cfb technology for biomass utilization in heat and power generation n.
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CFB Technology for Biomass Utilization in Heat and Power Generation

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CFB Technology for Biomass Utilization in Heat and Power Generation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CFB Technology for Biomass Utilization in Heat and Power Generation. 5 Jun 2013, Belgrade, Biomass for District Heating Systems in Serbia Vesna Barišić. Presentation outline. Biomass as Energy Source Advantages of CFB Technology Challenges in Biomass Combustion

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cfb technology for biomass utilization in heat and power generation

CFB Technology for Biomass Utilization in Heat and Power Generation

5 Jun 2013, Belgrade, Biomass for District Heating Systems in SerbiaVesna Barišić

presentation outline
Presentation outline
  • Biomass as Energy Source
    • Advantages of CFB Technology
  • Challenges in Biomass Combustion
    • Advanced Biomass CFB (ABC) Technology
  • Selected Foster Wheeler References
growth in biomass utilization in energy production
Growth in Biomass Utilization in Energy Production
  • Incentives against CO2 emissions promote renewable fuels => biomass
  • Public institutions subsidize and support biomass projects
  • Regulatory organisms do not release permits to fire fossil fuels

investors look into biomass

  • Traditional biomass (wood-based) is costly and unavailable
  • Agriculture residues are locally/globally available, and more economic
  • CFB is IDEAL TECHNOLOGY for large scale power

generation for broad range of biomass alone, or co-firing

in larger fossil fired power plants!

advantages of cfb technology
Advantages of CFB Technology
  • Fuel flexibility and multi-fuel firing
    • Simultaneous and/or alternate use of broad range of fuel qualities
  • Excellent emission performance
    • DeSOx /DeNOx plants typically not required
  • High availability & competitive price
  • Longer boiler life and improved reliability due to low even combustion temperature
cfb technology offers wide fuel flexibility
CFB Technology Offers Wide Fuel Flexibility
  • Waste Derived Fuels
  • Recycled Wood/Paper/
  • Plastics
  • Solid Recovered Fuel
  • Tire Derived Fuel
  • Sludge
  • Pulp and Paper Mill
  • Municipal
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Petroleum Coke
  • Woody Biomass
  • Bark
  • Wood Chips
  • Sawdust
  • Forest Residues
  • Willow/Salix
  • Agricultural Residues
  • Olive Waste
  • Straw
  • Bagasse
  • Rice Husk
  • Sunflower
  • Dried Fruits
  • etc.
  • Coal
  • Anthracite
  • Bituminous
  • Subbituminous
  • Lignite
  • Waste Coal
  • Anthracite Culm
  • Bituminous Gob
  • Coal Slurry
  • Oil Shale
  • Peat

CFB Technology Opens the Door to Fuel Flexibilityand Carbon Neutral Fuels

challenges associated with biomass combustion are well understood foster wheeler fuel model
Challenges Associated with Biomass Combustion are Well Understood- Foster Wheeler Fuel Model -
technical solutions for biomass combustion advanced biomass cfb abc technology
Technical Solutions for Biomass Combustion Advanced Biomass CFB (ABC) Technology

Control of Fouling & Corrosion

Integrated Steam Cooled Solid Separator and Return Leg

Empty pass before conv. HX

- Flue gas temperature

  • - Wider spacings in width
  • - Flue gas velocities
  • Fully recractable sootblowers
  • Austenitic convection SH&RH

Control of Agglomeration & Fouling

Conservative flue gas velocity

During Operation:- Fuel quality management

- FW SmartBoiler datalog & Diagnostic tools

Recirculation gas utilization for temperature control

  • Active Bed Material
  • Normal sand + PC ash


Final SH & RH as INTREX

Step Grid

foster wheeler cfb reference 414 units
Foster Wheeler CFB Reference – 414 units –







multifuel cfb for clean biomass and waste chp igelsta s derenergi ab s dert lje sweden
Multifuel CFB for Clean Biomass and Waste (CHP)Igelsta, Söderenergi AB, Södertälje, Sweden

240 MWth, 73 MWe-net, 209 MWDH, 92 kg/s, 90 bar, 540°C

Total plant efficiency ~110%LHV 90%HHV

Commercial operation: 2009

*only at 100% load with Mix 1, 2, and 3

large scale cfb for clean biomass chp kaukas kaukaan voima oy finland
Large Scale CFB for Clean Biomass (CHP)Kaukas, KaukaanVoimaOy, Finland

385 MWth, 125 MWe-net, 110 MWDH, 149 kg/s, 115 bar(a), 550 °C

Commercial operation: 2010

large scale cfb for biomass with 20 wt agro polaniec gfd suez energia polska s a poland
Large Scale CFB for Biomass with 20 wt-% AgroPolaniec, GFD Suez EnergiaPolska S.A, Poland

World’s Largest Solid Biomass Fired Power Plant

447 MWth,205 MWe, 127/20 bar(a), 535/535°C

Commercial operation: 2012

benefits of large scale biomass co firing in cfb
Benefits of large scale biomass co-firing in CFB
  • Smaller investment cost per MWe than in smaller units
  • Higher plant efficiency than in smaller units
  • Not dependent on biomass availability
  • Technical challenges (AFC) reduced in co-firing
medium size cfb for cofiring biomass coal chp fortum cz stochowa poland
Medium Size CFB for CofiringBiomass/Coal (CHP)Fortum, Częstochowa, Poland

182 MWth, 66MWe, 77.2 kg/s, 111 bar(a), 515°C

Commercial operation: 2010

Large Scale CFB for Cofiring Peat/Coal and Virgin Biomass (CHP)Jyväskylä, JyväskylänEnergiaOy, Finland

455 MWth, 200 MWe, 160/143 kg/s, 164/40.5 bar(a), 560/560°C

Commercial operation: 2010

coal biomass co fired supercritical cfb project samcheok 4 x 550 mw e
Coal & Biomass Co-Fired Supercritical CFB ProjectSamcheok 4 x 550 MWe
    • 437/356 kg/s, 25.6/5.4 MPa, 603/603 °C
    • Efficiency 42.4% (net)
  • Fuel flexibility:
    • Lignite/Subbituminous coal
    • Wood Pellets max 5%
  • KOSPO, Korean Southern Power Co. Ltd
  • Foster Wheeler scope: Basic design of boiler plant and delivery of hot loop pressure parts etc.
  • Contract Signed (NTP): June 2011
  • Commercial operation: 2015

4 x 550 MWe supercritical OTU – CFB to feed 2 x 1100 MWe turbines

  • Biomass has an important role in reducing the environmental effects of energy production both in pure biomass plants and in coal and biomass co-combustion
  • CFB technology is an ideal Technology to be used for large scale power generation with broad range of solid biomass fuels
  • CFB Technology with pure biomass firing available up to 600 MWe scale and with coal co-firing up to 800 MWe scale