing/analysis:
  • Spectral line fitting for spectral cubes.
improved map continuum and noise
Improved Map Continuum and Noise

Fit a polynomial to the “drift” of normalized dark observations as a function

of observational days (OD) per detector, and incorporate the result into

The telescope model as an additional multiplicative factor.

improved map continuum and noise continued
Improved Map Continuum and Noise (continued)

More consistent per-detector

results from dark observations

(of the telescope)

Overall standard dev. (in units of Jy) reduced

for the dark observations for most detectors.

Red: HIPE 9

Bright green: HIPE 10

Red: HIPE 9

Dark green: HIPE 10

new script line fitting to spectral cube continued
New Script: Line Fitting to Spectral Cube (continued)

Integrated line maps

Initial fit on the selected spaxel

Residual for all spaxels

what s new to come in hipe 11 scheduled for release in may of 2013
What’s New to Come in HIPE 11?(Scheduled for release in May of 2013?)
  • Further improved flux calibration with improved telescope and instrument RSRF functions.
  • Further improved low-resolution calibration products.
  • Formal release of a user tool for semi-extended source flux improvement.
  • Much improved calibration for observations taken with the bright-source detector setting (used for targets brighter than 500 Jy).
A Satisfactory Bright-source Pipeline in HIPE 11


Gray: HIPE 10 spectrum (bright-mode pipeline);

Red: HIPE 11 spectrum (bright-mode pipeline);

Blue crosses: Mars model fluxes.

Red: HIPE 10 spectrum (nominal-mode data);

Blue: HIPE 11 spectrum (bright-mode pipeline).