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Problems Problems Problems. Problems. What problems have we discussed so far?. What are some themes amongst the problems?. What are some common causes? What are some common solutions? (think about the tips). Throw Back Friday.

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What problems have we discussed so far?

what are some themes amongst the problems
What are some themes amongst the problems?
  • What are some common causes?
  • What are some common solutions? (think about the tips)
throw back friday
Throw Back Friday
  • How do these problems relate to the lessons learned in Surah Asr?
surah asr
Surah Asr
  • By Time!
  • Man is in a state of loss!
  • Except those who:
    • Believe
    • and Do good deeds
    • and Call others to truth
    • and Call others to patience
lessons from surah asr
Lessons from Surah Asr
  • Time- it’s running out
  • We are bound to be surrounded by problems!
  • We cannot maintain faith except by:
    • Trying to do good!
    • Doing tawasi: having others to practice with
peer pressure is real
Peer Pressure is Real!
  • Peer Pressure is real!
    • Alcohol & drugs: most teens know its bad; do it for peer-related reasons (to be cool, to fit in, etc)
    • Music: youth culture dictates a lot of what we listen to. “It was on the radio.” “I was in the car with my friends”
  • Hard to find friends who don’t engage in these things
our environment sucks
Our Environment Sucks
  • We’re not in Jannah anymore!
  • Problems all around us:
    • Lowering our gaze: not part of American culture; images everywhere
    • Music: it’s all around us; encompassing
    • Alcohol & drugs: “everyone’s” using it
    • Parents: who? Huh? Not talked about, valued, seen
    • Distractions: everywhere
    • YOLO & MYOB