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NG SEOW PIN 21052513 CHUA SIONG YEW 21052505 KHO WEI QING 21052508 SIA YA CHIE 21052518 PowerPoint Presentation
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NG SEOW PIN 21052513 CHUA SIONG YEW 21052505 KHO WEI QING 21052508 SIA YA CHIE 21052518

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NG SEOW PIN 21052513 CHUA SIONG YEW 21052505 KHO WEI QING 21052508 SIA YA CHIE 21052518 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NG SEOW PIN 21052513 CHUA SIONG YEW 21052505 KHO WEI QING 21052508 SIA YA CHIE 21052518. Introduction. PepsiCo was found in 1965 PepsiCo brands are more than 100 years Available in nearly 200 countries Headquarter is located in Purchase, New York.

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NG SEOW PIN 21052513


KHO WEI QING 21052508

SIA YA CHIE 21052518



  • PepsiCo was found in 1965
  • PepsiCo brands are more than 100 years
  • Available in nearly 200 countries
  • Headquarter is located in Purchase, New York

Business functions

There are four business functions in PepsiCo


Sales and marketing department of PepsiCo

  • The customer in PepsiCo can divided into four categories:
  • Key accounts
  • Example: Clubs, restaurants, hotels, Corporate houses
  • Future consumption
  • Example: Departmental stores, Super markets.
  • Immediate consumption
  • Example: Small sized bar and restaurants, educational institutions.
  • General
  • Example: All the outlets that come in a particular area.

Operational level

PepsiCo using three different way to process their sales:

  • Organized sales
  • Direct sales
  • PepsiCo online ordering

Operational level

  • Organized sales
  • A pre sales representative (PSR) takes the order from the retailer
  • Direct sales representative (DSR) delivers the order
  • The money is paid by the retailer to the DSR at the time of delivery
  • Direct salesDirect sales representative (DSR) delivers the order and the money is paid by the retailer to the driver at the same time of delivery
  • PepsiCo online orderingSign up an account at Pepsi Shop and place the order and the order will be delivered in a short period
  • Customer information is use to contact the customer regarding Pepsi product or promotions as well as other products and services

Tactical level

  • Sales manager
  • Territory development manager
  • Collect daily, monthly, yearly sales transaction from operational level and stored in sales system.
  • Data be used to support market research, analyze marketing campaigns, pricing decision and sales performance
  • Provide middle level managers with reports on firm performance which helps them to monitor firm's operations and helps in predicting future performance
  • Focuses on extracting, analyzing information from large amounts of data
  • Summarizes the data and gives reports on basic operations

Strategic level

  • Senior manager
  • Draw summarized information from tactical level and data from external events.
  • CEO of Pepsi beverages company
  • Eric Foss
  • He is responsible for all of distribution systems, route sales and interface with customers
  • The benefit of introducing Pepsi beverages company is:
  • These acquisitions create a more flexible, competitive enterprise
  • Can pair our snacks with our beverages in the marketplace
  • 80% of our North American beverage manufacturing, sales and distribution system is now one roof
current information systems in pepsico sap s full mysap business suite sap netweaver

unify operations

standardize processes

increase efficiency

streamline distribution and delivery process

improve planning and forecasting

increase information transparency

link supply chain and inventory with customer-facing activities in a single, integrated process

reduce redundancy and errors

Current Information Systems in PepsiCo – SAP’s Full MySAP Business Suite (SAP Netweaver)
current enterprise resource planning system erp

Simplify the processes of everyday business for the purpose to reduce costs.

    • Enterprise Performance Management: measure how management objectives are being met by profit
    • Enterprise Human Capital Management system: help managers to place employees, give rewards for performance and promote potential employees.
Current Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
sales or shipment modules

Encapsulates information regarding:

    • Distributor data management
    • Key account management
    • Sale (cash inflow)
    • Shipment
  • At the time of sale, the data is saved in ERP Sales module, the finance data (cash inflow) is updated and sales invoice is generated by the system.
  • A daily sales report generated shows:
    • the distributor
    • units of product purchased
    • date of purchased
    • total amount
Sales or Shipment Modules

The secondary sale data provided by Territory Development Managers (TDMs) is captured to monitor the distributor sales and to keep check that a distributor does not enter the domain of another distributor.

