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FATS. Characteristics and Function in Baking. Major Functions of Fats in baked items are:. Saturated vs. Unsaturated. Produces fats with desired physical effects such as softness, moldability, and melting point.

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Characteristics and Function in Baking


Produces fats with desired physical effects such as softness, moldability, and melting point.

  • Reduces the ability of fat to spoil and become rancid. How? By reacting with the air…

A manufactured treatment that produces fats with desired physical characteristics.

fat emulsions
Fat Emulsions
  • Emulsion:a uniform mixture of two unmixable substances such as fat and water.
  • *Fat is broken down into smaller particles and does not change form.
  • **If the wrong shortening is used, the emulsion may fail because the batter contains more water than the fat can hold. The batter curdles or “breaks.”

Regular Shortening

High Ratio Plastic Shortening (Emulsified)

Used in cake batters that contain a high ration of sugar and liquid to flour.

Does not cream well.

Often used in icings because it can hold more sugar and liquid without “breaking”

  • Usually white and tasteless.
  • It has good creaming ability.
  • It shortens gluten strands and tenderizes the product.
  • Used for regular pie crusts, cookies, and biscuits.

High-Ratio Liquid:

  • It is liquid and pourable.
  • The emulsifiers used make the cake tender and moist.
  • They contain more emulsifiers than high-ratio plastic shortening.
  • They simplify mixing.

Continuing the comparison between regular, high-ratio plastic and high-ratio liquid shortenings.