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Responsible Gen-Z Campus Journalism PowerPoint Presentation
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Responsible Gen-Z Campus Journalism

Responsible Gen-Z Campus Journalism

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Responsible Gen-Z Campus Journalism

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  1. Responsible Gen-Z Campus Journalism “The greatest object of our publications is to exalt God, to call man’s attention to the living truths of His Word… not the standard of this world, but His standard of truth.” (E.G. White; CW 12.1)

  2. Responsible Gen-Z Campus Journalism Categories: News writing Features and Feature Writing Editorial and Editorial Writing Literary/Poetry Arts and cartooning Photography Layout and Design Newsletter

  3. Literary/ Poetry Description of Literary: Pertaining to the nature of books and writing especially those classed as literature, literary history. Creating new creative work, such as poems, novels and compilation of creative work. Criteria: Strong characterization, and imagery, uses figurative language, and figures of speech, expression of feelings and emotions, opinionated.

  4. Literary/Poetry Common types of Poetry: Haiku: Japanese Poem of 3 lines Free Verse: No rhyme, no meter Sonnet: Poem of 14 lines and rhyme Acrostic poems: One letter of each line forms a word. Cinquain: Japanese Poem of 5 lines 6. Epic: long narrative poem usually about gods

  5. Literary/Poetry Common types of Poetry: 7. Ballad: like an epic tells a story, may be sung 8. Lyric: Poem with formal lofty expressions of feelings accompanied by a lyre. 9. Elegy: a poem of mourning 10. Ode: a poem of tribute 11. Limerick: humorous five line poem with a rhyme scheme AABBA 12. Psalm: a book of sacred poem/songs 13. Concrete poem: a poem shaped according to its topic.

  6. Features and Feature Writing Description: Feature writing is creative journalism it escapes the hard news format allowing creative writers to write articles in an inventive, compelling way. Subjects are of greater depth and greater length.

  7. Responsible Gen-Z Campus Journalism “Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established” -- Proverbs 16:3