  • In order to support ERP system and network as a whole, the following hardware configuration has been adapted by the MIS department of PepsiCo:
    • Full LAN support, using domain server, switches, boosters and other network equipment
    • Internet facility is provided to all users
    • 1 oracle database server, 1 application server, Linux server (for network management), and a print server
    • A backup database server
current supply chain management scm

To prevent an over abundance of inventory happens, MySAP helps to communicate with its suppliers and generate forecast of demand which take into the account:

    • past sales plus additional information about sales right now
    • seasonal changes
    • economic turns
    • diet habits
    • health changes
    • environmental changes
Current Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain strategy or design

  • The strategic level decides how to structure the supply chain over the next several years in regards to:
    • location and capacities of production and warehousing facilities
    • products to be manufactured or stored at various locations
    • models of transportation to be made
    • information systems
    • where production plants are to be placed
    • material planning and sourcing
    • capacity planning
  • The shipping department handles orders and the transport department decides the vehicles for safe delivery.

Supply chain planning

  • Pepsi carries out sales forecasting for local demand and for export purposes on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Supply chain operation

  • The goal of supply chain operations is to handle incoming customer orders in the best possible manner. PepsiCo:
    • allocate inventory or production to individual orders
    • set a date that an order is to be filled
    • generate pick lists at a warehouse
    • allocate to shipping
    • set delivery
  • Sales and supply chain departments get together to decide the inventory usually on a weekly basis.
current customer relationship management crm

Allow for:

    • conversion of former disparate sales systems into an integrated internet application solution
    • a 360 degree view of the entire customer base
    • simplification of the resolution process
    • accurate and timely deliveries
    • reduction of product inventory close time by 1-2 days
  • PepsiCo uses CRM application to:
    • determine profitable customers
    • uncover potential sales opportunities
    • improve customers interaction and relations
    • provide the enterprise with up-to-date information
Current Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
alternative system erp ii

ERP II focuses on:

    • information usage
    • upon delivering it to the individual who requires it in a way that best suits their needs.
  • ERP II has:
    • C-commerce features
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Knowledge Management (KM)
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Inventory Optimization (IO)
Alternative system – ERP II
erp ii erp system

MySAP does not provide BPO services.

  • BPO generate sustainable business benefits by:
    • reducing costs
    • lowering risks
    • improving process quality
ERP II - ERP System

ERP II - SCM System

  • If PepsiCo continues to encourage more suppliers to enter their domain, PepsiCo needs to: 
    • keep an information system that will integrate all their suppliers to the main needs
    • make sure that whatever information they use in future can accurately predict changing consumer demand
erp ii crm system

The proposed CRM system will allow PepsiCo for:

    • further interaction between the company and the customers to see where the improvements in the interactions can be made
    • determining overall profitability of the customer
    • developing future marketing campaigns to meet the needs and desires of customers in specific areas
Erp ii - CRM System
core modules of erp ii

Demand Management

Supply Chain Analytics

Vendor Managed Inventory

Inventory Management

Transportation Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Manufacturing Execution

Facility Management


Sales and Customer Support

Financial Management

Core Modules of erp ii
sales and support
Sales and Support
  • Distributor information management
    • Storage capacity
    • Location
    • Distributor's retail channel
  • Key accounts management
  • Sales order processing
  • Sale order tracking
  • Sales invoicing
  • Secondary Sales Management
  • TDM Personnel Management
  • Target definition and tracking
  • Reports
    • Distributor data
    • Secondary Sales tracking
    • Target Tracking
    • Distributor ranking
    • Average lead time
    • Product sales analysis
    • Forecast variability
erp systems vendors



Manhattan Associates




Microsoft Dynamics

Teradata NCR

Active Enterprise Intelligence™



Xavor Corporation

ERP Systems Vendors
how dr pepper snapple use salesforce com

serves as the backbone of the division

helped design a custom application to track field sales activities

enabled tracking and measurement of field activities for more than 10,000 accounts

Mobile access lets employees view and update records from mobile devices


How Dr Pepper Snapple Use Salesforce.Com?
comparison between coca cola and pepsico


36 millions Facebook fans.

