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  2. TRAINING AGENDA • StopTech, Ltd. Company Background • View STOP STICK Training Video • Review STOP STICK Instructor Lesson Plan • STOP STICK 5 Year Replacement Policy • Tips for Throwing STOP STICKS • STOP STICK “DOs & DON’Ts • Discuss other Tire-Deflation Devices StopTech, Ltd. offers • Questions • STOP STICK Test • Field Training • Conclusion

  3. StopTech, Ltd. Founded in 1993 Exclusive Manufacturer & Distributor of Stop Stick Tire Deflation Devices. Located in Harrison (Cincinnati), Ohio

  4. Invented by a former Indiana State Trooper • #1 tire deflation device in the world • Fastest-Safest-Easiest To Deploy Tire Deflation Device on the Market • 200,000+ systems installed world wide • STOP STICKS are utilized in all 50 States & 40 Countries Internationally • Tested & Approved by FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) Glynco, Georgia • 19,000+ Successful Documented Deployments • Deployed successfully on 4 wheel vehicles, run flats & 100+ tractor trailers & buses • “Hit Ratio” over 98% FYI…………STOP STICK

  5. Sleeved, trunk-mounted STOP STICKS allow for fast, easy access • 12-15 seconds for full deployment once cruiser is parked • NO protective gloves or goggles necessary • NO exposed spikes • 80 ft. Deployment Cord,150 lb. test line How does STOP STICK work?

  6. Multi-directional spikes ensure correct deployment (any side can be facing down) • 2 ⅝ tip & quill allows for a controlled deflation, ending pursuits in 20-30 seconds with no blowout • Documented hits onrun-flat tires How Does A STOP STICK Work?

  7. Deployment of STOP STICKS in the Deployment Sleeve with the retractable Cord Reel attached is the sole recommended method for deployment of STOP STICKS. Any officer authorized to deploy STOP STICKS must be properly trained in this deployment method. • You or others can be killed or seriously injured if you don’t follow safety messages • Your safety and the safety of others is very important. We have provided many safety messages in this lesson plan. A safety message alerts you to potential hazards and instructs you on how to avoid or reduce the hazard. Each safety message is preceded by a safety alert symbol. • Please carefully read and follow these important messages. STOP STICK Lesson Plan Page 2

  8. Deployment of STOP STICK ALWAYS follow the policies & procedures of your Agency when deploying STOP STICK. • The training, policies and procedures of your agency – including when and how to deploy STOP STICK – supersede any written or verbal instructions from StopTech, Ltd. SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS LIMIT TRAFFIC on roadway RESTRICT PEDESTRIANS NEVER use STOP STICK on vehicles with fewer than four wheels Use EXTREME CAUTION when: • Pursuits reach excessive speeds • Fleeing suspects appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol • ONLY deploy STOP STICK when you have a safe location to observe the target vehicle STOP STICK LESSON PLAN Pages 4 & 5

  9. TACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS • 98% success ratio on hard surface AVOID deploying STOP STICK on wet surfaces, gravel or loose pavement • Deploy STOP STICK so that a suspect has limited ability to avoid striking the device • Deploy before entering an intersection, driveway or parking lot. ALWAYS move to a safe location after deploying STOP STICK. • ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF THE FOLLOWING QUESTION(S): • WHO COULD BE HURT? • WHY? • WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF A SUSPECT LOSING CONTROL OF THEIR VEHICLE? STOP STICK LESSON PLAN Pages 5, 6 & 7

  10. Deploying STOP STICKS NEVER wrap the cord around your hand or any portion of your body. STOP STICK LESSON PLAN Page 7

  11. Deploying STOP STICK NEVER rush a deployment What could happen if you are rushed to deploy STOP STICKS? • damage to vehicles • potential injuries • failure to deflate tires ALWAYS use caution when removing STOP STICK from the road. • After the sleeved STOP STICKS have been struck, step backward with cord reel in hand to remove the sleeved STOP STICKS from the roadway. STOP STICK LESSON PLAN Page 7

  12. If STOP STICK was struck by any vehicle…… • The device is no longer fully functional. • Identify which STOP STICK was damaged along with any damage to cord reel or nylon sleeve. • Log onto to fill out a pursuit reporting form. Deploying Officer will receive a STOP STICK “Hit Pin”. STOP STICK LESSON PLAN Page 7

  13. Care & Maintenance of STOP STICKS • Periodically inspect STOP STICK, Sleeve & Cord Reel. • When STOP STICK is stored in the tray, be sure other items in the trunk are not loaded too high. • TIP: Cord reel should be secured tightly in Velcro® strap. Cord Reel could be damaged when trunk is slammed shut. STOP STICK LESSON PLAN Page 8

  14. 5 Year NO COST Replacement Policy • EXAMPLE: 50 racks / 50 additional “Single 3ft. STOP STICKS” • Sleeves & Cord Reels are also covered STOP STICK LESSON PLAN

  15. Visit orcall 513 202 5500 for more information Stop Stick, Ltd. Made in USA Patent # 5,330,285 5,452,962 WARNING Deflating tires increase the risk a driver may lose control of the vehicle resulting in SERIOUS or FATAL INJURIES • DO NOT use STOP STICK without proper TRAINING NEVER use STOP STICK on MOTORCYCLES • CAUTION Visit orcall 513 202 5500 for more information Stop Stick, Ltd. Made in USA Patent # 5,330,285 5,452,962 STOP STICKS contain SHARP SPIKES NEVERbend STOP STICK or push spikes through housing DO NOTattempt to repair, dismantle or open STOP STICK IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDERS

  16. Deploying STOP STICKS Throw Safe Lock Low THROW:Throw STOP STICKS onto the roadway. SAFE:With cord reel in hand, officer must retreat to a safe location. LOCK:Lock cord reel. LOW:Officer must position cord reel low to the ground. STOP STICK Tips

  17. STOP STICK Tips Make sure cord reel is unlocked when STOP STICKS are thrown.

  18. STOP STICK Tips Do NOT throw or release STOP STICKS above your shoulder, stay at or below your waist.

  19. STOP STICK Tips Step through, throw and stay low for maximum distance.

  20. STOP STICK Tips Upon retrieval of STOP STICKS, make sure that the officer places cord reel in backside hand. Do not retrieve STOP STICKS across your body.

  21. Arms length awayfrom body Side Arm/Submarine Arm Action away fromyour body STOP STICK Tips


  23. Winding Up Cord Reel NEVER Grab the cord to retrieve STOP STICK STOP STICK DOs & DON’Ts

  24. Live STOP STICK Deployment

  25. Reaction Time In Seconds DISTANCE SPEED

  26. Other StopTech, Ltd.Tire-Deflation Devices

  27. VERSATILITY Weatherproof and durable. Can be used by departments with or without no-pursuit policies. Works on a variety of terrain. Can be deployed individually or grouped in a 9-foot (2.74 m) sleeve. Barracuda

  28. Excellent Support For: • Border Patrol • Detectives • Military/Military Police • Patrol Officers • SWAT Teams • Sobriety Checkpoints Terminator & Patrol Terminator

  29. SIMPLICITY • Fits easily in glove compartment or under seat of any patrol vehicle. • Quick and easy deployment. Piranha

  30. Upon Completion of Training

  31. All training videos, pursuit report forms, lesson plans and other information can be found onour website at Thank You For Your Continued Support of STOP STICK!