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  1. Objectives: • Today we will… • Design & carry out an investigation of termite behavior • So that we can… • Design an investigation using testable questions, Ivs, DVs, and CVs.

  2. Bell Work (6th): Please take out last night’s homework. Add “Termite Prep” to your Unit 1 tracker. I will be around to check it. Then, read the following & answer the questions. What’s wrong with Adrianna’s investigation? How would you fix it? Please include the terms “IV”“DV” and “CV” in your answer!

  3. Bell Work (7th): • Please take out last night’s homework. Add “Termite Prep” to your Unit 1 tracker. I will be around to check it. • On a whiteboard, please rewrite the following question to make it a STRONGER testable question. (You may look at yesterday’s notes.) Does drinking hot tea before bed help you sleep better?

  4. Testable Questions: Is it about personal opinion/belief? No Yes This is NOT a scientifically testable question. This IS a scientifically testable question. Does it have a specific IV? Does it have a measurable DV? Can I put it in the format: How does _(IV)__ affect ___(DV)?

  5. Termite Questions: • Choose one of the testable questions you wrote on your homework. Copy it onto the top half of your whiteboard. • Pass the whiteboard to the person on your right (at your table). • If you can make the question stronger, rewrite it on the other half of the board. If you cannot make it stronger, then write another one of YOUR questions on the bottom half of the board. • Pass the board back to its original owner. Repeat.

  6. Different Members of the Colony…

  7. We’ll use worker termites! • Do all the “work” in the colony, like building the mound and gathering food. • But, they do all of this BLIND!

  8. Live in Colonies in Decaying Wood or Mounds…

  9. Termites are Decomposers… Decomposers break down dead plant material! Good in nature… Bad in houses…

  10. It’s Termite Time! Please read & sign the agreement on the first page about the ethics of working with live animals in research.

  11. Handling Your Termite: • Termite bodies are adapted to live underground in moist, soft soil. So, in the lab, they are susceptible to: • Drying out  • Being squished  • So, instead of picking up your termite, guide it by blocking its path with pieces of notecard. • When you are not observing your termite, turn a cup upside down over him.

  12. After you complete the “Observations and Testable Questions” please stop and raise your hand. Do NOT continue on to planning your investigation.

  13. Rubric:

  14. After you plan and carry out 1 investigation please stop and raise your hand.

  15. Announcement! • Our first Unit Test will be next week on block day (Wednesday 8/30 or Thursday 8/31). • I am passing out a study guide today. Start studying early – don’t wait until the last minute 

  16. Homework: • Please complete the back page of your termite lab to plan your conclusion. • Please bring your devices to class with you on Monday – we will be drafting our conclusions during class. Bring all of your lab work too!!

  17. Termite Background Video

  18. Lab Make Up: