w w production n.
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W + W + production

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W + W + production . Changqiao LI*, Yanwen LIU and Ruiqi Zhang* Univ. of Science and Technology of China *= student. Motivation. Measure the HWW coupling with process W L + W L + ->W L + W L + Cross section 175 fb (7TeV pp,whizard ) Complementary Higgs search

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w w production

W+W+ production

Changqiao LI*, Yanwen LIU and Ruiqi Zhang*

Univ. of Science and Technology of China

*= student

  • Measure the HWW coupling with process


  • Cross section 175 fb(7TeV pp,whizard)
  • Complementary Higgs search


A strawman analysis of 10 TeV MC simulation.

For 60fb-1 of data, expect more events if there is no Higgs.

after event selection (cuts on the leptons and jets).

hww couplings
HWW couplings
  • Both event yield and kinematic distributions will be modified if HWW couplings are different than expected. [PRD67,114024(2003]

Not aware of a generator that have implemented this.

Contacted WHIZHARD authors.

Juergen Reuter: “Would be a small effort

to to it. I could do it.” No timescale stated.

we haven t got very far
We haven’t got very far
  • Privately produced a sample of e+e+ channel using mc11a settings (whizard, AtlFastII) to see the feasibility for a cross section measurement.
  • Our plan – a cross section measurement of data12_8TeV. When theoretic tools available and data statistics allows, also study the HWW couplings.

starting to study/exercise the analysis strategy with MC and existing data now.

Can contribute to the MC validation and MC12 preparation. Open to other suggestions.

some distributions from private mc
Some distributions from private MC

Based on reconstructed quantities.

Events with two tight positrons, with pT>15 GeV.