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New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India. By Min Sung Kim, Justin Cheun, Ariel Lee 5C. Traditional Foods. Parath parantha Baddam pasanda Aloo Jeera Shahi Paneer Methi Matar Mai Gobi Machurian Potato in curd gravy Masala Dosa Rajma Shahi Paneer Palak Paneer. Parath parantha. Masala Dosa. Chicken Curry.

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New Delhi, India

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  1. New Delhi, India By Min Sung Kim, Justin Cheun, Ariel Lee 5C

  2. Traditional Foods Parath parantha Baddam pasanda Aloo Jeera Shahi Paneer Methi Matar Mai Gobi Machurian Potato in curd gravy Masala Dosa Rajma ShahiPaneer PalakPaneer Parath parantha Masala Dosa

  3. Chicken Curry 1 full: Chicken (skinned and joined) 1 ¼ : Tomatoes (skinned, deseeded and chopped) ¾ cup: onion (ground) ½ tsp: Roasted ground fennel seeds 1 tsp: Ginger powder 2-3; cloves 2-3: Cardamoms (large) 2 tsp: Oil Butter 350 ml: Water/ stock

  4. Foods Physical Environment Doesn’t really affect foods Beliefs and Religions Do noteat beef because they believe that a cow is a god- therefore, eat chicken Weather and Natural Disasters Dry, cool weather, hot, long summers, monsoons, and dust storms so rely on chickens a lot Indians use chicken a lot in their foods

  5. Language Hindi Physical Environment Doesn’t really affect languages Beliefs and Religion “Bibles” written in Hindi language Weather and Natural Disasters doesn’t really affect languages Hindi alphabet

  6. Religion Hinduism symbol Mostly Hinduism Physical Environment Nepal’s religion is Hinduism, and they have lots of ceremonies. Weather and Natural Disasters Weather doesn’t really affect New Delhi’s Religion Hindi God

  7. Dress Indian Women’s Traditional Attire Physical Environment The physical environment doesn’t really affect the dress/clothing. Beliefs and Religion Wear traditional Hindi (god) attire for special occasions Weather and Natural Disasters Wrap their bodies with a lot of clothing to block out dust from monsoons

  8. Activities/Recreation Physical Environment Sub-tropical -Has a lot of children-friendly parks Beliefs and Religion Go to temples to pray for peers, family members, and others Weather and Natural Disasters Cannot do a lot of recreational activities during monsoon time Winds are too strong An Indian Temple

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