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Benefits of Permeable Paving for Your Driveway PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Permeable Paving for Your Driveway

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Benefits of Permeable Paving for Your Driveway
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Benefits of Permeable Paving for Your Driveway

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  1. Benefits of Permeable Paving for Your Driveway

  2. Permeable Pavers • Can you make your driveway more eco-friendly? With permeable pavers, yes, you can. • Before installing permeable pavers on your driveway, it’s important to understand how they differ from regular paving.   • In a regular paving, water hitting the surface goes to the storm drain directly. In permeable pavers, on the other hand, water is absorbed between the gaps.

  3. Here’s how it works.

  4. How Permeable Pavers are Installed • The first step is to have your old driveway is removed. Your contractor should take care of this. After that, the subsoil is compacted. A heavy fabric is then laid on top of the subsoil and afterwards covered with two layers of rock. • The heavy fabric called the geotextile prevents the rocks from being carried down into the soil. The rock layers, meanwhile, are compacted thoroughly. And then, on top of that, a layer of pea gravel is spread and leveled out. After which, the stones are set. • Finally, another layer of pea gravel is swept between the gaps of the stones. And you’re ready to test your new driveway paving!

  5. Benefits of Permeable Paving System

  6. Water-efficient • Permeable pavers for your hardscapes doesn’t require water to keep them looking fantastic. • This system also helps keep surrounding areas cool as water goes straight to the soil below. • Irrigation demand to support nearby soil and plant life is hence minimized.

  7. Low-maintenance • A permeable paving system can last you a lifetime when maintained properly. • Cleaning is simple you wouldn’t have to dedicate your entire Saturday mornings for it. • You also wouldn’t have to hire someone. All you need to do is sweep or vacuum as needed or at least three to four times a year to ensure that no debris is stuck between the gaps.

  8. Reduces Water Run-off • Permeable pavers are also referred to as stormwater management system. In a typical concrete usually used in driveways, you’ll notice that the water is delivered straight to the drain, and along with it, more often than not, are piles of trash or contaminates. • These contaminates can potentially reach lakes or rivers. With permeable pavers, stormwater is filtered first to remove pollutants before being absorbed back to earth. • Flooding is also prevented because the entire paving, and not just the drainage area, works to take in water falling on the surface.

  9.  Durable • For homeowners who are looking for longevity, permeable pavers offer a great deal. • This system eventually pays for itself. It’s designed to handle heavy weight, which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as parking spaces and walkways. • Unlike concrete, it wouldn’t sag or shift.

  10. Looks Terrific • Permeable pavers come in various colors you can choose from to suit your home’s architectural theme. • Your driveway wouldn’t only look good, you also are able to help the environment. • The drain area doesn’t have to work as hard, and water hitting the paving surface isn’t wasted.

  11. Check These Out! • If you’re rethinking your driveway, do consider permeable pavers. The cost of installing a permeable paving system is higher than the conventional cement paving, but you’d definitely get more from your investment in the years to come. • Check out this article on the top benefits of permeable paving for your driveway. Brought to you by, a family-owned business based in Sun Valley, California that has been installing paving stone driveways, patios, and pool decks since 1999. • For more info on how you can add beauty and value to your home with pavers, check out today.