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FSU in Florence, Italy PowerPoint Presentation
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FSU in Florence, Italy

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FSU in Florence, Italy

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  1. FSU in Florence, Italy

  2. FSU Florence Study Center Duomo Study Center Ponte Vecchio Housing

  3. FSU Florence Study Center • Administrative Staff • Director Sue Capitani • Program Coordinator Caroline Elo • Housing Coordinator IlariaMugnaini • Administrative Assistant Tamara Pfeil

  4. FSU Florence Study Center • Established 1966 • Located in the 15th Century urban palace degliAlessandri • Located a short walk from the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery • Students benefit from living in dorm style apartments in Florence

  5. FSU Florence Study Center • Classrooms

  6. FSU Florence Study Center • Computer Lab

  7. FSU Florence Study Center • Library & Study Room

  8. FSU Florence Housing • Housing • Apartments located near Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens • 20 minute walk (over Ponte Vecchio!) • No overnight guests allowed! • Shared facilities • Large, fully-equipped communal kitchen in building • Washing Machines • One dryer and multiple drying racks

  9. FSU Florence Housing • Housing • Each apartment has an efficiency kitchen • Small living area with TV • Shared twin, triple, & quadruple rooms • Desk for each student • Wireless internet in apartments • Each apartment has a bathroom • Shared depending on how many people in apartment

  10. FSU Florence Study Center • Housing – Bathrooms • Each apartment has a bathroom • Shared depending on how many people in apartment

  11. FSU Florence Study Center • Arrival & Orientation Events • No airport pick-ups – see explicit directions from airport(s) to study center in e-mail • Orientation meeting day after arrival • Walking tour • Welcome dinner • Weekend half-day trip

  12. FSU Florence • Social/Cultural Events • Two day trips to places such as San Gimignano and Volterra, Siena, Ravenna, Pienza, Fiesole • One overnight trip to Venice and Rome • Welcome Dinner • Farewell Dinner

  13. Independent Travel • Take advantage of your location! • Construct a budget before you leave • Use your resources: • Travel Websites • Student Rates/ISIC card • Site staff/faculty • Former students

  14. What to Pack • Medication: • Take enough for your entire stay (especially Adderall or Concerta) • Prescription/insurance coverage issues • Carry on your prescription medication • Keep in original bottle • TAKE CARE OF THIS NOW! • Clothing: • Layers • Conservative options for cultural visits • Comfy shoes • Italians are stylish! • Electronics • Plug is 2 round prongs • Check cameras, phones, appliances for variable currency • Don’t take hair dryers, straighteners, curlers

  15. FSU Florence Study Center • Cultural Awareness & Safety/Security • Cultural Nuances: Attire, Volume/Tone, Service Standards (different, not better or worse) • Behavior/Respect Issues: Classroom, social situations, churches and cathedrals • Affluence vs. Poverty • Safety Issues: Buddy system, “No-go” areas, Taxis, keeping phone numbers, alcohol/substance use & vulnerability • Trust your instincts!

  16. FSU Florence Study Center • Italian Student Visas • Accepted students on programs lasting longer than 90 days receive a visa packet from IP • There are several necessary components: • U.S. passport valid for at least 3 months after return from Italy* • Signed visa application • ConsolatoGeneraleD’Italia Miami form (allows FSU to apply for your visa on your behalf) • Notarized affidavit of support • Original bank statement or notarized letter from bank verifying sufficient funds • Proof of I.D. Notary Form (Valid Driver’s License) • 1 color passport photo • Copy of your round-trip travel itinerary*Non U.S. citizens may have additional requirements and should contact IP immediately upon acceptance.

  17. FSU Florence Study Center • Italian Student Visas • After IP receives your completed visa packet and all supporting documentation, our visa coordinator sends all visa applications to the Italian consulate in Miami for processing. • Processing of a student visa takes a minimum of 21 days. • Once the consulate has made a decision about whether or not to issue a student visa, the passports (with visa inside) are mailed back to IP. • Students are then contacted to pick up their passport or IP will FedEx the passport if the student is no longer in town.

  18. FSU Florence Study Center • Italian Student Visas • You are allowed to remain in Italy and countries in the Schengen territory* for the duration of your student visa. Usually, this period lasts slightly longer than the duration of your program, however, be sure to check the validity dates for your specific visa. *Schengen Territory Countries:Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

  19. FSU Florence Study Center • Italian Student Visas • Remember to put the copy of all supporting documents used to obtain the visa with your passport to take to Florence with you in case your visa is questioned. You may be given a letter in Italian by the Miami Consulate concerning the status of your insurance coverage. Remember to bring this letter with you to Florence.

  20. Arrivederci!