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Tweets, Hashtags , @Reply, Oh Yes! PowerPoint Presentation
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Tweets, Hashtags , @Reply, Oh Yes!

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Tweets, Hashtags , @Reply, Oh Yes! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tweets, Hashtags , @Reply, Oh Yes!
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  1. Tweets, Hashtags, @Reply, Oh Yes! An introductory session aboutTwitter in education. Instructor: Kitty Tripp

  2. Introduction: Who am I? • Kitty Tripp~ class website • 4th grade math and science teacher at Wellford Academy of Science and Technology in Spartanburg District 5 • National Board Certified Teacher • 13 years of teaching experience • Masters and +30 in technology • Have ALWAYS been a technology enthusiast!

  3. What is Twitter? • The best way to discover what’s new in the world. • Allows you to connect with the world beyond your classroom….global collaboration! • "If you are using Twitter for Professional Development, you are way ahead of the curve!” Develop your own Professional Learning Network. • Video: Twitter in 60 Second (from an educator’s perspective) • Twitter in Education or 5 Ways Twitter has Changed Education • Video: How to Use Twitter or Twitter for Beginners

  4. Why Twitter? • To fully appreciate Twitter, you should have a reason to use it before you start. Why do you want to use Twitter? • Poll “Why would you like to use Twitter?” • Possible ideas: Networking, classroom ideas and strategies, research, teaching, learning, collaboration, news, information, sharing, updates, etc. • Why would I want to teach teachers how to use Twitter? • Why should teachers use Twitter?

  5. Twitter terminology and symbols… The most important ones for beginners: • @ stands for a “reply” to a specific person • Hashtag, a number sign # with a phrase after the sign to signify the category your information fits into. Ex. #4thchat #elemchat #edchat • RT passing along information someone has already shared • D allows you to direct private message to someone who follows you

  6. Why are hashtags so important??? “Hashtagsare a great way of searchingfor tweets in a specific category from the whole of the Twitterverse.” Not only does a hashtag allow you to search specific categories, it allows you to connect with an interested audience that extends beyond your followers. • Top Twitter Hashtags for Teachers • 28 of the Best Education and Technology Hashtags • Great List of Hashtags for Educators

  7. How to get started… • Open an account and develop a meaningful profile • Begin following people • Learn key hashtags(or have a list within reach) • When comfortable, ask questions or join in a conversation. • Begin thinking about how to integrate this with your classroom curriculum • Explore, Explore, EXPLORE the menus and capabilities of Twitter! • Top Ten Twitter Tips

  8. My Class Twitter Page

  9. Key elements of your page… How can others relate with you? Maximize the information on your profile! Direct messages from followers. Look for other users Enter your tweet here (only 140 characters). Your tweet is sharing pertinent information to collaborate with others about. When you find something valuable on Twitter, retweet it…here’s a record of what you’ve retweeted. Be able to see when you are listed in someone else’s tweets. Vital information to access in growing your account and having information for future reference.

  10. My Class Profile Page How do you want others to identify with you??? Maximize the information on your profile! My Personal Twitter Profile Page

  11. Direct messages

  12. @Mentions A way of giving you a message but including others for their input. As people find value in what you’re tweeting or want to include you in their information, your name will be listed in their tweet.

  13. Retweets: A way of sharing valuable information with others. Video: the powerful influence of retweeting!

  14. How to get contacts… Most Influential Educators,Just Tweet it and Twellow The people you start following, look at who they follow.

  15. Jumpstarting Twitter in your classroom… • 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education • 100 Ways to Teach with Twitter • Look at your own curriculum and think of how you could collaborate with others, ask specific questions, and share information with others.

  16. Support… • Everything you want to know about Twitter • Twitter 101 Clarifying the Rules for Newbies • My contact information: and

  17. Continue Growing in Twitter… • Learning to managing your Twitter account: TweetDeck or HooteSuite • Adding pictures to Twitter: Twitpic • Adding links to your tweets or use Bitly

  18. After today's session, what is the next step you will take to get involved in Twitter? • Twitter Account: MissTrippsClass • Skype Account: GardenOfLearning

  19. Door prizes provide by: • Grab a catalog or check out • Twitter Account: MissTrippsClass • Skype Account: GardenOfLearning