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TSA Leagues YDSL Team Managers Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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TSA Leagues YDSL Team Managers Webinar

TSA Leagues YDSL Team Managers Webinar

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TSA Leagues YDSL Team Managers Webinar

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  1. TSA LeaguesYDSL Team Managers Webinar April 2016

  2. Introductions • Alan Gould – TSA Executive Director • Lorin Berballa – TSA League Administrator

  3. Agenda • Overview of E2E processes • Game related documents • League Rule highlights • Important Dates and deadlines • Conduct and Communication • Questions answered

  4. E2E Processes • Activating your account • Entering team colors • Selecting players for the game • Game sheets • Game reporting

  5. The TSA Leagues Web Site Overview • The TSA Leagues will rely extensively on their web site to operate • We need all teams to play their part in keeping the site up to date • Our url is

  6. Pre Season Tasks • Each coach or manager has to perform the following tasks before the season starts • Activate their My Team account • Choose the team’s playing colors • Ask your assistant coach or team manager to also activate the My Team account

  7. Activating your Team Account…1 • Click on the My Team button • Click on the Activate link • You will be asked to enter an activation code. • Code: 2016league • Click submit to continue

  8. Activating your Team Account…2 • Next you will be asked for your details. • Please ensure that you select the correct team, other teams have similar names • Finally you will be asked for your password. This is what you will use to log into the site in the future • Click next to continue

  9. Activating your Team Account….3 • Next you are asked to select your uniform • Click on next • Note that only the 1st person to activate your team account will see this step.

  10. Activation completed • When you have finished the activation process you will see this screen. • Note that you will see some more tools.

  11. Open Roster Division • Your club administrator/representative is responsible for inputting your age group roster into the E2E system. • It is not entered by each team, the whole age group roster is entered all at once. • Before each game team managers will have to select the players they want from this pool of players. • They will have to individually be added to each game sheet every week.

  12. Club Roster – Game Sheet Creation • Teams need to generate a game sheet • Go to My Team/ Game Sheets • The next game on their schedule will appear on the drop down menu.

  13. Choosing Players • A coach can choose which player they will have on their team. • Teams are restricted to a certain amount of players on each game sheet. • U9-U10: 12 players • U11-U12: 16 Players

  14. Completing Game Sheets • Choose your team officials who need to appear on the game sheet. • Click next.

  15. Game Sheets • Click on Create Game Sheet • Ensure you have read the game sheet process your league has posted • Make sure to print 3 copies of the game sheet for each game

  16. Viewing Players • Players and their details are now listed • Jersey numbers will have to be entered for each game.

  17. Game Day Tasks • You will be required to perform two tasks on the day of a game • Create a game sheet for each game • Submit an on-line game report after the game (within 48 hours)

  18. Submitting a game report..1 • To submit a game report click on Games button and select Game Report • Follow instructions to completion • Note that the game report will appear after each game • You have 48 hours to complete the game report • Note you will receive an email reminder every day but you have 48 hours to complete the report

  19. Submitting a game report…2 • If you are the first team to submit a game report you will be asked to enter the game result – YDSL scores must always be submitted as 0 - 0 • If you are the second team to submit a game report you will be asked to agree with the game score submitted by your opponents • Also enter the number of yellow and red cards your team had and the names of any call ups

  20. Submitting a game report…3 • You should not have any goal scorers as YDSL games should always be scored 0 – 0 • Then use the drop down boxes to enter the names of the players who received a card and the name of the goal keeper if there was a shut out

  21. Submitting a game report…4 • Confirm you have entered your game details correctly. • When both teams have submitted a game the game will be considered complete • There are no scores and no standings for YDSL age groups

  22. Game Related Documents • For each game you will require 3 game sheets • You will need all player books and coaches books without exception • Additional forms located on “Leagues” tab  “Forms” • Referee Issue Form • Field Complaint Form • Must be signed by club rep/admin

  23. League Rule Highltights • It is mandatory for all coaches and managers to be aware of the league rules • League rules can be found on our website

  24. League Rules Highlights • 8.5 - In the case of both teams wearing similar colors, the home team must change and the visiting team must wear their registered declared colors. Failure to comply will result in a default charged against the home team. If the away team fails to wear their registered declared colors the game will result in a forfeit for them • *Managers should be checking the team colors before every game

  25. League Rules Highlights • 8.12 – Only certified (as in 8.11) registered officials (minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 –i.e. Coach, Assistant Coach) shall be permitted to sit on the bench. A female team manager is permitted to sit on the bench (registered but not certified) ONLY on a female team that does not have a female coach (vice versa also applies). • 9.12 - Clubs will be held responsible if a game is abandoned because of the actions of its players, officials, parents or spectators and will be subject to a disciplinary hearing, and will be fined as per OSA discipline policies.

  26. League Rules Highlights • Referee fees are to be paid in full by each team prior to game start

  27. League Rules Highlights • 11.1 - In the event of a team defaulting a game (i.e. not showing up or showing up without required number of players to meet minimum requirement to field a team), the defaulting team’s club will be liable to discipline from the league in the form of a $200 fine. The defaulting club shall pay the whole of the game official’s fees, field fees and any other expenses reasonably incurred. • 11.3 - In the event of a team defaulting (2) two games during a given season, the defaulting team will be subject to discipline, which may include expulsion from the League. • 11.4 - Teams withdrawing or expelled from the League after March 15th will forfeit the entire League fee, bond fee, and the club will be fined $1,000.

  28. League Rules Highlights • 12.4 - Any postponed and cancelled games due to weather/field/lighting conditions must be played no more than 14 days from the original scheduled date. The home team’s club must contact the away team’s club and offer two options of date/time for away team to choose from. If the two teams’ clubs cannot reach scheduling agreement within 7 days after the postponed game, the TSA will impose the fixture date and time. The only exceptions to this, with an appropriate extension, will be if the 14 day period coincides with the league’s black out period. • Someone from your bench MUST be certified with making Headway In Soccer

  29. Important Dates and Deadlines • Mandatory Coaches Kick Off – April 30th • Team Head Coach waivers due April 30th • Season kick off – May 24th • Deadline to add new players or Team Officials - July 31st • League wide black out – August 1st – 7th

  30. Conduct and Communication • Respect The Game • Codes of conduct for coaches, players, spectators and referees. • Focussed on creating and maintaining a positive environment for our young players • “The Respect Button” • Communication leads to action and reaction! • Proactive and Reactive in 2016 • Discussed at Coach Meeting- please discuss expectations with your teams, and communicate when these expectations are not met

  31. On-Going Communication • If you don’t know - contact your Club Administrator first! • If they don’t know, ask that they contact Lorin at the TSA via email at • We cannot communicate directly with Coaches and Managers so please read the rules, and the other League related documentation before contacting anyone! • The answers are there if you just take a few minutes to find them. • For “same day” issues (within 24 hours) a phone call is better than email • The after hours cell can be called for after hours emergencies only (no referee, no opponent team) • After Hours Emergency: 647 - 525 - 7515

  32. Questions? • If you have any questions now is a good time to ask them

  33. Further Information • Please contact Lorin at the TSA Office for any questions