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Putnam County Hospital CANCER CENTER PowerPoint Presentation
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Putnam County Hospital CANCER CENTER

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Putnam County Hospital CANCER CENTER - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Putnam County Hospital CANCER CENTER
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  1. Putnam County HospitalCANCER CENTER

  2. The Cancer Center is located on the 2nd floor of Putnam County Hospital. Continuously Accredited by the AmericanCollege of Surgeons since 1988

  3. Cancer Center Services Treatments Offered For: • Cancer (Oncology) • Blood Disorders (Hematology) • Anemia • Osteoporosis • Osteopenia

  4. Meet Your Cancer-Fighting Team

  5. Team Members - Oncology/Hematology Physician - Registered Nurses - Licensed Practical Nurse - Office Manager - Assistant Office Manager All of our nurses have been through oncology training and 2 of our Registered Nurses are oncology certified.

  6. A Glimpse Inside… • 7 Treatment Bays • 3 Examination Rooms • Television with personal controls • Recliner chairs • Meals or snacks provided

  7. Educational Material

  8. More about the ‘My Journey’ Binder What’s Inside? - Individualized Medical Information - Treatment Plan - Symptom Management - Appointment Schedules - Resources - Survivorship Plan - Educational Material

  9. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is mixed by specially trained staff in the pharmacy in a negative pressure chamber.

  10. Nutritional Education is Key… Nutritional Consult provided by a Registered Dietician for patients receiving Chemotherapy.

  11. Nurse’s Station The nurse’s station is conveniently located so the staff has constant contact with the patients.

  12. Cancer Conferences Cancer Conferences meet monthly with a team of physicians, nurses, and hospital specialists to discuss individual cases and develop a plan of care recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) that is proven to produce the best outcomes.

  13. Cancer Committee The Cancer Committee meets quarterly to ensure that standards set by the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) are met so that evidence-based Cancer Guidelines are followed. Doing so means that only the optimal, most current treatment is given.

  14. Our Partnership with the PCH Surgery Department

  15. Our Partnership with the PCH Laboratory Department

  16. Our Partnership with the PCH Radiology Department

  17. Cancer Center Outreach Program Sunscreen is given out annually to local hospital employees, cancer patients, and community residents at the Putnam County Hospital, county fair, and other local events.

  18. Skin Cancer Screening Held 2 times yearly with exams by a dermatologist Cancer Center Outreach Program Prostate Cancer Screening Held annually with exams performed by a physician

  19. Cancer Center Outreach Program DePauw University Volleyball Team presents check to the PCH Cancer Center

  20. Cancer Center Outreach Program

  21. A Word about Research Trials Clinical Research Trials look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. These trials may use new drugs, new combinations of drugs, or other new treatments to see if they are safe and effective. When an oncologist develops your treatment plan, he investigates clinical trials to see if they could be a part of your plan.

  22. Putnam County Hospital Cancer Registry Program • A system designed for the collection, management, and analysis of data on individuals diagnosed with cancer. • Information collected is used for reports and teaching conferences that result in improved cancer care for you, your family, and cancer patients in the future.

  23. American Cancer Society Putnam County Hospital Cancer Center is proud to partner with the American Cancer Society. This partnership assists the Cancer Center in providing information to the public about cancer prevention and supplying resources and information to our cancer patients. An American Cancer Society representative attends the Cancer Committee meetings and is present at many outreach events.

  24. Cancer Support Group • Cancer Support Group meetings are held in the Cancer Center lobby every month for cancer patients and their loved ones. It gives participants a chance to talk with others who are undergoing similar experiences.

  25. Testimonials “I can’t say enough good things about the Cancer Center. I love that I can receive the care and treatments I need close to home. That makes such a difference. And the staff at the Cancer Center are really great. They treat us like family.” -Ronald P. Buchanan

  26. “I’ve been coming to the Cancer Center for three years. The nurses are so nice and do a wonderful job of taking care of me. The thing that gives me most comfort is knowing that they scan my arm bracelet and check the labels so they are certain I am receiving the medicine I need. I am so pleased with the Cancer Center, my son came here when he needed treatment as well.” -Pam Flannagan

  27. “I have been a patient of the Putnam County Hospital Cancer Center for years. The staff does a great job of being supportive and helps me keep an upbeat attitude about my treatment. They are always very professional and answer all of my questions. I can tell they really care about their patients.” -Charlie Tomaw