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Political Party Match PowerPoint Presentation
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Political Party Match

Political Party Match

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Political Party Match

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  1. Political Party Match

  2. Political Party Match In the Beginning Firestorm of 1800 The Banker v. The Farmer The Donkey v. The Elephant It’s My Party Political Party Trivia $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $600 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800

  3. Although I served two terms as president, I never supported a political party. In fact, in my farewell address, I warned against them.

  4. Who was George Washington?

  5. In 1796, I was the first person elected president as a Federalist.

  6. Who was John Adams?

  7. I was the Democratic-Republican candidate in 1796 that lost the election, thus becoming Vice-President.

  8. Who was Thomas Jefferson?

  9. As a result of the election of 1800, this amendment was passed to prevent the election of a president and vice-president from different political parties.

  10. What was the 12th Amendment?

  11. More famous for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel, this man tied Jefferson in the Electoral College for the 1800 presidential election

  12. Who was Aaron Burr?

  13. The body that decided the presidential election of 1800 because of a tie in the Electoral College

  14. What was the House of Representatives?

  15. President Adams appointed this man as Chief Justice of the United States in an attempt to keep the judicial branch under Federalist control.

  16. Who was John Marshall?

  17. Loyalty to political parties played an important role in this Supreme court case which established judicial review

  18. What was Marbury v. Madison?

  19. The man given credit for creating the Democratic-Republican ideas, which included supporting strong farming communities, states’ rights, and opposition to the creation of a national bank

  20. Who was Thomas Jefferson?

  21. The political party that believed that the future of the country lay in becoming an industrial power and establishing good relations with the British.

  22. Who were the Federalists?

  23. The political party that resisted a protective tariff because it hurt the interests of the plantation owners as well as the small farmer

  24. Who were the Democratic-Republicans (or Jeffersonian Republicans)?

  25. The country that Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans believed the United States should favor in foreign relations because they helped the U.S. win their independence

  26. Who was France?

  27. The first president elected from the Republican Party on a platform that opposed the growth of slavery

  28. Who was Abraham Lincoln?

  29. The first president elected under the name of the Democratic Party, by focusing on the vote of the ordinary, common man

  30. Who was Andrew Jackson?

  31. The political party that is considered the oldest party in the United States

  32. What is the Democratic Party?

  33. Daily Double

  34. The nickname for the Republican party

  35. What is the Grand Old Party or GOP?

  36. The political party currently in control of Congress

  37. Who are the Democrats?

  38. The political party that has increased in strength in the South and Mid-West during the past twenty years

  39. What is the Republican Party?

  40. The symbols for the Democratic and Republican parties correctly matched

  41. What is the donkey for the Democrats and the elephant for the Republicans?

  42. Daily Double

  43. What the government is called when one party controls the legislative branch and the other party controls the executive branch

  44. What is a “divided government?”

  45. The name of the political party in the 1830’s based on the platform of expanding power of the national government, continuing support of the national bank, and building roads and canals at government expense

  46. What was the Whig Party?

  47. The name of the first “third party” in U.S. political history formed in opposition to Andrew Jackson

  48. What was the Anti-Mason party?

  49. The third party formed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 to support women’s suffrage, preservation of the environment, and the concepts of initiative, referendum, and recall

  50. What was the Progressive or Bull Moose Party?