facilitating success and independence in a co teaching setting n.
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Facilitating Success and Independence in a Co-teaching Setting PowerPoint Presentation
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Facilitating Success and Independence in a Co-teaching Setting

Facilitating Success and Independence in a Co-teaching Setting

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Facilitating Success and Independence in a Co-teaching Setting

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  1. Facilitating Success and Independence in a Co-teaching Setting Helene Mclane Hilary Tarantino Barnett Shoals Elementary Athens, Georgia

  2. Background Info. And Experience Hilary Tarantino Grades Taught: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th

  3. Co-teaching vs. Collaboration • Comparing Delivery Models • Co-teaching occurs when a special education teacher and general education teacher share the teaching responsibilities for a general education classroom which includes students with and without an eligibility for special education services.

  4. Responsibilities of a Co-Teacher • Classroom Management • Delivery of instruction • Grading • Parent contact • Planning

  5. Expertise and Implementation • The General Education Teacher is responsible for providing expertise in the curriculum and content areas. • The Special Education Teacher is responsible for implementing the IEP, ensuring that the Behavior Intervention Plan is followed, and provides expertise in the area of differentiated instruction

  6. Success in the Inclusive Classroom • Teaching in any setting is challenging. Teachers need to focus on BALANCING their time between their personal lives and their jobs. Burn out is a constant risk in the teaching field. • Open Communication Between Teachers • Good Teachers are Resourceful and Rely on the Support System of Colleagues and Instructional Leaders at The School Level

  7. How do teachers meet the individual needs of their students? • Differentiated Instruction • Enrichment • Support from parents • Assessing their abilities • Taking advantage of resources • Creativity • Documentation

  8. Facilitating Success for Children with Special Needs • Reward and Model Behaviors • Know the manifestations of the disability • Maintain variety in your instruction to keep things novel • Establish trust with students and parents

  9. One of the most important ingredients for success with all children is.. • Structure • Structure is something that many children lack in their lives at home. • Children need to learn to be flexible and cope with life’s changes, but they also thrive when they learn to follow routines • Expectations need to be clear for them

  10. Who can help you with tough questions and situations? • You will be presented with situations that you have never experienced before. Use your community resources if the resource is not available to your school.

  11. Resources for Students and Parents in Clarke County • Parent Mentor • Social Workers • ABA Specialists • Behavior Specialists • Community Organization • University of Georgia • Piedmont College • Mentoring Programs

  12. IEPIndividualized Education Plan • Mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) in 2004 • The IEP is a legally bound document that specifically outlines the educational framework of students with unique educational needs • Members of the committee • Components of a student’s IEP

  13. Questions and Comments • Email addresses: • •