eyes of the emperor by graham salisbury n.
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Eyes of the Emperor By: Graham Salisbury PowerPoint Presentation
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Eyes of the Emperor By: Graham Salisbury

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Eyes of the Emperor By: Graham Salisbury - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eyes of the Emperor By: Graham Salisbury

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  1. Eyes of the EmperorBy:Graham Salisbury Jerry webb

  2. What is it?: The main character, a Japanese-American trains K-9 dogs to hunt the Japs during World War II by being the dogs’ bait. Attribute: Setting makes this book a historical novel. Attribute: The main character is realistic because he experiences Japanese-American discrimination because he looks like the enemy. Title: Eyes of the Emperor What is your book’s genre? Write it here: Historical Fiction Example: Quake! By Joe Cottonwood Example: Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper Attribute: Gives historically accurate information Example: Braving the Fire by John B. Severance

  3. Attribute: Setting makes this book a historical novel because it takes place during World War II. “In 1931, when I was six the Japanese invaded Manchuria, and they had been pushing deeper into China ever since. Less than a year ago, they’d signed up with Germany and Italy to form the Axis, all of them looking for more land, more power. Then just last month, Japan flooded into Cambodia and Thailand. And my homeland, the U.S.A. was getting angry (1-2).” “But when we drove by Pearl Harbor, with the sad hulls of crushed ships clearly visible, we shut up … I could see trucks and jeeps and men moving around, working cranes, maneuvering tugboats, trying to save the hammered destroyers and clean up the mess (74).” “Major Parrish studied our faces, just like he used to do back in mechanical drawing class at McKinley. ‘This is it, boys. You’re going to Europe. You’re going to war (218).’”

  4. Attribute: The main character is realistic because he experiences Japanese-American discrimination because he looks like the enemy. “If the Japs land on this beach and you hesitate to shoot them, or if you even turn around and think about leaving your post, those men back there have orders to shoot you. You understand that? If the Nips come ashore and you take one step out of this hole, you’re dead men, because I don’t trust you (78).” “Blood boiled into my brain. We were soldiers in the United States Army! Americans! To say what he said was insane (78).” “I wasn’t a Japan Japanese. I was an American. Pop’s newspaper had said that people around Honolulu were worried they had a ‘Japanese problem’ on their hands – us. What would Japanese Americans do if Japan and the U.S. went to war? Where would our loyalties lie (4)?” “If the dogs couldn’t find us just because we were Japanese, then what was the use of Japanese dog bait? I don’t know why, but right then I thought of President Roosevelt and how he believed we might smell different from white guys (214).”

  5. Attribute: Gives historically accurate information “All our life we’d been together in Japanese camp. That’s what we called our part of Kaka’ako, our neighborhood in Honolulua – a camp. We all stuck together by our races. We had Hawaiian camp, Japanese camp, Portuguese camp down by Waikiki, and some Chinese and Filipino (7).” “High above the fighters, bombers crawled across the sky over Pearl Harbor and Hickam Field, each letting loose their belts of steel death. You could see the bombs falling, falling disappearing into the smoke, then- Ka-boom!-buckling and obliterating the helpless parked planes and ships (48).” “Major Parrish went on. ‘This might be called Cat Island, but there are not cats here. There are however, dogs – U.S. Army wary dogs – and these dogs are going to fill that need.’ … ‘The dogs are here under the direction of the Quartermaster Corps. Your particular mission will be to help prepare them for use in warfare. They will be trained as messenger dogs, scout dogs, sentry dogs, suicide dogs, and attack dogs (125-126).’” .’”

  6. EVALUATION: Is Eyes of the Emperor a good example of a historical fiction? • Yes, this book is a good example because it describes when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, starting World War II. It also did a good job of explaining how the American soldiers did not trust the Japanese-American soldiers because they looked like the enemy. Even though the Japanese-American soldiers, like Eddy, were not trusted, they still wanted to serve and honor their country. They were ordered to go to Cat Island, Mississippi to train K-9 dogs to smell the Japanese enemy. Eddy and 26 of his Hawaiian American friends , who looked Japanese, were used as bait to train the dogs to attack.

  7. Genre Project Grading • All hyperlinks work. 10 points. • Each slide is worth 10 points. • The slide must contain all the assigned elements. • The information on the slide must be correctly presented. • The slide must contain no errors in conventions. • Images on the slide must pertain to the information. If the image is not from an approved site, it should be documented. • The slides must be neat and easy to read. 70 points total