Engaging in rich dialogue dealing with customers.

  • 41 thousand Facebook fans.
  • Engaging in conversation with customers as a brand.
Comparison between Coca-cola and PepsiCo
system recommendation

ScanLife 4.0 (Vendor: Scanbuy)

System Recommendation
  • Scan to purchase and wait for delivery.
  • ScanLife 4.0 is recommended to PepsiCo because of the new features:
    • View valuable information
    • Products being scanned in real time around the world.
    • Additional product reviews from retailers
    • Capability to share deals and product discoveries on Facebook and Twitter.
    • A completely redesigned user interface
    • Faster scanning rates.
issue arise from scanlife

Difficult in integrating

  • - Not everyone is using a smartphone.
  • Ownership
  • - Scanbuy
  • Code might go wrong
  • - published incorrectly
  • Too high density
  • - Codes gets cluttered

Issue arise from ScanLife:

e business monitoring

User: direct access to E Business monitor index.

Premium members: Get accessed to detailed report, best practice recommendation& custom benchmarking.

Executives& Specialists: Monitor, analyze and improve performance of PepsiCo E-Business.

E-Business Monitoring


Comprehensive, and

Standardized framework


Analyze, and

Improve E-Business Performance

how motorola enterprise digital assistant eda use in nestle
How Motorola Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) use in NESTLE ?

*To customize and manage in different markets to their customer's requirement*Use EDA scan the outlet barcode.*Employee can easily capture customer information*Ensure the employee make physical calls according to the journey plan

motorola enterprise digital assistant eda
Motorola Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)

-Handheld device -wireless connectivity-access to information anywhere-capture customer information-product details -print receipts immediately on mobile printers

how can pepsico improved

efficiency and effectively customise according to their customers’ and business requirements

can easily checking their product information

reducing operating and support costs leading to a lower total cost

improved sales activities as well as gained customers satisfaction

How Can PepsiCo Improved?
salesforce crm

Sales Cloud

  • Sales Cloud is the world’s no.1 sales application
  • connect with customers and focus no what’s important
  • it’s bringing more selling and less administration.
how can pepsico improved1

can make efficiency decision on marketing activities

collect all the information from their customers and employees opinions or comments

improve their sales and marketing department

operate in a good situation

HOW can PepsiCo improveD?
issue arise from salecforce com

May be slower than a client application accessing data

Difficulty in adopting the system

Too much of time spent on Data Entry

Losing personal touch in the process of automation

collaborative filtering recommender system

To help customers to find product to purchase

Improve customer’s satisfaction and E-Business capability

Improve the cross sell in PepsiCo

Collaborative Filtering Recommender System
limitation of recommender system

Cannot recommend products with limited historical data.

Change in data & User preferences

Lack of Data

Complex procedures

Limitation Of Recommender System

Digital Archives Library System

  • What is Digital Archives Library and how Coca-Cola company utilize this system?
  • Easily access and use the material for future projects.
  • Only a small handful of media companies have attempted such an extensive digital asset management system library
  • This new system combines distinct libraries of text, images and video
  • Business tool to Coca-Cola employees
  • Coca-Cola Digital Archives system is a common location for storing, updating, managing and disseminating these historical assets online
  • The system improves communications and collaboration

How Digital Archives System works if PepsiCo company implemented this system?

  • A team member can search the Digital Archives Library and pull up the entire information, text, graphical images and video advertisements created on the subject
  • Specific keyword, a year, a brand, an image or even a specific string of text
  • Once the system returns a list of all documents, images and video matching the search criteria
  • The team can then view the work online

Digital Archives Library System issue

  • Once all the information is converted to digital formats
  • The employees can get instant information from the Web
  • Electronic journal only can survive if this system can convince the employees about the credibility
  • Disadvantages of Digital Archives Library System
    • Difficulty reading computer screens
    • Archiving
    • Perishable citation