January 30 2013
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Warm-up: What treaty ended the War of 1812?. January 30,2013. The Treaty of Ghent. Objective: Students will take notes on Jacksonian Democracy and the influence of Jackson on the U.S. political System. They will write a BCR describing Jackson as a “common man” or “King Andrew”.

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January 30 2013

Warm-up: What treaty ended the War of 1812?

January 30,2013

The Treaty of Ghent

Objective: Students will take notes on JacksonianDemocracy and the influence of Jackson on the U.S. political System. They will write a BCR describing Jackson as a “common man” or “King Andrew”

Take out your political cartoon to turn in

Election of 1824
Election of 1824

  • 4 Democratic-Republican Candidates!


Congressman from Georgia

J.Q. Adams

Secretary of State and former president’s son


Speaker of the House


War Hero

Votes were split geographically




No one won the majority of electoral votes so what happens next
No one won the majority of Electoral Votes! So what happens next?.....

  • The House of Representatives picks the winner from the top 3!

Clay is out of the running….

But he is also Speaker of the House!

Clay strikes a deal
Clay strikes a deal

  • Clay met with Adams and agreed to use his influence to get the House to vote for Adams.

  • In return Adams will pick Clay as his Secretary of State.


Jackson and the american people are furious
Jackson and the American people are furious!!

  • By the next election, the political party has split.

J.Q. Adams runs again as a National Republican, favoring a strong central government.

Jackson runs as a Democrat, favoring states rights.

Calhoun runs as Jackson’s Vice President!

Jackson as the common man
Jackson as the “common man”

  • Born in a log cabin

  • Promised “equal protection & benefits”

  • Said ordinary men could handle government jobs

Why it worked: In the 1820s, voting rights were relaxed. More ordinary people could vote than ever before (still no women, African Americans or Native Americans)!

Jackson wins by a landslide
Jackson wins by a landslide!

To the victor gets the spoils
“To the victor gets the spoils”

  • Jackson fired MANY federal workers and replaced them with his friends.

This system of replacing government employees with the candidate’s supporters is know as “the spoils system.”

The tariff debate
The Tariff Debate

  • Congress passes a very high tariff on manufactured goods from Europe.

Manufacturers in the North loved it because more people bought American-made goods!

Southerners were mad that prices went up!

The south protests
The South Protests

  • Vice President John C. Calhoun argues that states have the right to nullify, or cancel, a federal law.

  • Realizing that Jackson would not stand for nullification, Calhoun resigns from VP and is elected to Senate.

  • South Carolina passes the Nullification Act and threatens to secede (leave the Union) if they can’t nullify the tariffs


South okays this

  • Jackson supports a bill proposed by Clay that would gradually lower the tariff over the next few years.

  • Jackson gets Congress to pass the Force Bill which states that the president can use the military to enforce acts of Congress.

South nullifies this

January 30 2013
Jackson is spiteful towards his enemies.He fires people left and right andvetoes more bills than ALL six presidents put together!

King Andrew?

Was jackson a man of the people or a power hungry king
Was Jackson a “man of the people” or a power hungry “king?”

Construct a response to the question. Write in complete sentences. Explain your answer and support it using examples.