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How to Design a Futuristic Website with Drupal 8? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Design a Futuristic Website with Drupal 8?

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How to Design a Futuristic Website with Drupal 8? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Want a business website that can keep you ahead of competition? A site that is future-proof! Consult with a Drupal web application development agency to build your website advanced features of Drupal 8.

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How to Design a Futuristic Website with Drupal 8?

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the web development space is increasingly getting

The web development space is increasingly getting competitive over the years. A web design and development agency must continue to come out with innovative solutions in order to survive and sustain in this industry. 

Thanks to content marketing platforms like Drupal 8 which enables you to build more dynamic and innovative websites. How does it make it possible?

well drupal 8 comes with great new enhancements

Well, Drupal 8 comes with great new enhancements but at the same time familiar interface for editing the features, in case you are already accustomed to its previous version.

a drupal website development company

A Drupal Website Development Company can now leverage the flexibility and scalability offered by Drupal 8 resulting from the addition of some advanced libraries to this version.

Let’s put a glance on the new and improved features of Drupal 8 that enables web development experts to build highly advanced and functional websites.

a pure development tool

A pure development tool

The feature modules in previous versions lacked support for configuration export in Drupal Core and thus involved extensive workarounds. However, Drupal 8 has Configuration API built in;

h ence drupal development experts can now focus

Hence Drupal development experts can now focus on the packaging up configuration exclusively.

The feature module is no more a dependency for websites that install and configure feature modules.

supports automatic packaging

Supports automatic packaging

Now you need not manually create individual features; rather Features would analyze your website and package up the site configuration into a set of features automatically.

highly customizable

Highly customizable

Drupal 8 is highly configurable; hence you can always tweak whatever Features does to suit your business requirements by configuring plugins. You can deliver custom Drupal development to suit the requirements of your clients.

interoperable by default

Interoperable by default

Drupal 8 has interoperability built in. You can easily build features that play well with other sets of features because feature creation is interoperable by default now.

supports bundles

Supports bundles

Features in Drupal 8 now support bundles which are like subtypes of an entity or “sets of features sharing a namespace”. Therefore, feature sets are no more limited to a single feature, rather it supports bundles.  

facilitates faster development

Facilitates faster development

In the competitive development industry it is highly crucial to develop and deploy a product faster. Drupal 8 equips you with advanced features to facilitate high productivity during development. In other words, Drupal 8 allows you to keep pace with the competition by accelerating development process.

enhanced mobile user experience

Enhanced mobile user experience

Drupal 8 is endowed with mobile friendly features that allow you to provide better mobile user experience to your audience. With number of mobile users exploding, having a mobile-friendly business website makes sure that you get adequate traffic from mobile devices and see them convert.

over to you

Over to you

You must be excited to know that you can easily build a highly innovative website by leveraging the advanced features of Drupal 8. Are you going to collaborate with a Drupal Consultancy? What is your experience with new and improved features of Drupal 8?

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